Jairus Byrd practices fully for first time this season


The Bills waited all offseason for safety Jairus Byrd to sign his franchise tender and rejoin his teammates to prepare for the 2013 season.

Byrd finally did that in late August, but the Bills haven’t stopped waiting. Byrd hurt his foot shortly after returning to work and the Bills have gone through the first month of the regular season with Byrd practicing in limited fashion, if at all, and sitting out on gamedays. Tuesday brought a change to that routine as Byrd practiced fully for the first time this season, raising hopes that he might be able to play this Thursday against the Browns.

Byrd has been adamant that he’s not going to play unless he feels 100 percent, a point he reiterated on Tuesday after taking a step forward on the practice field.

“It’s heading in the right direction,” Byrd said, via Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News. “It’s getting there. It’s something that is chronic. So it takes awhile. Each time you’ve got to see. One day you might feel great and then you have a setback. It might get achy on you. It’s heading in the right direction so we’ll see.”

While the Bills certainly could use Byrd in the lineup, the cautious approach that has ruled the day through the first four weeks suggests that one day of full practice won’t be enough to get Byrd in the lineup. We’ll see what kind of work he does on Wednesday, but the short week may mean that the Bills wait a little longer.

8 responses to “Jairus Byrd practices fully for first time this season

  1. This injury is very suspicious…… he holds out, he reports late, says he is unhappy with the franchise tag, and then develops an injury that cannot be verified by any medical test and has already missed a quarter of the season? Good riddance……. trade him for whatever you can get for him….. hopefully at least a 2nd round pick.

  2. We could use Byrd but if hes going to be rusty, I would rather have what we have now. 90% of this has been a contract squabble and nothing more.

    The only reason Byrd wants on the field is to show off his skills. he made us wait, its ok to let him sit for a bit while the rest of our team (of the future) gels instead of getting him back out there for 3 games before hes traded.

    I say sit him

  3. if he REALLY cared about his teamates as much as he says he does, he would have already played! now he gets what he says are expensive orthodics, and he’s suddenly ready? Sit him, tag him again for next season, and then let him see who will make him the highest paid safety in the league!!

  4. I am sure his agent told him to come up lame but now the D is alot better then it was in years and now he wants in . Let’s face it he is gone after this year and the only thing that caused him an issue this year is he thought the Bills would be do bad that he could just fly under the radar, not play all year and move on. I say sit him on the bench, and let the guy who is going to be here next play.

  5. A “chronic” injury? He just shot his chance of being the highest paid safety in the league.

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