Terrell Suggs thinks Roger Goodell “had a hand” in Super Bowl blackout

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Former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis said earlier this month that he believed that the blackout in the Superdome during the Ravens’s Super Bowl victory was not an accident.

A longtime teammate of Lewis’ feels the same way. During an interview with Lisa Salters for ESPN, Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs said he shared Lewis’ belief that there were people behind the scenes maneuvering to get the lights out as a way to halt the momentum that had carried the Ravens to a 28-6 in the third quarter of the game.

“I was like Vegas, parlor tricks, you know what I mean?” Suggs said, via the Baltimore Sun. “I was like, ahh, [NFL Commissioner] Roger Goodell, he never stops, he always has something up his sleeve. He just couldn’t let us have this one in a landslide huh?”

Salters asked if Suggs meant that Goodell was responsible for the lights going out in New Orleans.

“I thought he had a hand in it. Most definitely, he had a hand in it,” Suggs said.

Suggs went on to say that his suspicions about Goodell’s slant began before the playoff game against the Broncos when he saw the commissioner talking with John Elway on the Broncos sideline. There’s no mention of whether Goodell also had conversations with Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, General Manager Ozzie Newsome and/or other members of the Ravens organization, although that probably wouldn’t do much to change the mind of someone who wants to believe that sleight of hand was the reason why the lights went out.

That’s clearly something that some members of the Ravens are willing to believe, whether or not there’s any concrete evidence to confirm their suspicions.

145 responses to “Terrell Suggs thinks Roger Goodell “had a hand” in Super Bowl blackout

  1. Turns out there wasn’t concrete evidence to bountygate, but that didn’t stop Roger. And when he had actual film of NE cheating, he destroyed it. It leads credence to his meddling in the big game.

  2. I also thought/think the league had something to do with the blackout; but they DAMN sure don’t have anything to do with how bad the Ravens have played and coached this year. That’s the past focus on this season!

  3. And here I thought he was doing his buddy Ray Lewis a favor the way that game in Denver was officiated? Cmon man….Roger is about as clueless as Selig.

  4. If lewis and suggs ever join the concussion lawsuit, I think they are guaranteed to get some money. No way these two don’t have brain damage.

  5. Terrell – I liked you a lot better when the only thing you knew how to say was “BABY RUUUUUTH” in the Goonies.

  6. You won the Superbowl and you’re still bitching??? And this is coming from a Godell hating Saints fan.. Get over it already. You won the game and overpaid FAILCO. Congrats!!

  7. I also heard Goodell secretly loosened Manuels chin strap so Suggs would take a stupid penalty Sunday…he reportedly grew up near Buffalo and is helping the Bill’s out.

  8. Oh for crying out loud, even Jim Harbaugh has dried his tears and stopped whining! You won, get over it, and move on. Last I checked, you have a game or two THIS season to worry about! Shut up Terrell!

  9. oh my god, get over it. its over, you won. yeah maybe he did, but is it really worth the risk of getting suspended for the rest of the year once he hears this.

  10. Don’t these guys get they are saying “the fix is in?”

    the appearance of fixed outcomes is the death of sport (I exclude entertainment such as wrestling). You are biting the hand that feeds you Mr. Suggs.

    I think the NFL would be a little bit more subtle than turning out the lights and perhaps have the refs swallow their whistles on a pass interference call in the end zone. But, I know they would never do that, because I don’t throw accusations without evidence to support them.

  11. I’m a Ravens fan but can we please shut up about the blackout. There are some things you are allowed to think but shouldn’t be spoken.

    Talk about with your friends and family if you want but not to the media, you look stupid and make the franchise look stupid.

  12. For goodness sake please stop bringing this up. We won the Superbowl, end of story.

    There isn’t any evidence whatsoever that Goodell, or anyone else had anything to do with this. It’s almost as ridiculous as saying that ‘God’ was bored with the game & decided to make it more interesting.

  13. I’d hate to see how much this idiot would cry if they actually lost the SB.

  14. Dude give it up. Refs gave you the game at the end. I’d hate to see your whining reactions if you had lost. Win with some class but I guess this is Baltimore. You don’t hear the 49ers still complaining about being held on the failed 4th down endzone play.

  15. Everyone will label Suggs paranoid or a conspiracy theorist but the reality is that the NFL had something to gain by halting the momentum. They also have the power to make that happen and the ability to make most fans believe they had nothing to do with it. Money makes the world go round…

  16. The lights went out for both teams! In fact Baltimore’s electronics were running and SF’s were not. How the hell does one team gain an advantage when they both go through the same thing?

  17. By the way Suggs, your Ravens benefited from a number of favorable calls in the Broncos game. Dont believe me? Go to youtube.

  18. He thinks Roger Goodell chose to embarrass the league he runs on a night the entire world was watching?

    The Ravens are the most bitter Super Bowl winners ever.

  19. The 49ers are becoming the Pittsburgh penguins of the nfl. They whine and bitch about every call that doesn’t go their way, and are a bunch of sore losers with a classless fan base. Not to mention the special treatment they get from the commissioner and his goons

  20. That blackout was no accident. The 49ers played the steelers not too long ago. The steelers were winning, the lights went out, then the 9ers came back and won. Coincidence? There isnt that much coincidence in the world morons. Don’t think Goodell did it though.

  21. I hate Roger Goodell as much as the next guy, but if you believe that he even had the ability to turn out the power at the super dome then I have a bridge to sell you.

    New Orleans and the Superdome people took a lot of heat for that blackout, and it was an ugly part of the sport’s greatest spectacle. There’s no way anyone wanted that to happen on purpose.

  22. That just goes to show you the mentality of Lewis and Suggs, two idiot’s who would either be washing cars or in jail if they were not skilled enough to play in the NFL.

  23. Has there ever been a more paranoid and self-absorbed team in NFL history than the 2012 Ravens?

    The Raven also were a beneficiary of biblical proportions of a blown non-call (i.e., an NFL mistake) in even getting past Denver. I’m not talking about the Rahim Moore meltdown. Rather, I’m talking about the mug job on Peyton’s pick six. If that botched non-call doesn’t happen, the Ravens are extinguished and history is a lot different.

  24. I was suspicious of that from the jump. One of those “grassy knoll” ideas where the proof-if there actually is any-has since been buried. I believe that Goodell wanted more of a game for the big game, and when that didn’t seem to be the case…he stepped in.

    We will never truly know, but at least the team that I believe should have won did win. If it was “fixed” to get the lights to turn out then I hope those punks get what is coming to them.

    People need to leave sports alone and leave the fixing to the stock market.

  25. Maybe he should have a hand in playing defense in the second half to keep the 49ers from coming back.

  26. I guess it is easier on the ol ego to shout “conspiracy” than to say “yep. Something happened that was out of the ordinary and the other team handled it MUCH better than we did…..to the point that they came a few yards short of beating us.” Can we just stop talking about an old building with power issues please? They literally won the championship and are STILL crying foul. Hey T-Fizzle……you won!

  27. Although this story sounds ridiculous, he did learn from the biggest rat in Paul Tagliabue, so I wouldn’t put it past him.

  28. I hope he was joking. Conspiracist theories are tiresome. But then there are fans of all teams who indulge in them, too.

  29. It’s always easier to believe a conspiracy theory than the truth. Especially because the truth would involve complex subjects like math, physics and engineering.

  30. Yea…
    Hand Roger Goodell had a hand in your “franchise” QB, (I still chuckle when I say that about Flacco) throwing 5 INTs Sunday.

    I also believe that Roger Goodell was on the grassy knoll, and he may also be BigFoot.

    I never say a bigger bunch of sore winners in my life.

  31. Florio, maybe you can answer this question. Do TV crews that are filming a sporting event provide their own power source? The reason I ask, is if the Superbowl filming crew was on the same power source as the Superdome, it’s conceivable to think that the broadcast would have been cut off as well as the lights, if the power grid supplying power to the dome did indeed malfunction.

  32. This morning on espn I also heard Flacco pimping a product or something, yesterday Harbs, and now this. Maybe they should focus on football more and they wouldn’t play so bad.

  33. How absurd. As an electrical engineer, I find it extremely believable (and likely) that the blackout was in fact an equipment malfunction.

    Maybe Suggs and the rest of his Ravens should concentrate on winning this week as opposed to dwelling on a game they won more than 8 months ago.

  34. We can all take from Suggs’ comments that Paranoia is a side effect of massive, continuous doses of HGH and deer antler spray.

    And we can take from Ray Lewis’ earlier comments that apparently it lingers in the system for a long time.

  35. So, it was a conspiracy, huh? Suggs, when the Ravens don’t make the playoffs this year, I suppose that will be a conspiracy too, right?? Take a pill.

  36. Conspiracy theories like this are ridiculous and make guys like Lewis and Suggs look like immature whiners. Do you really think the NFL looks good when the lights go out for a half hour for the biggest game of the year?

  37. The Ravens, especially Suggs, whining.

    What a shocker.

    World Champ whiners several seasons in a row now. Nobody can touch these guys and the bitter tears they cry every day of the year.

  38. This is ridiculous.

    They do realize they won right? Pulling this off on purpose would be so damned complicated it’s not even funny….I get on Goodell for plenty of shortcomings but this is just evidence free woe is me garbage…from the winning team!

  39. Nah, no way. Just because the NFL is a multi-national, multi billion dollar corporation with a habit of using officials to manipulate games (see Super Bowl XL, and the “phantom interference” call in the 2006 AFC Championship game) doesn’t mean they’d ever do anything to help the glamour team win a game. What paranoia. The NFL is every bit as believable as say… NASCAR or WWE.

  40. All the ballwashing done for Ray Ray by the league leading up to and before the game and Suggs thinks the league was out to sabotage the Ravens in the SB? I would have thought the fix would be in the other way around. Stick to the sacks T Sizzle. Inferences and middle terms are not your forté.

  41. Proof positive that the Ravens were so used to losing the big game and having to make conspiracy theories that they don’t even know how to act when they win.

    For the 100th time: congrats on your Super Bowl win but shut up already.

  42. why is it that the team the won the super bowl are the ones still bitching about this.

    Baltimore take a page from San Francisco and move on you babies

  43. I think it’s good that we have stories like this once and awhile to remind us all that we are not exactly dealing with rocket scientists here.

  44. This sounds ridiculous. Why would Goodell make the NFL look like a shoddy operation who can’t even keep the lights on, just to attempt to halt the momentum of the game? Show us some proof!!

  45. Suggs may be a great player but every time he opens his mouth, he shows that he is a dumb as rocks.

  46. I think Terrell Suggs has taken a few to many shots to the head!

    There have been more lopsided Superbowls than the one just played and NONE of them were “intervened” by the NFL bigwigs… and neither was this one.

    If you wanna blame someone fine, but blame the right person. George W Bush for his ABYSMAL relief efforts after hurricane Katrina. New Orleans is still a state how many years on? That’s why the power failed.

  47. It wouldn’t really shock me if Goodell pulled something like that to stop it from being the first Super Bowl blowout since Bucs/Raiders 10 years ago.

    If it’s a blowout, people might tune out and not see commercials, and I wouldn’t put it past Mr. 18 Game Schedule and “Let’s have a team in London” to try something like that.

  48. 1. Why are we still talking about this?

    2. I doubt Goodell had a hand in it. People weren’t going to stop watching the Super Bowl because the Ravens were up big at the time.

  49. Yea, I’m sure Goodell said “I bet if the lights go out for a little while, the Ravens will start to play bad and the 49ers will magically start to play well. Let’s do it.”

    Suggs is the definition of ignoramous.

  50. Stupid is what stupid dose!

    So you are also saying that Roger Godell had a hand in Ravens getting to SB in the first place to give Ray Lewis a nice farewell??

  51. This might be the dumbest conspiracy theory of all time. I am really beginning to have a hard time taking serious anything any player says about Goodell.

  52. Prove it or shut. Otherwise you’re just an embarrassment to yourself and your team.

    I can’t stand how some people will find something to complain about even when they win.

  53. Not only that, goodell also masterminded, or played a small role in: the Kennedy assassination, suppressing cold fusion, phen phen, and of course runs area 51.

  54. I could almost understand the complaining and moaning about this if they had LOST the game. Time to stop being a crybaby and let it go now. It’s over.

  55. Ok, Just stop Terrel. Just stop. If it makes you feel any better, it won’t be an issue for you this year.

  56. The Ravens locker room must be the most unhappy place in the world. I mean, this is how they act when they WIN. Can you imagine what it’s like when they lose?

  57. I believe the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Bilderbergers also had a hand in this. This reaches all the way to the United Nations, I tells ya.

  58. What’s his explanation for the way the Denver game was officiated?

    Bill Vinovich should never be allowed near a football field of any kind again.

  59. the real question is why t-sizzle and ray-ray are afraid of the dark and play poor defense allowing the 49ers back into the game. Or, we’re they throwing it as goodell’s pawns? the idea swings both ways…

  60. jrebar88 says:
    Oct 1, 2013 8:24 AM
    By the way Suggs, your Ravens benefited from a number of favorable calls in the Broncos game. Dont believe me? Go to youtube.
    yes, because youtube is the clear and definitive source on all bad calls… SMH

  61. I don’t know much about Goodell but I could see Vegas having a hand in it.

    First half is one sided but 49ers are still able to come back and make a game out of but then Jacoby Jones turns it from paper cut to full on bleeding – power out. That and the power company blatantly said that the issue was on the Dome’s side and not theirs. That still doesn’t make it absolute gives enough evidence to honestly consider it was on purpose.

  62. wearethesteelers says:Oct 1, 2013 7:42 AM

    Steeler Nation actually earns Super Bowl trophies — six of them.

    You have got to be kidding me…2005…worst football fix of all time…The Zebras single handedly won that title for Jerome Bettis and the Steelers against the Seahawks so the Bus could retire with a title…that was not earned.

  63. So because Goodell was speaking with John Elway, that means he wanted the Broncos to win that game?

    And during the Super Bowl he had the lights turned out so the Niners would have a better chance?


    I wonder if Goodell had a hand in the Broncos hanging 49 on the Ravens earlier this season?

    Terrell Suggs is the poster child for morons around the world.

  64. @ott2win:
    this crap argument again? refs made bad calls in that game like they do in EVERY game. i didnt see any zebras knock the ball out of jerame stevens’ hands or run in front of the kicker when he missed the field goal. and dude clearly pushed off in the endzone. the seahawks lost, PLEASE get over it.

  65. three or four years ago a balloon hitting a power line took out a buffalo san diego game. has anyone explained to some of these ravens how week, and old the infrastructure is in this country?

  66. This is absurd purely from the fact that should there have been any accidents during the blackout, lawsuits would have mounted, and no one would protect him versus a lawsuit. Please think logically people before opening your mouths…… geez.

  67. Suggs needs concussion testing. That on top of stupid to start with is a bad game of dominoes to be buried under.

  68. I am not sure if the power outage was man made or an accident but I do know that no one anywhere has been fired for it. Kind of makes you wonder.

  69. Normally I would dismiss this out of hand except for two demonstrable facts:

    1. Roger Goodell is a control freak.
    2. Roger Goodell has his hand in everything the league says and does.

    After watching the hideous way Goodell handled Bountygate (and the way he got rebuked by Tagliabue), I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past Roger Goodell. He absolutely has favorites in the league and there’s no doubt his favoritism has poisoned the integrity of the NFL.

  70. Suggs has the IQ of a mouse and probably couldnt count to 10 like half of these half wit pea brain NFL players. Go run another 5 flat forty and make sure you wear your ravens hat crooked so you can represent, yo.

  71. I mean… You saw the bogus penalty called on him for tackling EJ Manuel when bills refused to take a knee to run out the clock!

    I remember Suggs getting flagged for hitting Tom Brady in the head… Only Suggs never touched Brady. He waved his hand in the air. It happened TWICE.

  72. “That blackout was no accident. The 49ers played the steelers not too long ago. The steelers were winning, the lights went out, then the 9ers came back and won. Coincidence? There isnt that much coincidence in the world morons. Don’t think Goodell did it though.”

    I believe the Steelers/49ers blackout was attributed to an explosion which was caught on camera.

  73. No one on here can say with 100% accuracy that Suggs is spewing conspiracy nonsense. None of us were there, or knows what truly goes on behind the scenes. What type of device is used to transmit a football game? That would be a television, and if you believe everything you see on television as truth, you have some growing up to do. I would respect his opinion more if he questioned the placement of Jerome Boger (as the head ref), and the numerous bad calls that took place. I also seem to remember a shot of Goodell (maybe during the playoff run) on the field with Lewis at some point hugging him, so he’s not being exactly forthcoming about Goodell being neutral. I think its very likely manipulation of games through the refs have taken place, and will continue. The question is, do the fan’s care?

  74. Can the rest of the NFL agree that the poor ravens are picked on more than all the rest of the teams. I guess that is why they won the super bowl. They had to overcome the refs, all the other teams being against them, even the commish hates the ravens and wants to keep them down. LOL Has anyone ever heard of a fanbase and team like this group. No one the rest of the league hates them.

  75. I am not sure why anyone is surprised that two Raven players were still whining about a game they won …..it’s in there DNA , their fans DNA, and their coaches DNA. It’s not Charm City really it’s whine city.

  76. ott2win says:
    Oct 1, 2013 11:03 AM
    wearethesteelers says:Oct 1, 2013 7:42 AM

    Steeler Nation actually earns Super Bowl trophies — six of them.

    You have got to be kidding me…2005…worst football fix of all time…The Zebras single handedly won that title for Jerome Bettis and the Steelers against the Seahawks so the Bus could retire with a title…that was not earned.

    Sounds like you’re butt’s still sore? Whaaaa!!!

  77. The shame is no one is born that stupid( not even the Pride of Baltimore joeflaccomontana ) he has actually been working on it. The sad part is a lot of Baltimorons buy into it….must be something in the water.

  78. What a complete MEATHEAD. Why does anyone or any network interview this dope? Isn’t there ANYONE in The NFL that is a great player and is intelligent and has SOMETHING of value and interest to transmit through the media? There MUST be!!

  79. For a team that won the game, there sure is a lot of suspicion about a power outrage that was bound to happen at such an old stadium with an electrical system that was clearly overwhelmed. Perhaps Ray Ray (odd name for an adult) and Suggs are really bitter about how Ozzy dismantled the team in order to (over) pay the QB. Get over it

  80. No one wants to admit, to themselves or others, that the NFL is every bit as fixed and manipulated by outsiders, officials and players as all the other pro leagues are.

    Personally i am totally confident that the refs are told by the league EVERY WEEK to “keep it competitive”. That could mean a lot of things: keep it fair, keep it close, keep it whatever.

    Pretending that the NFL is all totally fair, honest, true and free from the influence of million-dollar gamblers and other assorted crooked types doesn’t make it fact.

    But- the FACT is that, no matter what, all teams know that the refs are part of the field just like the dirty underbelly of sports is too, and that each team must find a way to go out and win in spite of it all.

    Refs cheat. League officials cheat. Coaches and players cheat.

    But it is all, ultimately, just one more part of the game which must be overcome in order to succeed.

  81. I would say that Suggs is just paranoid to even think that way about Goodell but the last few years more and more players have came out complaining about Roger and I dont mean complaining only about fines I mean the complaints have been about not trusting Goodell ..Suggs is not the 1st player nor is he the last player to have legit complaints about this guy (Goodell)…I say the word complain but most players have said flat out they dont trust him and some have said they just dont like him…if you follow the NFL you have admit there is a suprising high number of players that dont like or seem to care about the commissioner and it all starts with trust and in this case the lack of it..

  82. Terrell Suggs you all won the SB why are you complaining about the blackout? I guess Ray Lewis and Suggs are guys who like to find things to complain about.

  83. You miss the point…

    Yes the game is over, but that doesn’t mean the double standard stops.

    The lights were brought up in the context of favorable treatment to Tom Brady against the Ravens.

    How about Superbowl opening game that can’t start in Baltimore, but is instead given to Denver who could use it as an advantage in the game? Do you think Goodell had his hand in that one?

    That is why this is an issue. Nobody would suspect anything if this were a one time thing. it is not a one time thing.

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