Hernandez’s fiancee claims prosecutorial abuse


Last week, a grand jury investigating the murder of Odin Lloyd indicted Shayanna Jenkins, the fiancee of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, for perjury.

This week, her lawyer claimed that prosecutors are being unfairly abusive in their pursuit of Jenkins.

“The government actions in this case are abusive and overreaching,” attorney Janice Bassil said, via the Boston Globe.  “I don’t believe they have sufficient evidence.”
Bassil believes prosecutors are simply squeezing Jenkins in order to squeeze Hernandez.

“I believe they are just simply trying to add pressure,” Bassil said. “They are trying to pressure her, but perhaps they are also trying to pressure [Hernandez] through her.”

The perjury charge strongly suggested that Jenkins had testified before the grand jury, which typically operates in secrecy.  Bassil confirmed that Jenkins testified before the grand jury for two days.

“There is a famous saying, a grand jury will indict a ham sandwich,” Bassil said. “I look forward to challenging this in court. I really do.  If a grand jury is supposed to protect citizens from overreaching prosecutors, then there is a lot of work to be done here.”

Bassil may indeed be right.  With Carlos Ortiz changing his story about whether only Hernandez or both Hernandez and Ernest Wallace exited the car just before Lloyd was shot, the prosecution may fear a jury will conclude that reasonable doubt exists.  Putting pressure on Jenkins, and in turn on Hernandez, becomes an obvious strategy for shoring up a murder case that ultimately could be hard to prove, if Ortiz will be the star witness.

Besides, perjury cases are tough to prove.  At trial, the prosecution will have to show — beyond a reasonable doubt — that Jenkins knowingly made a false statement to the grand jury.

And so the question becomes whether Jenkins and Hernandez will be unmoved by these developments, or whether the pressure applied to Jenkins will prompt her, or Hernandez, to crack.

If Hernandez did indeed kill Lloyd, some would say he should admit it, if that will get the charges dropped against the mother of his young child.  Then again, folks who have killed people don’t necessarily approach such dilemmas with logic, reason, and/or a concern for anyone other than themselves.

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  1. >If Hernandez did indeed kill Lloyd, some would say he should admit it, if that will get the charges dropped against the mother of his young child.

    Some would say he shouldn’t murder people. What the hell did Lloyd ever do to him? Nothing. Hernandez deserves the chair for what he did.

  2. Hmmmmm the prosecutors scrambling to put the man behind bars. A bunch of hypothetical timelines. Eyewitness testimony by a drug addict who was a j walking ticket away from life in prison because of his record. A bubble gum wrapper that was at the scene that Hernandez bought when I buy gum I usually share so it could of been one of four peoples gum wrapper even Odin. Video of him apparently carrying the mirder weapon if it were actually a gun. His fiancée carrying a garbage bag with the safe with the gun in it hmmmmm strong garbage bag. A story of him wanting Lloyd dead because of him talking to guys from a set that he apparently now murdered people from a year before and the key piece of evidence is a video showing he was in the same club as the two dead people. I guess all the other people are suspects because they were there too lol. Point is a good lawyer will eat this garbage up. Free Hernandez

  3. This is easy. Hernandez and Wallace leave the car with Odin Lloyd. Lloyd gets murdered. Both were involved- string both of them up. Our justice system is clearly flawed if either of these two escape punishment.

  4. @paulsmith107

    Let’s not forget footage of Hernandez driving with this victim less than a block away from the murder scene followed by Hernandez driving home without him about 3 minutes later. Not to mention the countless texts with him setting up a meeting with Lloyd and the two others.

  5. They may not be able to prove Hernandez pulled the trigger, but he certainly orchestrated the killing. No way he gets off without serving some time.

  6. >If Hernandez did indeed kill Lloyd, some would say he should admit it, if that will get the charges dropped against the mother of his young child.

    Since he didn’t kill Lloyd, he should stick with his story

  7. Give the guy his day in court and quit drawing conclusions when you weren’t there and don’t actually have a freaking clue as to what happened. Prosecutors and cops will say anything these days to get a quick conviction and advance their careers, just as criminals will lie and weasel to get off. So let a jury decide the matter after both sides of the case are argued. Too many of you guys have forgotten that this country once based its “justice” system on the idea that a person was innocent until PROVEN guilty.

  8. Their star witness, Ortiz, is completely useless now that he recanted/changed his story and there are no other eye witnesses that could credibly testify as to what went on in that car and in that industrial park, so now the State puts pressure on his fiance to try and get her to crack and admit to something incriminating…any semi-competent lawyer would be able to get this charge tossed and get his fiance out of jail, and it seems that things are slowly falling apart on this “slam dunk” case the State had against Hernandez…Lots of circumstantial evidence? Yes, of course, but enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Hernandez himself committed first degree murder? I don’t think so

  9. Ortiz is a problem changing his story. Hernandez will probably walk and be on the Pats superbowl team by the end of the year. Really?????

    The mother of their child possibly could be a chearleader for the Pats and Kraft and them could hold hands and sing cumbaya together.

  10. Hernandez will never see the light of day. Fox 25 Boston is reporting that a man who is claiming to be a survivor in the in the back seat of the car were the two men got shot to death has positively ID Hernandez as the shooter.

  11. You say the justice system is flawed if they let him walk,, well they let treyvon martin killer walk why shouldnt Hernandez? The system is flawed from the time you indulge in a court system the very first sleep over in any pd

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