Hauschka stays perfect, wins NFC special teams award


Seahawks kicker Steven Hauschka stayed perfect on the season, but none of last week’s kicks was bigger than the final one.

His 45-yard field goal with 3:19 left in overtime helped the Seahawks to a come-from-behind win at Houston, and earned him NFC special teams player of the week honors.

He’s a clean 8-of-8 this year, and hasn’t missed from inside 50 yards since the 2011 season.

12 responses to “Hauschka stays perfect, wins NFC special teams award

  1. Haha, shefakes. Good one. Although, you can’t really fake the domination that has occurred thus far. You must be a fan of a team the Hawks have destroyed or will destroy soon.

    Better luck next year.

  2. peytonsneck18 says:Oct 2, 2013 12:45 PM

    too bad the shefakes will lose to my colts this weekend

    Shefakes…that’s a new one…still horribly dumb and not the least bit funny…but new. So there’s that.

    Oh, and the Hawks aren’t the Jags…so I’d hold off on the bold talk.

    Gonna be a great game.

  3. Hey fellow Seahawks fans. Are you all not sick of all of the hating going on! If it is’nt the media (especially chris meyers on fox, it is so obvious the guy just HATES the Seahawks. Why do they have that loser ex NFL O-lineman as an anaysist anyway? He talks like he was a QB or something) it is these trolls on fan sites (especially BR). People just hate the skill and composure of this squad. I mean who can hate Russell? The guy is the epitome of class. So all you trolls stop the hate, and learn to love, because there is a good chance you will be watching them come feburary… GO HAWKS!!!

  4. Hosed by the colts? They paid him 20 million to NOT take a single snap in 2010. Then, with a BAD roster, and a 34-35 yr old (hall of fame) QB coming off like 4 neck surgeries due to make 20 mil again, they had to make a decision.

    It worked out damn well for all involved

  5. Must have been a slow week on NFC special teams if a 45 yard field goal gets you player of the week!

  6. magdaapathony:

    I for one welcome the hate. It means we’ve been beating the right teams. You see people hating on Jacksonville? There’s a reason they aren’t.

    As for Hausch, it’s really kind of amazing, given all of the close games we’ve been in (have not lost by more than seven points since November, 2011) that a game hasn’t come down to his right foot before this one. Always had that in the back of my mind: How would he react with a game on the line?

    The answer: A wee bit left of center, but well within acceptable parameters. 🙂

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