Report: Chris Kluwe, other punters working out for Bears


Bears punter Adam Podlesh had a rough day on Sunday in Detroit.

He averaged 28.8 yards on his five punts and helped gift the Lions with great field position when he hit a line drive right at Lions returner Micheal Spurlock, who returned it 57 yards to set the Lions up for the touchdown that would give them the lead for good in the second quarter. Podlesh said after the game that he was disappointed in himself and it seems the Bears feel the same way.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that the Bears worked out as many as six punters on Tuesday, including veterans Chris Kluwe, Brian Moorman and Mat McBriar. Kluwe lost a competition to Marquette King in Oakland this summer while Moorman did the same in Pittsburgh before Drew Butler, who beat him out, got cut as well a few days later. McBriar punted with the Eagles last year, but has been unemployed since they cut him in March.

Biggs reports that Butler, who is the son of longtime Bears kicker Kevin Butler, is one of the other punters who showed off their skills on Tuesday, along with Tress Way.

Should one of them wind up getting a job in Chicago, they’ll get the added bonus of not having to kick to Devin Hester anywhere but practice.

16 responses to “Report: Chris Kluwe, other punters working out for Bears

  1. Brian Moorman would be perfect for the job. Not only can he still boom the ball, but he is a class act. Maybe the Bears would be better off going with a proven veteran instead of a big legged young guy. Punting is not all about who can kick the ball the farthest. Sometimes all you need is good placement. Moorman is also a very good placeholder and can be used for fake punts, he is quick for a punter.

  2. I’m guessing this is just a little kick in the pants for Podlesh. As a Bears fan, I’ve watched them punt a LOT over the last couple seasons, and Sunday was the only really bad game I can remember him having.

  3. Seriously, this is like the 4th or 5th time the Bears have tried out other punters since Podlesh came in. They should have come to the conclusion that he sucks 2 tryouts ago.

  4. Not rooting for it to be Kluwe. No one likes a loud, outspoken punter.

  5. The Bear should be on the phone to Tebow if they think Podlesh was the cause of their problems last week in Motown. Can you spell Jay 4 picks and a fumble Cutler?

  6. Keep in mind folks, Bears special teams coach
    Joe DeCamillis, specifically moved Podlesh up 2 yards closer to the line of scrimmage to offset the Lions punt block team. Podlesh is a class act and said nothing, but took the blame. There’s more to this than we all know, but, just the same, Podlesh is good punter who just had a bad game, under the apparent circumstances……..

  7. I agree with Sir Winston Churchill. I watched this game and I recall the announcers being surprised at where Podlesh was standing. That may have thrown him off.

    His punting was awful. Can’t blame that on any information given to the Lions!

    And he wasn’t the only one of the Bears to have a bad day. The offensive line didn’t protect Cutler and the defense wasn’t the same without Tillman at 100%.

  8. How about they bring in Special Teams Coordinators to replace DeCamillis! This ST unit, sans Gould, is HORRIBLE.

  9. natelan69 says:
    Oct 1, 2013 4:48 PM
    Kluwe is the smartest and nicest guy in the NFL.

    Kluwe is a loudmouth, condescending pretentious know-it-all d-bag.

    Do we want him on the Bears? No thank you.

    Podlesh had one bad game. He’s usually great at dropping punts inside the 20. He’s never had a punt blocked. I don’t think he deserves to lose his job – unless there’s more to it than just the onfield play. Hopefully this is just a motivational tactic.

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