Alterraun Verner picks off AFC defensive player of the week honors

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Titans cornerback Alterraun Verner didn’t have the highest profile coming into the 2013 season, but he’s spent the first month doing everything he can to raise it.

Verner has four interceptions and two fumble recoveries on the year and now has an AFC defensive player of the week commendation to go with all those takeaways. Verner was honored by the league for his work against the Jets in last Sunday’s 38-13 victory.

Verner intercepted Geno Smith twice and recovered one of the quarterback’s two fumbles during the contest. Those turnovers led to 21 points for the Titans and confirmed that the Titans made the right call for their defense when they left Verner at corner after flirting with a move to safety.

Even after making that choice and watching Verner win a starting job this summer, the Titans suggested Verner might wind up splitting time with Tommie Campbell. That hasn’t really happened as Verner has made the most of his opportunity by feasting on mistakes made by the opposing offense.

14 responses to “Alterraun Verner picks off AFC defensive player of the week honors

  1. The Titans are no joke. Alex Smith is gonna have to be careful when throwing in this guy’s direction.

  2. Woulda gone to any member of that saints dline for that dolphins feast they enjoyed but after what weve been seeing so far it seems those sick puppies will never be satisfied, o well, always hungry

  3. Verner doesn’t have the size and reach that makes you drool over a corner when you want to play press (Campbell does). But Verner is a VERY heady player and always handles himself like a pro. He’s earned everything he’s gotten so far this year — the starting job and a little recognition now for his ball-hawking play.

    He’s a big part (along with McCourty) of why they let Finnegan walk. Just hope they can get a new deal done for Verner now.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, Verners game was awesome, but I’d like to see some love for Kiko Alonso, hopefully DROTW. Ending the game against the Ravens and another heads-up pick should be enough, but he does play for the Bills, so you never know.

  5. Up until this season, I’d been able to buy Alterraun Verner’s autographed rookie cards for a mere $4 or $5 at card shows. … Well, those days are history.

  6. Verner has made plays ever since they drafted him, mostly as a slot corner before this year. I love the kid. Not bad for 4th rd pick. The Titans have drafted very well the last 3-4 years.

  7. So Kiko got 2 picks against Flacko and this guy got 2 against Geno –

    Are you kidding me? Kikos last one sealed the game too!

  8. Titans’ Verner had his hand in getting 3 turnovers (2 interceptions and a fumble recovery) in one game from the opponent the Jets which led to 21 points, very deserving of AFC defensive player of the week.

  9. yea.. the guy tied for the most interceptions in the league has a game with 2 picks and a fumble recovery.. and someone else deserves the reward.. makes a lot of sense to me. Carl Klug had a sack, strip, fumble recovery, and a Td on one play.. I think thats more impressive than just 2 picks.

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