Cardinals don’t get much for Levi Brown


So what did the Cardinals get in return for tackle Levi Brown?  Per a source with knowledge of the deal, not too much.

The source says the Cardinals are getting “late-round stuff” in exchange for Brown, the former top-five draft pick who played college football at Penn State and who is from Eastern Virginia, an area for which coach Mike Tomlin seems to have a specific affinity when it comes to finding players.  That implies either one, or more than one, low-round draft pick.

Brown has played for the Cardinals since entering the league in 2007.  With the Steelers, he’ll presumably be placed immediately at the left tackle position, where 2012 second-round pick Mike Adams repeatedly was beaten and abused by Vikings defensive end Jared Allen on Sunday.

It’s an odd move for the Cardinals, who had been creating a win-now vibe based on some of their late-preseason moves — and who are tied for second place in the NFC West after four games.  Losing Brown won’t help them win now, and what they’re getting in return may not do much to help them win later.

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  1. beardinals says:
    Oct 2, 2013 10:51 AM
    Watch, now he turns into a Pro Bowler. Ugh!


    Maybe that is the nature of the beast sometimes a change of scenery does a person well.

  2. Levi is a nice guy. He’s not too good in pass protection, but he is pretty decent in run blocking. Maybe the change of scenery will help him.

  3. Yeah odd move, I dont get this move at this point of the season. Brown’s been awful this year since coming back from the injury (some will joke he was bad before the injury) but if you were going to bench him why not keep him around for depth in case you need it later in the season. Too bad if his feelings would be hurt. Then trade him in the off-saeson. I guess Potter, who wasn’t bad as a rookie last year, or Sowell will start now. Its not like they will get a big salary cap savings since I’m sure most of his contract was in a prorated bonus. Odd timing.

    Makes me sick to think they passed on A. Peterson for him, they’ll be linked forever in my mind.

  4. Having Brown didn’t help them win now. Brown was constantly getting beat, but the Cardinals don’t have a good O-line to begin with.

    Even though the Cardinals lost their 1st rounder in preseason, the O-line was and is still an issue the Cardinals have been unsuccessfully trying to fix for a long time now.

  5. That’s what happens when a team drafts for need instead of best player available. They missed a lot of good players including Adrian Peterson, Patrick Willis, and Darrel Revis.

  6. Not to beat a dead horse but getting ANYTHING for Levi is robbery. Monroe only fetched late round picks. I honestly believe the Cards were gonna cut him anyhow. The dude is lazy. How many offsides do you need to show your worthless? This isn’t BA’s first rodeo.

  7. As a resident of the Valley of the Sun who is force-fed the Cards on television each and every week, I can honestly say the Cards are a better team without Brown even if the Cards had thrown in a second round pick to jettison him.

    Once Warner left, the Whisenhunt regime was a trainwreck, and nothing exemplified that more than the team’s continued allegiance to the human turnstile, Levi Brown.

    By ridding themselves of the guy, it’s further evidence they are leaving behind the stupidity of that era, when they would continually stuck with Brown–the guy ProFootballFocus was annually rating as the worst player at his position in the league–and they were wasting first-round picks on guys like Michael Floyd, who never made Notre Dame a contender.

    To Cards fans, this one move makes Arians smarter than Whiz ever was.

  8. Wow what are we thinking. Levi Brown isn’t an upgrade at all, and saying Tomlin will coach him up is a joke. Tomlin can’t coach Gilbert or Adams up! How will he coach up a 5 yr veteran?

  9. Don’t feel bad Cards fans…you could have been the Raiders (JaMarcus Russell) or the Bucs (Gaines Adams) and gotten just about nothing out of your top pick. At least he stuck for six years. Even if he really wasn’t all that good for that time.

  10. Levi Brown is a capable guard trying to play left tackle. It won’t get better, he isn’t athletic enough for the position.

  11. Actually 6 teams passed on Peterson but only one got stuck with Levi Brown. That was the problem.

  12. Of course they didn’t – they got schooled by the best front office in football.

  13. It’s about time this happened!

    Cardinals fans have been waiting for Levi Brown to get cut or traded since the 2011 season. Unfortunately Whiz & Grim made a huge mistake resigning him after the 2011 season. Because he missed the 2012 season due to injury, he was given a chance by BA to keep his job in 2013. Levi Brown is one of the worst LT in the NFL.

    Getting anything for “Levi “Turnstile” Brown is a steal.

    If you did some research Floria, you would understand how ridiculous of a statement “Losing Brown won’t help them win now” is.

  14. With all this complaining about the 2007 draft, where is logicalvoicesays? I wish he was here, bragging about how the Skins took Laron Landry over Adrian Peterson, Patrick Willis, Darrelle Revis, Marshawn Lynch, etc.

  15. Arizona also dumped 3.8 mil in salary(which the Steelers are gonna have to clear 2 mil of) on the Steelers for a stiff. Then the Steelers will have to dump him next yr, unless they want to pay him 6 mil, which they don’t have.

  16. “There were about 8 other teams that passed on Adrian Peterson too, not just the cardinals…”

    But big-brain Rod Graves, who engineered the Brown pick, is also the same guy that passed on local hero, ASU All-American Terrell Suggs, to instead pick Wake Forest non-legend, Calvin Pace.

    How STUPID do you have to be to ignore the best college player playing in your own back yard and select a mediocre player instead, all in an effort to prove you’re smarter than everyone else when in reality you’re the dumbest guy in the room?

    Graves gone, Whisenhunt gone, Levi Brown gone. You can almost breathe around here again.

  17. osiris33 says: Oct 2, 2013 12:20 PM

    You used “Cardinals” and “Win” in the same sentence LOL

    Only thing more funny would be to use “Steelers” and “Win” in the same sentence. LOL

  18. If you think this is an upgrade over Brown, you’re going to be bitterly disappointed.

  19. Got to love all the scouts posting on here about the cardinals bypassing on Peterson. Everyone one knows the draft is mostly a crap shoot. How many teams passed on Tom Brady ? Or how about Kurt Warner not even being selected? Brett Favre being traded away? The list goes on and on, so stop acting like a team was stupid because they passed on someone who later turned out to be a very good/great player.

  20. crownofthehelmet says: Oct 2, 2013 12:28 PM

    Of course they didn’t – they got schooled by the best front office in football

    0-4 and in salary cap hell. Ya that is one heck of a front office you’ve got there.

  21. Sure they got a lot. They got this waste of space off the roster! Levi was the worst tackle in the League. Getting him off the team has Cardinal fans cheering today.

    Better to get Big Ben killed than Palmer…

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