Giants kicked tires on 10 offensive linemen


How bad and/or banged up is the Giants’ offensive line?  So banged up that, on Tuesday, they brought in 10 unemployed offensive linemen for tryouts.

The 10 candidates were guard Chandler Burden, guard Zack Chibane, guard Oscar Johnson, guard Ryan Lee, guard Lance Louis, guard Dallas Reynolds, guard Matt Reynolds, tackle Dennis Roland, center Scott Wedige, and center Edwin Williams.

Dallas Reynolds was the Gong Show winner, getting both the $516.32 and a job.  Given the current state of the team’s offensive line, Reynolds could be on the field, sooner rather than later.

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  1. I don’t think Eli can run the ball 60 times a game behind 10 OL. Maybe they could let Jacobs take the snaps.

    They need to do something with that OL because they have been horrible.

  2. Don’t think they have the cap room to secure a viable o-lineman in a trade. Giants pretty much have to go this route for the duration of this season.

  3. It just amazes me that Ozzie Newsome was able to pull off a trade for an elite Left Tackle for mere day 3 draft scraps when theres so many teams in even more dire need of O-line help. If I were a fan of these other teams I would be pissed that our front office wasn’t able to make a move for Eugene Monroe. Day 3 draft picks?? Just another example of why Ravens fans love Ozzie Newsome so much. The dude is clutch

  4. and they chose the one out of Eagle camp, that followed the linebacker they picked up from Eagle camp. either they’re happy with Eagle left overs or—-. interesting.

  5. Monroe is pretty good….and he’s also an unrestricted FA after this season. He’s going to cost the ravens a lot next year. The Giants hopefully pay for a quality guard in free agency and draft one of the stud LT’s coming out next year in addition to drafting another interior lineman in round 2 or 3.

    Don’t be stunned next year to see a rookie at LT, a rookie and a FA at the guard positions, pugh at center, and beatty at RT. (and yes….if you really know the Giants, you already know that the pugh and beatty moves have already been discussed as a possibility for next year)

    And THAT line will be infinitely better than anything the Giants can possibly throw out there this year.

  6. With the serious woes of the Giants and their awful offensive line getting front and center attention, others may now also realize the extent Rod Graves and Ken Whisenhunt neglected the Cards offensive line to destroy a Super Bowl contender into a bottom dweller and drive off Kurt Warner into retirement. Even today, Arians is facing almost unsurmountable offensive line issues even after bringing in lots of new personnel.

  7. 23rdusernameused says: Oct 2, 2013 12:02 PM

    LOL @ Gints OL
    Coughlin fired at end of 5-11 season!
    0-5 coming up after Eagles!

    As a Giants fan I have to ask ,where do you see the Giants getting 5 wins from? If the o-line doesn’t miraculously turn it around, im thinking 2 or 3.

  8. Gee, signing the Eagles former lineman wouldn’t have anything to do with the Giants playing the Eagles this week, would it? Hmmm…no, I’m sure that this guy truly was the best available…just a coincidence. Uh-huh…riiiiiight.

  9. loyalraven says:

    It just amazes me that Ozzie Newsome was able to pull off a trade for an elite Left Tackle for mere day 3 draft scraps

    It was a good trade but I wouldn’t call that LT they got “elite”.

  10. Wow. Giants fans are the most realistic fans. Much respect. HTTR….Having said that the Skins are winning the Super Bowl this year!!!!…..( plz don’t wake me)

  11. I love the Eagles. But taking their rejects again and again is a recipe for disaster. Thus, I am praying the Giants pick up Macho Harris and Akeem Jordan soon.

  12. Ozzie getting Monroe is fine, the Giants have $38 Million and first round investment tied up in their tackles. Monroe is a tackle. the Giants’ major issue is center and right guard. Center is a tough position to address outside of the draft, where there are rarely even two worthwhile centers available in a given year. They can slide Dave Diehl in there if Mosley and Brewer can’t work out, and if Reynolds doesn’t, they can move Boothe back to center. But the guys being traded are exclusive tackles who don’t play guard, which is why the Giants aren’t involved.

    For those wondering.

  13. What a laughing stock the Giants front office is. I mean, wow. Jerry Reese has been making a bunch of “cute” draft picks over the years and it never occurred to him that his Oline who are all over thirty might break down?

    It’s unbelievable to me how a GM would give Eli Manning, a 2xSBMVP in his prime, a guy who is proven to bring home the rings in the biggest games, can be afforded the most PUTRID Oline in the NFL. I would have fired Reese on the spot for this idiocy. It’s an oversight to an otherwise good few years, but what a huge freaking oversight! If I were Mara, I’d be livid. Especially since my Star QB is endanger of getting IR’ed every week!

  14. Booth is their best center,bass stinks get rid of him.snee is done and you cant hide diehl anymore.The line needs to go like this,justin pugh at left tackle brewer at guard booth at center ,beatty at guard and get roland from cincy to play tackle.Eli got sacked 7 times with bass snee diehl in,and two times with the young blood starting.Tom your going to go down with the old guy ship.The young hungry players want in.Ruben randle is beating people off the line and is hungry.Nicks is in a contract year and playing like he just signed a 50 million dollar deal.Giving him a big deal is a waste of money.Get a franchise middle lb next year with that money.Ruben randle is ready.Webster is done,draft a shut down corner.We can work with prince and keep ross he knows the system.Work moore in the rotation because he reminds me of tuck in his first year very explosive.Im a giants fan for life but the ride is over and you have to change players to keep this run going Tom.The old vets have to go..Last time we went 0-4 1987.Defence is ok,just worn out .we were in every game almost till 4th quater but we just dont have the depth anymore.wilson will come around.You cant run him through the tackles but you can change running scheme to arian fosters run scheme with the play action.Mix it up a little.We have young guys to do it.Good luck G men this week.Giants 28-Philly 24.

  15. Beatty at guard? You had my ear until then. He isn’t a guard, and he isn’t a road grader. How do you figure that?

    Beatty’s only move would be to right tackle, and they will put Pugh at left tackle once he gets comfortable getting enough reps this season.

  16. We need to understand that Eli is playing bad but that line is making him look worse.Make an effort to get quick hit plays and slants .Eli get rid of the ball already.Go hurry up and 5 wide sometimes.Mix it up.Tom is all about up tempo.Victor cruz is outstanding.GIVE HIM AT LEAST 10TARGETS A GAME.

  17. ILL buy THAT MR WRIGHT.Most what i said is true though.The year we won the superbowl with ross as a rookie we had 10 rookies starting.Young and hungry.Out with the old and in with the young.

  18. Since Coughlin has been here (2004) they Giants have had winning records except 2 years. This team won 2 SB in those nine years. Not bad. But when the oline gets old and can’t protect Eli you can’t win. The have never played this bad under TC so all the haters jump on them. If they lose this Sunday, it’s pretty much done. We review, analyze and make changes for next season. That’s all you can do. They suck now. As do the Eagles, Redskins, Steelers and Jags. I have seen this in the ’90’s before and we came back. It all works in cycles. And somebody please turn off the Superbowl Countdown clock in the locker room. Thank you.

  19. Young players will buys what tom is saying but the old vetreans dont hear tom anymore.Look at philly with Andy.He goes to a new place everybody buys what he is saying.In philly he couldnt get them to buy his game plan.perfect example

  20. Im not one of those guys who wants to fire everyone and have a fire sale, Tom is a great coach and your going to have a year or two like this but dont just keep making same mistakes year after year.SNEE,DEIHL Nicks AND BASS have been done for 2 years now.Lets move on.Those Guys have been nestled in for a long time with very little outstanding play.Sorry Tom your son in law is on his way out.Thats going to be a tuff call when it happens.Its not personal ,just business.he was a hell of a player for years but time catches up with everyone.


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