Vince Wilfork on injury: I signed up for football and knew the risks

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On the day Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork had surgery to repair his season-ending torn Achilles tendon, he released a statement thanking fans for their support and saying no one needs to feel sorry for him.

Wilfork said he is thankful to have the support of his fans and his wife, Bianca, and that he expects to make a full recovery.

“I just want to thank everyone for your support and encouragement,” Wilfork wrote. “Bianca is making sure I see all of the comments I wish I could respond to everyone. But please know your words are heard. One thing I know is I signed up to play football. I don’t regret anything that has happened and there is no need to feel sorry about it. I’ve been blessed to only have had one surgery prior to today and that was in high school. I know what signing up to play football means and I know the rewards and risks. This is my job and I will switch positions for now and play the role of patient but that is only temporary. I have so much confidence in our team and know that they will do great and I will be right besides them, maybe not in uniform but in all other ways. Thanks again.”

The always classy Wilfork sounds like a man who expects to be ready to play in 2014. The Patriots will miss him until then.

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  1. Gotta love Vince. You know he is good because the Patriots paid him. Team will have to scheme around him because no one can truly replace all that he does.

  2. He’s fat and pretty old already, so this might be the end of Wilfork as we know him. I hope not, because he’s a great player – always wished the Bears would have drafted him instead of Tommie Harris that year.

  3. Good Luck to Vince a classy guy out of the U. Hope he gets well soon, the Patsy’s will miss him bigtime.

  4. .

    A 52-0 shutout at Atlanta would have been a better outcome than loosing Vince. He’s literally the heart of a resurgent Patriot defense.


  5. Awesome guy it seems.

    I love the “I know what I signed up for.” Exactly why football will never die like some think. Football provides a way for guys who otherwise would have no shot at college to go to school and get a degree and if they’re lucky make millions of dollars.

  6. One of the best DT/NT I’ve ever seen….AND….he has always been a class act.

    I love to watch him play, I wish him a speedy recovery.

  7. Love this guy. Love watching him play. There’s no bright side to something like this, but if it had to happen, at least it happened early in the season giving him a better chance of being ready when the 2014 season starts. Best of luck, Vince!

  8. I don’t give a rip about the Pats, but I saw the play he got injured on. Every other time I’ve seen somebody tear an achilles tendon, they writhe around on the ground like they can’t stand the pain (and I can’t blame ’em). Vince stood there like he had some gas pains. That’s a straight up man right there.

  9. Best of everything to you Vince. We all hope to see you playing and dominating the game again.

    You are a classy guy and too bad the NFL gangstas are too dumb to learn from you.

  10. Note to Patriots: Do NOT empty this mans locker, he WILL be back next year. He is a man of his word, believe him.

  11. Even as a Dolphins fan , I’ve always had a lot of respect for this guy.
    Besides being a longtime stalwart at one of the toughest positions in football , he just goes about the game the right way. I remember a play a few years back where he intercepted a pass off of a deflection and was racing down the field like an oversized fullback. Great athlete , great man.

  12. Ordinarily I don’t make light of injuries, but this player is one of the dirty and most dishonest players in the NFL and there is no way I respect him. Karma bit him on his huge butt and maybe he’ll rethink the dirty way he has played in the past injuring other players out of spite.

  13. Take care Big Vince.You’ll always be #1 in this fans eyes…And I know your wife won’t let ya get to to big

  14. We should all follow Vince’s approach to life. He is a hard working family man that appreciates his good fortune and accepts life’s hardships with determination and a positive outlook.

  15. The dud has missed just 6 games over 10 years before the other night. Talk about being a man. That’s ten years of playing over 50 snaps a game. That 10 years of taking on double teams over 50% of the time. Again, that’s a man. Kind of ironic that after all that contact playing in the middle of that chaos, he get sideline by some non contact misstep. That sucks.

    And what hurts even more is that this guy is a better person than football player. I really hope he stays with the team while he heals. I want to see him in the locker room, and on the sidelines. If he does he will still be a big and important part of this team

  16. great player, but classy? this is the guy who was fined, and suspended for cheap shots. eye pokes, flying forearms to quarterback’s knees, kicking players who were down in the back. the guys play is as cheap as it comes.

  17. That’s the real Vince. He does an awful lot for charities and the local communities.

    He is an asset to the sport of professional football that we all enjoy.

    You gotta like Vince…

  18. If you are a true sports fan, there are certain guys you like even if they are on a team you despise, because if the class they carry and the way they represent the game and they way they treat people. Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Bobby Orr, Akeem Olajuwon, Stan Musial, George Foreman, Gordie Howe, John Havlichek, Arnold Palmer, and, yes, Vince Wilfork

  19. As a diehard fin fan I have to say that Wolfork is a Great player and the type of player I wish the nfl had more of. All the respect in the world to him and hopes for a full recovery. Class act all the way.
    You will have the haters on here, but every other team in the league wishes they had you on their team.

  20. GREAT player and tremendous team leader, who is basically irreplaceable on defense. I really hope the Pats medical team, in addition to physical therapy, make certain his weight is carefully monitored and diet supervised closely. He is just about the largest man I have ever seen. He will be forced into inactivity for a prolonged period of time, and if he quickly gains weight, it will impact his ability to heal the tendon, and create other serious problems related to the weight gain. His recuperation will be very complex and challenging. I truly hope he recovers fully and returns to his team and football. He is someone everyone should root for regardless of team preference.

  21. laserw says:

    “Ordinarily I don’t make light of injuries, but this player is one of the dirty and most dishonest players in the NFL and there is no way I respect him. Karma bit him on his huge butt and maybe he’ll rethink the dirty way he has played in the past injuring other players out of spite.”

    I think his name is spelled incorrectly. It’s actually loserw.

  22. Laserw and I, flounder who the hell are you two talking about? Vince is one of the most respected clean playing players in the game. I cant recall an opponent accusing Vince if anything dirty, but feel free to pop some Imodium ad to stop the diarrhea coming out of your keyboards. And I can honestly say I am completely jealous of the relationship he has with his wife. Those two are a testament to love. I wish me and my wife were as close as they are. A true inspiration. Get well soon big fella. We are all pulling for you.

  23. From a Dolphins and Canes fan, we will always have a love/ hate feelings for you. Your a class act and your talent is unmatched, but then again you do play for the pats. Wish you a speedy recovery big guy, Cane for life!

  24. I’m sure all the Atlanta fans who were booing him while he was injured feel about this small (thumb and forefinger about a half inch apart).

  25. I’m not a Pats fan, but what a classy statement! Best of luck Vince and hope you make a full recovery!

  26. I, like many people on this thread, am not a pats fan. But if you can’t appreciate and respect VW for how he plays the game on and off the field, then you should go watch baseball.

  27. Hey Bianca! We love you and Big Vince! You are the First Lady of the Pats since Myra passed IMO.

    Give Vince a big wet kiss from Pats Nation!

    Get well big guy.

  28. Best of luck to him in his recovery. The Pats will miss him on the field. Guys like that are almost impossible to replace.

  29. Yeah, class act all the way, and other than that cheap shot on JP Losman’s knee, a great human being, like three Ghandi’s put together.

  30. Wilfork is one of two seemingly indispensable players on the Pats. The last time they lost a seemingly indispensable player, the team rallied and that season ended well. They will miss him greatly, and it may take a while to adjust, but I hope for a similar outcome.

    He seems like a genuinely humble and likable guy.

    I hope he has a full and speedy recovery. Get well soon Big Vince!

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