Weeden is practicing, but he apparently won’t be playing


Last week, as Brian Hoyer prepared for his second start as the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, former starter Brandon Weeden didn’t practice.

This week, as Hoyer prepares for his third start, Weeden has returned to practice, fully participating on both Monday and Tuesday.

Weeden believes his time on the field with the Browns isn’t over, and plenty can happen over the next 12 games.  For now, though, Weeden is the first quarterback of the 2013 season who apparently has lost his job after getting injured.

Injuries suck,” Weeden recently said.

Though that sentiment can be express with words far more flowery, the point is the same.  Every player is a potential Wally Pipp.  If the next man up mans up and plays even better than the guy who is injured, the next man up likely will stay there.