Glendale in danger of losing events surrounding 2015 Super Bowl

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The National Football League apparently isn’t happy with the plans being made by the city of Glendale, Ariz. in preparation for the 2015 Super Bowl and they’re willing to move events to surrounding cities if they don’t change their approach.

According to Paul Giblin of the USA Today, the league has already moved the “NFL Experience” to Phoenix, which is located close to 20 miles away from University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. For Super Bowl XLII in 2008, the NFL Experience was located just outside the stadium. They also are considering a move of the Super Bowl Tailgate Party and NFL awards show as well as several of the parties that are commonplace at the site of the Super Bowl.

The threats over moving events centers around a group of issues NFL executives are concerned about: access to thousands of parking spaces surrounding the stadium, a refusal by Glendale hotels to guarantee room prices and “a general lack of leadership by Glendale officials” according to league spokesman Brian McCarthy.

“We have to take this into account as we plan things further,” he said.

Glendale officials have tried to smooth over relations with the league citing significant turnover in the City Council and staff members as being reasons for the disconnect.

Mayor Jerry Weiers said the city is fault for some of the issues but that the criticism isn’t improving the situation.

“The bottom line is this: The city of Glendale wants to participate as much as possible with the Super Bowl Host Committee. We remain committed to fulfilling all of our responsibilities that were spelled out in our Super Bowl bid. The city is not completely without blame,” Weiers said.

Julie Frisoni, the interim Assistant City Manager, said the game is still nearly 500 days away and they believe they are “well ahead of the curve of where we need to be.”

“The issues that they believe are issues, we do not believe they are issues. But if they believe they are, obviously we need to sit down and have conversations with them,” Frisoni said.

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  1. Ok, so the NFL isn’t getting their ‘cut’ yet, so they are taking their ball and moving…. except for the game itself, where they charge any outrageous prices for nosebleed seats and then tell you, oh by the way, you have to come 3 hours before the game, can’t park near the stadium and you can’t carry anything in bigger then a stick of gum.

    Well, at least you know you won’t have Bruno Mars as your halftime show….


  2. Dear Julie Frisoni,

    It sounds like you are in waaaaaaay over your head. If the NFL isn’t happy, then you shouldn’t be happy. Get that fixed or resign your position to make way for someone competent.

  3. This is just a bad location for the Super Bowl. Sure, it’s warm but it’s too spread out and downtown Phoenix sucks. Tempe is fun but better suited for a college game experience and, again, a ways from Glendale. Glendale needs to get out of the rotation- at least for a while.

  4. here is the untold story:

    the last time the Super Bowl was in Phoenix Stadium, the ‘events’ were all held in Phoenix – NOT GLENDALE

    this just in: Glendale, Arizona is basically a cow pasture with a few homes & a stadium on the land!

    PS: the stadium & the ‘yotes stadium should have been built close to the MONEY of Scottsdale!

  5. To move these events 20 miles away is ridiculous.

    If you’ve ever been to a Super Bowl, you know what I’m talking about.

  6. For a bunch of billionaires who have sucked a fortune out of the taxpayer they certainly don’t show a lot of gratitude.

  7. Why don’t they just give the 2015 game back to KC, where it was promised to begin with? Since the NFL has no problems playing a cold weather Superbowl (R) in NYC, they should have no problem with one in KC.

  8. Oops. The Great & Powerful Rog will make you pay for your insolence. How dare you not bend over to the NFL!

  9. Glendale is quickly becoming to worst city in which to host any kind of sporting event. All you hear is how city management screws things up. Why would any organization want to deal with a bunch of egotistical people who obviously have their best interest at heart instead of the people they are representing? You don’t want criticism? Then get in a different line of work other than public office.

  10. “multiplemiggs says:
    Oct 2, 2013 7:51 AM
    hotels to guarantee room prices??? lol the NFL is out of control!!! you cant tell other businesses what to do, wait maybe if your the NFL you can! lol wow”

    Are you surprised? This is the same NFL with multibillionaires, yet they still extort the taxpayers to pay for their lavish work palaces. This the same NFL that refuses to show their product on TV even though billions were paid to the NFL. No other business in the world does this.

    The NFL is acting like a diva. Sure they can do it now, but later it’s going to bite them in the arse big time.

  11. Are all of the players going to be required to show proof of citizenship in order to play? What about ticketholders, should they also bring passports?

    In Arizona … if you can’t prove you’re a citizen you can be taken to jail.

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