Sam Baker could miss Falcons’ next game


The Falcons are struggling to find consistency in several phases of the game, and injuries are a big part of the problem.

So the news that left tackle Sam Baker could miss next Monday’s game with the Jets comes as unwelcome news.

According to D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Baker isn’t expected to be able to go after aggravating a knee injury against the Patriots.

Baker missed Week Three’s loss to the Dolphins, and hasn’t been particularly effective when he was in the lineup. But backup Lamar Homes hasn’t been any better, after having lost the starting right tackle job to late veteran pickup Jeremy Trueblood.

3 responses to “Sam Baker could miss Falcons’ next game

  1. Our most hated rival in Louisiana continues to look great and Falcons look like they will miss the playoffs. Not giving up on the playoffs yet, but it will be a tough road with injuries and lack of depth. This team has had plenty of 4th qtr comebacks in the past 5 seasons so I can’t say they have no heart. But the team is soft without an edge. Definitely do not have a killer instinct to put teams away when they are up like Brees and Manning so often do.

  2. If all he can do is commit personal fouls and send us backwards he needs to stay off the field. I think huge mistake signing him this off season. Playing well the year before a contact appears to work in some cases. Does Andre Smith, Haynesworth ring any bells. At least Smith’s team was smart enough yo wait it out and no one else jumped. Baker’s got the money, now doesn’t want to play. Matt looking sloppy also did big pay day make him to lazy? Thought Stephen Jackson suppose to be stud, another bad signing. To many injuries, to many walk thrus not enough practice to build strength during training camp. Injuries way up than in previous years. Give me the money but I don’t want to work for it.

  3. I’ve said all along Sam Baker stinks, he had a decent year in a contract year and that’s it. Ryan’s been mediocre at times but he’s done fairly well given that horrible line. Then again they did cut Clabo in part to make room for his contract…

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