Antrel Rolle doesn’t think teammates believe Giants can win


Earlier this week, Giants safety Antrel Rolle responded to a fourth straight loss by saying that he believes the team can run the table and win the 12 games left on their roster.

Judging by the response from PFT Planet to Rolle’s comments, he has some work to do to convince the general public of that possibility. And Rolle admitted Tuesday that he has some work to do in his own locker room as well. Rolle said he has teammates who don’t believe the team can win this season.

“I really don’t believe that everybody believes we can win within our locker room, and it’s hard,” Rolle said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “It’s guys who haven’t been there before, guys who haven’t been affiliated with how the Giants made comebacks, how we can come back at the end of game, how we can overcome adversity. So I really don’t expect every guy to have the same belief that I have or maybe other people in our organization have. That’s why we’re trying to get everyone together and get them on the same page. … It’s not too late to turn it around.”

It’s not too late for the Giants to turn things around, as we mentioned in relation to Rolle’s earlier comments, but it’s also meaningless to mention the fact that Giants teams in the past have made comebacks in adverse situations. This isn’t 2007 or 2011, the personnel isn’t the same, the results aren’t going to be the same and the reason for that isn’t just because some players may not share Rolle’s optimistic view of things.

It would be just as easy to point out the way the team lost two games by a combined 67-14 in Weeks 15 and 16 last season to go from 8-5 to out of the playoff hunt as it is to reference the good old days. That’s a more recent memory, after all, and plenty of players were there to see how the Giants faded at the biggest moment of their season and capitulated in the face of adversity.

It would be no more accurate, though. These Giants are going to sink or float back to the surface on their own merits, not because of anything that happened in the past, and actually winning a game would be a good way to start convincing folks you can do it again.

10 responses to “Antrel Rolle doesn’t think teammates believe Giants can win

  1. The circus may have left East Hanover (NYJ) NJ and moved down to Tampa, but there is a nice side-show about to develop with NY Giants very soon.

    Team is 0-4 and nobody cares!
    Head Coach is not upset, he is old anyway.
    Players are not upset, because nobody in management cares.
    Even the fans are not upset because, well, they are all old too.

    The only people who are up in arms about the NYG season are the local media but they dont show it lest they get blacklisted by NYG including Fatty Francessa.

    This all comes crashing down very, very soon. Buy your tickets and popcorn!!!

  2. Eli Manning is a turnover machine. People who blame the offensive line – hellllo many other elite QBs have played behind trash offensive lines and not turned into what Eli has become this season. He won 2 Super Bowls awesome – but don’t put him in the top 5 QBs when he clearly is not.

  3. People need to stop comparing this team to the giants teams of the past that started off slow and went on a run. This team is awful. They are just lucky to be playing in the worst division in football at this point.

  4. Who ever on the team that doesn’t believes in Antrel’s message, then he is going to “punch them in the mouth”!! Oh wait… that was Justin Tuck who said that.

  5. Wouldn’t a more accurate and less misleading title be “Rolle doesn’t think SOME teammates believe…” Just saying

  6. Too many ” insider” quotes coming from Rolle lately, like he’s trying to shame his team through the media (or line up a job in it when he retires).

    Whatever the case, talk to your teammates and not the press, Antrel. That’s what a leader does.

  7. This is what happens when u win a few superbowls close together,you lose players your draft picks suffer,just ask’s the punishment for success..

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