Rolando McClain’s agent thinks a comeback is possible

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It appeared that former No. 8 overall pick Rolando McClain had found a perfect place to begin his reclamation in Baltimore, before his abrupt retirement following another arrest this summer.

But while McClain’s still getting his life in order, his agent said he hopes the Ravens have a spot for him in the future. Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome held onto McClain’s rights by placing him on reserve/retired rather than cutting him, giving the team first dibs in the future, if there is a future.

Agent Pat Dye Jr. told Jon Solomon of that he thinks McClain will eventually want to return to the NFL.

“I admire the kid for coming back to Tuscaloosa, going to class and trying to get everything in his life outside of football situated,” Dye said. “It’s not my decision to come back or not come back. I think ultimately he wants to play again. He’s only 24 years old. He’s talented. It’s just a shame. It was such a great situation there in Baltimore.

“It will be interesting to see what happens because the guy they signed to basically replace [McClain], Daryl Smith, is playing really well. I think there are other inside backers who are relatively unproven guys. I think Ozzie has very fond feelings for the kid and wants to see him be successful.”

McClain, who has found himself in repeated trouble, has recently filed for divorce of his wife of five months.

While it’s hard to imagine the Ravens or anyone being interested in giving him a roster spot this season, giving him another shot next offseason when they have 90 spots wouldn’t cost them anything but time.

Of course, that would also depend on McClain’s latest attempt to straighten himself out proving fruitful.

29 responses to “Rolando McClain’s agent thinks a comeback is possible

  1. Good Riddance. divorced after 5 months of marriage? No wonder he’s eyeing a return. This moron probably didn’t sign a prenup and she took him to the cleaners.

  2. “it’s just a shame”…??? Are you kidding me?

    He got paid big by Oakland and didnt perform.

    He had a great opportunity, no shame.

    If he can turn his life around, thats awesome, wish him well. But no shame.

  3. Translation: he needs the money, and I think I can squeeze a little more out of this turnip before I let it go.

  4. What makes this somewhat interesting is that this kid burned up his Lottery Ticket before his 25th Birthday.
    Which in ables him to cash it again.

    At worst the kid is a good 2 down LB, with believe it or not, a good mind for the game.

    He’ll be in the NFL from 2014-2022.

    Seems nuts but that is what will happen

  5. I’ve got nothing against him getting his stuff together and wanting to play again but…

    He was terrible. Horrid. Worst MLB I’ve ever seen.

    I can’t imagine he’ll ever get more than a chance to be cut at the end of camp.

  6. I say it’s a shame because I don’t I don’t like to see fellow humans struggle with life. As a Raider fan I say gimme a break he robbed our franchise. Gimme a break get your life together and if anything cone back and redeem yourself in Oakland by basically playing for free for a yr. Like Asomugha is doin in San Fran

  7. That’s simply not true.
    Rolando let Raider nation down to be sure, but if he is clean he’d get a try out from 29 teams.

  8. Notice that the Steelers were never mentioned as a possible new home. That’s because he’s interested in a “comeback.”

  9. Getting his life in order is only one part of the problem. The other part is the fact that he sucked when he was on the field. Once a turd, always a turd.

  10. IMO, he will make it back on the field, but only for a training camp session. Unless he has gotten a lot better over this time, It won’t matter how much he has straightened out his life.

  11. That panic you hear in the background is T-Sizzle & Arthur Brown, worried about who gets benched when McClain shows up.

  12. crownofthehelmet says: Oct 1, 2013 4:33 PM

    That panic you hear in the background is T-Sizzle & Arthur Brown, worried about who gets benched when McClain shows up.
    Normally you’re pretty funny with these but this one you just should have let go.

  13. The saying “even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while” actually applies to McClain perfectly.

    He’s always hit the wrong hole but every once in a blue moon, the RB will screw up and also pick the wrong hole, and run into McClain.

    Yes, he’s that bad, and as dumb as they come too.

  14. slick50ks says:
    Oct 1, 2013 4:51 PM
    Go faiders!!!!

    God, what an embarrassment to the league.


    Yeah, 1 AFL Championship, 3 time Super Bowl winners, appeared in 5 Super Bowls in every decade from expect the 90’s from 1960, 15 division title, 21 play off appearences….such an embarrassment isn’t it…..

    I am sure the only embarassment is you to your family, you tool….

  15. pooflingingmonkey says:
    Oct 1, 2013 3:13 PM

    Another collosal Raiders bust. Par for the course.


    Yeah just like Ron Mix, Jim Otto, George Blanda, Willie Brown, Gene Upshaw, Fred Biletnikoff, Art Shell, Ted Hendricks, Mike Haynes, Howie Long, Marcus Allen, Dave Casper…all hall of famers…, Bo Jackson, Rich Gannon, Jim Plunket, Cliff Branch, Todd Chrsitensen, Ken Stabler, Tim Brown, Sebastian Janikowski, Ray Guy, Shane Lechler, Steve Wisniewski, Charles Woodson, Lincoln Kennedy, Don Mosebar, Ben Davidson, Chester McGlocton, Phil Villapiano, Rod Martin, Matt Millen, Otis Sistrunk, Lester Hayes, Nnamdi Asomugha, Jon Condo, JACK TATUM!!! so many bust right???…….. you tool

  16. @Crown “That panic you hear in the background is T-Sizzle & Arthur Brown, worried about who gets benched when McClain shows up”

    Sizzle has 4 sacks through 4 games. That’s called production.

    Steelers have 0 wins through 4 games. That’s called sad.

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