Saints’ Junior Galette: Dolphins aren’t as good as everyone said

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In a Monday night battle of teams that entered the game 3-0, the Saints looked like Super Bowl contenders, while the Dolphins did not. After the game, one Saints player said the Dolphins were never as good as that 3-0 record suggested.

Saints outside linebacker Junior Galette said the Dolphins really weren’t a very good team, and the Saints had an easy night.

“I just don’t feel that team was as good as everybody was saying they were,” Galette said. “We just abused the offensive line all game.”

Galette was one of four Saints who sacked Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, and Galette also hit Tannehill as he was passing once, and tipped a pass that was intercepted. So he has every right to claim the Saints’ defense abused the Dolphins’ offense. Still, maybe from the Saints’ perspective, it would be preferable to say that they’re better than everyone thought, rather than saying the Dolphins are worse than everyone thought.

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  1. Seems like NFC guys like to trash other teams when they know they won’t have to play them again. Dick Sherman did this with the Texans and now this Junior fellow is doing it to the Dolphins.

  2. He’s right. I didn’t thought they were by far the worst 3-0 team coming into the week. Now that they got exposed, many teams will follow the formula of blitzing that horrible offensive line.

  3. Tannehill, everybody’s poor man Russell Wilson, proved to be just a poor man. He was under siege, but fell apart, instead of coming through it. Fumbles, interceptions and bad passes under duress, is not the way to make a name.

    Coach Philbin helped, hurt the team by alternating Miller and Thomas at RB, when everyone with sight, can see Miller needs the ball. The first TD drive was an example of what happens when Miller is in the game. To be fair, the guy getting paid, Wallace did not help the situation – at all.

  4. The line was a huge problem last night. Not sure how that gets fixed at this point. Tannehill held the ball too long at points but the protection was garbage.

  5. My team looked like they had no business being on the same field with the saints last night…..completely dominated, and it sucks because going into the game 3-0 really thought they could at least give the saints a fit…

  6. And he would be correct. The Dolphins barely beat Cleveland, Indy and Atlanta, but they can’t help their schedule. It is what it is.

    If the Bills win Thursday night against a feisty Browns team, the race for 2nd place in the AFC East is about to get interesting.

  7. He’s right. Not only did the Saints prove that Ireland/Philbin overpaid for Mike Wallace and Danelle Ellerbe, who were clearly outclassed, they also highlighted how dumb it was for to get rid of Jake Long, Reggie Bush, Vontae Davis and Sean Smith. This team is clearly less talented than it was. And poorly coached.

  8. Come on Junior, never say those things about another team after you won. Saints were better, score shows that but come on the first half the Dolphins O was holding their own. I believe they are better than you think they are .
    Give them their due.

  9. Abused the offensive line in the second half maybe. The Saints’ defensive line got rolled in the first half. Short memory I guess.

  10. He is as classless as the head coach who even with the game in hand was trying to run up the score late in the game. The Saints are a good team and Miami got what they deserved but next week is another week and it is to early in the season to beat ones chest and talk trash after a win.

  11. Wow, what a class act! Some players have absolutely no respect. Miami played an awful game last might, but players should have enough respect to not berate a team and rub salt in the wound.

  12. When your right your right. Claybo and Martin did little to protect the QB. Wallace another disapointment. He’s good but not for that kind of money. Dolphins have work to do.

  13. Who exactly was thinking Miami was going to beat NO in NO on a Monday night? Guy needs to be thankful he’s playing on a team that’s playing well and stop looking to criticize others. Dolphins still beat their biggest rival for them.

  14. Well the rest of the season will prove him right or wrong. I thought they moved the ball well at times against the saints but the score was pretty lopsided.

  15. He’s right. Another AFC East team for haters to latch their pathetic hopes onto.

    Where are all the fools who said the Pats were finished? 4-0 and sitting on top of the division once again.

  16. Not sure why he feels the need to disparage his opponent. I believe everyone that watched that game knows that now. As a Dolphin fan I knew the chances of winning that game in New Orleans would take a complete implosionof Drew Brees & the offense. To expect a win w/o Wake who is by far our best player??? Chances were slim & none. Highly doubt it would have mattered anyway. We had no answers for Sproles & then everyone else on their offense joined the party. Complete beat down.

  17. Jonathan Martin got man handled. The oline looked horrible. The first half they had the tools to get the job done and just got out played in the second half. The entire team needs to step up next week.

  18. Well, you left out the part where Junior said the Dolphins were talking trash down 3 scores. I think that is why he said all thy after the game; I would hope otherwise he’d have a little more grace. Anyway, while Miami was 3-0 no one was under the delusion their o-line was good.

  19. Dolphins were terrible in the 2nd half last night and got their butts kicked. it was ugly and they looked horrible. however, for a little perspective consider this. last year in October the Ravens lost at the Texans 43-13. The 49ers lost at the Seahawks last year 42-13. I’m guess they both looked bad in those losses. obviously both those teams went on to the SB. you can’t crown a team or dismiss a team based on one game. bad things happen – especially on the road.

  20. Yeah, I’ve never understood this. The same as I’ve never understood fans chanting “o-ver-rated”. Give credit to your team, instead of bashing the other.

  21. Stay classy Jr. Why can’t the winning team just enjoy their victory without the disparaging comments?

    Drew Brees is classless, as is his head coach so this comes as no surprise to the rest of us.

    Karma is a bitch, I have a feeling that the Saints will be reminded about these comments at a time when it will hurt a bit more for the Saints than it does for the Dolphins.

  22. The Dolphins might not be good enough to win the Super Bowl… but… they are good enough to win the AFC East.

  23. Bad offensive line all season. Of course it wasn’t hard to see Miami’s DL abuse the OL of the Saints either. One team just had Brees, Graham, and Sproles and the other didn’t. It will be hard to beat that combo. Just like Welker, random dude, and Manning.

  24. You mean the dolphins team that everyone picked against vs. your team? Good to see he can handle winning with class. Seems to me a comment like that takes a little away from your teams performance as well.

  25. Can’t respect guys that make comments like this. Even if it’s true, keep it to yourself. He’s not going to be so happy when its said by the team that beats the Saints. And yeah, somebody will beat the Saints.

  26. His statement probably could have been worded differently but congrats to the Saints and their fans. They are an elite team and should do very well this year.

  27. The Fins are still good enough to win the AFC East and even if they don’t, likely to get a wildcard.

    They are coming.

  28. Junior likes to run his mouth and it’s often cringe-worthy.

    But in this case, I don’t blame him. I’ve never seen a team talk so much junk when they were down by 3 touchdowns on the road.

  29. He is as classless as the head coach who even with the game in hand was trying to run up the score late in the game.


    LOL, that is not “running up the score” it is simply operating your offense.

    What are they supposed to do, give up on 3rd and 8 and run the ball? Give it back to the Dolphins willingly? Screw that.

  30. Easy to talk big when Drew Brees is your quarterback. Fins one of the youngest teams in the NFL and Tannehill will grow from this. Dolphins had multiple players playing hurt as well as a few starters out. Turnovers killed Tannehill but again this is part of the growing process of a 24 year old QB.

  31. Somethings were encouraging..but not many. T hill’s turnovers were not good but with ZERO protection and its only his 4th start of his 2nd year I thought he played o.k. Running game early was good, preasure on Brees without Wake not bad. Wallace needs to live up to his pay check and a bad coaching call on 4th and 1 inch are some things I didn’t like. The lack of a quality TE was pretty evident also.

  32. Why don’t you take your act on up to the Pacific Northwest and see how that works out for you. We might seem soft to you, but odds are you’ll be looking pretty soft to us when its loud and drizzly and Brees doesn’t have all day to throw.

  33. An easy schedule, some luck, and lots of propaganda is what the Fins have produced so far this year. The Fins PR machine sure copied the Cowboys’ playbook where they claim each year they are improved, superior, and a lock to contend for the Super Bow. With Dallas, you can never be sure if it is smoke and mirrors or just more major BS.

    With the Fins in modern times, it will always be BS.

  34. More like Drew Brees and the Saints are as good as advertised.

    Miami commited two cardinal sins when it comes to playing on the road in the NFL: they settled for a FG (after a disastrous 3rd and inches play call) and they turned the ball over twice in the first half. The game may have become a blowout in the 2nd half but it was really lost in the 1st. You will lose against any opponent doing that, but against an elite team it becomes a blowout.

    Now, I don’t know where Galette gets off with his comments. The Dolphins O-line was fine in the first half, when the offense was balanced. Once the Saints were up in the 2nd half and Miami was forced to pass every down, the Saints were able to pin their ears back and rush. And that is too much for Miami’s O-line.

    It doesn’t mean the Dolphins suck, it means they are not yet on New Orleans level, especially when the Saints are at home.

    A 3-1 start with 3 out of 4 on the road to start the year is nothing to sneeze at. Settle down, folks.

  35. wannstache says: Oct 1, 2013 8:24 AM
    they also highlighted how dumb it was for to get rid of Jake Long, Reggie Bush, Vontae Davis and Sean Smith.

    I think you’re the dumb one parroting old and stale news. To refresh:

    Jake Long- have you seen him play this season, benched already? NO thanks.
    Sean Smith is a fraud. Period.
    Vontae Davis- see above… now go call your grandma

    Reggie Bush- is having a great start but will he finish? Good guy but not the issue.

    Final Question, do you live under a bridge?

  36. @truth4all…?

    Easy schedule? What are you talking about? The Dolphins beat the Colts and Browns on the road. The Falcon at home.

    No one but you claims a lock on the Super Bow. Got it?

  37. Who cares what he has to say??? Tannehill made 3 mistakes, and then it was downhill. He’s a rookie QB so he has to learn by mistakes. Missing Wake was a big loss for the dolphins.
    I’d like to bet that Payton and Denver takes care of the NOS when it comes to crunch time. They don’t get beat in their building, so what’s the big deal? Welcome to Seattle on Sunday and see how you “big heads” get on. Welcome to the weather and lets see what happens then, maybe you will be 4/1. Playing in a dome is much easier than playing in the elements. Junior is an idiot, he’ll meet his match sooner or later.

  38. Gaylette,
    You were a non-factor for most of the game. In fact, the avg Dolphins OL was manipulating you the entire 1st half. You took advantage of them when your super star QB put the game away.

    Hate it when players try to get credit for things they haven’t done.

  39. Saints didn’t nearly play their best and they torched the fins. Big one will be the Seahawks game in Dec. Sure hope we have our offensive problems fixed by then. Saints need to draft a complete new OL in the off season because there’s only one starter in that bunch

  40. The rationale for this comment is the saints really didn’t appreciate the massive amount of trash talking the Dolphins OLine was doing in the game. It was pretty pathetic esp when they were down big, still chirping away.

    This shuts them up for now.

  41. Yes Wallace is a huge disapointment & doesn’t seem interested in earning his high salary…Yes we should’ve picked a LT to replace Jake Long…But there seems to be alot of piling on because the Fins lost in New Orleans…I don’t understand wher all the people who ever said the Fins are so good come from? Not One ESPN guy picked them out of 9 mostly ex players,The team is much improved from where we been 7 oh by the way still 3-1 after 4 weeks & nobody expected that…yes Miami got handled last night mostly by Brees who does it to everyone…Saint fan beware you have no running game & when it comes late in the season if u cant run your in trouble…alot of season left haters…Oh by the way I think most Stiller & Giant fans would take 3-1 a quarter of the way thru…

  42. I was hoping Phins would show a little better since it was Monday night…they need to draft Richmond Webb and Keith Sims along with Dwight Stephenson at C.

  43. realfootballfan says:
    Oct 1, 2013 8:00 AM
    Sure an’t. The AFC Bears. They might make the playoffs though because the AFC is so weak this year.

    Dude, do you even watch football? The AFC is 15-8 vs the NFC so far this year. Less than half the teams in the NFC- only 7- are at or above .500. 13 teams in the AFC are at or above .500 so far, including the AFC East where all 4 teams are at or above .500.

    Yeah, NFC is real impressive.

    As for the story- why bother, Junior? What’s to gain? You honestly make your own team look worse, as if youre saying “dont be too impressed by our blow-out, guys, they werent that good”.

  44. @hehateme2:

    It may be old news to you, but it is a current problem. Say what you want about those guys (misinformed as you are), but they are all better than their replacements. We wouldn’t have been blown out like we were & likely would have been still in the game at the end if not for such poor personnel decisions.

  45. I will be the first one to say Tanney is not a franchise QB but do believe Miami can win with him. The line has been a problem for a while now. They have one good player and he plays center. In fairness, the game was 14-10 with 2 minutes to go into the half when Tanney fumbled deep in the Fins territory. That play transformed the entire game plus Miami did not play two halves of football.

    Sean Smith was not used correctly in Miami, who is not a press coverage team. In all fairness everyone had the Saints winning this game. I think we all hoped it was going to be closer. The facts are Miami beat the same Colts team that beat the 49ers and the same Browns team that just beat the Bengals. So, lets stop with the overrated cheers. I think its logical to assume Miami will go on a losing streak because just like in golf, the score eventually corrects itself the longer you keep playing. Miami is a 7-9, 8-8 team and they will finish that way.

  46. That game was bad for the Fins but its over and not as important as next sundays in conference game against the Ravens. Shake this off win next week and your 4-1 and by all pre-season expectation the hard part in everyone opinion was the 1st five games would be the hardest. Plenty of football left.

  47. Sore winners are even worse than sore losers (who at least have a good reason for being sore).

    But there will be a karmic comeuppance for the Saints – mark my words. Maybe even as early as next week.

    Remember when Reggie Bush taunted Urlacher in the 06 NFC Championship game…? How’d that end up working out for the Saints?

    A little humility and grace in victory goes a long way. And history tells us – the football gods don’t like braggadocious blowhards. Guess a steady flow of Vicodin will loosen the lips a bit, though.

  48. Lets everyone get off the ledge here. The Dolphins are still a good team. Winning two of three on the road and beating the Falcons, Colts and a pretty stingy Browns defense in Cleveland is nothing to balk about. The Saints were obviously the better team last night in a very hostile environment that even the Las Vegas odds makers say is worth 6 points alone. Miami has some holes don’t get me wrong but to come out and say they aren’t a very good team because they had a bad game is kinda childish. 3-1 at the first quarter with their schedule and I’m happy as a Dolphin fan. If they make the playoffs this year I’m definitely happy with their direction. Last night wasn’t their real test of where they are at, it is next week. Lets see how they come back from getting their ass kicked on national tv. Don’t forget this is an extremely young team with a good amount of upside. Just weren’t quite ready for the spotlight yet.

  49. sschmiggles says: Oct 1, 2013 8:52 AM

    He’s right. Another AFC East team for haters to latch their pathetic hopes onto.

    Where are all the fools who said the Pats were finished? 4-0 and sitting on top of the division once again.

    Right here, waiting for them to get manhandled in the playoffs.


    After stat padding and win padding off a weak division.

  50. cappa662 says: Oct 1, 2013 7:59 AM

    He’s right. I didn’t thought they were by far the worst 3-0 team coming into the week. Now that they got exposed, many teams will follow the formula of blitzing that horrible offensive line.

    Bears and Patriots were.

  51. But there will be a karmic comeuppance for the Saints – mark my words. Maybe even as early as next week.?????????

    The coach was suspended all of last year. Wasn’t that enough? How many teams were looking to give us a break? What do you expect the Saints to do? Start kneeling in the 3rd quarter? Your whining and arguments are weak. As soon as a game is out of reach they are supposed to let up? Dolphins had the run stopped for most of the game, passing was all that was left up till a point.

    Sproles ran it down their throats in the end and still almost scored if it wasn’t for a fumble.

  52. The ‘Phins were holding their own until the interception with a minute and a half to go in the first half. 10-14 (maybe even 13-14, considering we were driving well) would have been a very manageable for a second half. They proved last week by coming back from 10 point deficits TWICE that they can overcome. Being forced to go 1-dimensional for the entire 2nd half was just too much for this very young team.

    Cameron Wake, we miss you; get well soon.

    and remember…

    “Stay classy, New Orleans” 😉

  53. Run up the score??? Here is a hint, if you don’t like it, STOP THEM. I begrudge no team for keeping their foot planted to the floor.

  54. Just as Dolfan13 just said, we were moving the ball at will on you guys and th egame was close if not a lead for Miami if it weren’t for the Bonehead play call on 3 and inches. (tried to get fancy). And even still after moving the ball at will and possibly getting a TD, but definately in Sturgis range for a FG. It wasn’t until Your OFFENSE put u up by 2 scores was your defense able to slow down our Offense. Which we would’ve done the same had the shoe been on the other foot. When you have a 2 score lead you can take chances and be aggressive on deffense which you normally wouldn’t with a close game. Your Deffense is good becasue your offense allows them to be good, but let’s see how you do when you guys are forced to play from behind. And can’t rely on Brees and company to bail you out. A play needs to be made. Let’s see where your Defense is then. Wake and Patterson out hurt, but wouldve have been enough for a W, not sure, but the score would have deinately been closer. You guys have yet to be tested, let’s see what the future holds for the Saint’s who definately look like there back to ther old self. For now how bout you guys pipe down cuz this is a Marathon season not a sprint.

  55. As a Fins fan Im confused….the Saints were SUPPOSED to WIN this game right, 6.5 point favorites if Im not mistaken, if the Saints had lost the government would have had to go back to work to figure how a 2nd year QB made it to 4-0 with such a difficult early schedule. Somehow an undrafted guy who most people wouldn’t know anything about comes out with comments saying “they were not as good as everyone said they were” and that “they DOMINATED the fins oline ALL NIGHT”. Wake up Galette, the Fins were not even expected by their own fans to be 3-1 at this point, in fact they have been listed as the underdog for all 4 of their games this year and besides playing an impossible game in NO on MNF they have looked better than everyone thought. I think the bigger story is who on Earth makes the MNF schedules…did they really think a 7-9 team in 2012 (fins) were going to go into NO on MNF and beat Brees and Payton…the primetime games are being poorly scheduled every year. Next MNF game is even worse.

  56. @FlashPatterson ! Our defense has every right to say what they want right now! They are playing awesome and if you are talking about last year then that’s in the past bro! Yes I know our defense last year sucked, everyone did! They are much better this year and when your doing good you can talk smack! 4-0 Who Dat Who Dat! Black and Gold all day son!

  57. @piggy4phins ummm what are you talking about? We did play from behind against TB and won in the last seconds of the game! BECAUSE OUR DEFENSE ALLOWED THE OFFENSE TO GET BACK OUT ON THE FIELD! DUMMY!

  58. The Dolphins were beat down Monday night, there is not arguing that. However, it was in the Superdome, where the Saints are nearly unstoppable. The good was Lamar Miller showcasing his abilities running the ball. The bad was Tannehill turning the ball over so frequently, although not all INTs were his fault. The ugly list is long…O-line play, Wallace’s hands, defending the RB out of the backfield. Not having Wake, our best defender, really hurt our defense. We had to rush more to get pressure, leaving sproles open constantly. I will be satisfied with a 10-6 season, and with the first half of the scheduled loaded with tough teams, I think we are off to a good start. Whoever the boob was that said indy, clev, and atl aren’t quality wins should not be allowed to talk football. 3-1 with a good matchup against a struggling Ravens team is better than where I thought we’d be. FINZ UP!!

  59. No offense to Junior Galette and as much as i hate to trash a star player in the nfl and a pro bowler but your: 4 tackles in 2010, 19 tackles in 2011 or your 20 tackles in 2012. we should have spent more time engineering a game plan around you because you were an obvious threat with your 2 tackles

  60. It doesn’t matter what team shows up in the superdome in primetime, they have a 99% chance of losing.

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