John Skelton signing with 49ers now official

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The 49ers finalized the expected move for quarterback John Skelton Wednesday, announcing that he had signed a one-year deal.

The interesting part, however, could play out over the coming weeks.

The 49ers obviously liked the promise of rookie B.J. Daniels, but bringing Skelton onto the 53-man roster gives them another experienced backup along with Colt McCoy. Daniels could return to the practice squad if he clears waivers.

The 49ers have seemed hot-and-cold on McCoy all offseason, even before he took a pay cut. If they’re not convinced of his ability, bringing Skelton around will at least give them a peer to compare him against in practice, if they were thinking about making a change there.

21 responses to “John Skelton signing with 49ers now official

  1. Isn’t Skelton simply the 3rd string version of Colt McCoy who should be 3rd string to BJ Daniels? :/

  2. John Skelton ?! So like , you didn’t notice how he played in Az. ? Not that Colt McCoy is any better , but seriously ?

    Tell him to turn off his twitter account & then start him against Houston this week !

  3. I get the sense they want to give Kap the choice to run more free like he did last year, and want a better and more experienced backup option in case he goes down. Otherwise, not sure why let go of BJ unless he’s having issue picking up the playbook after a few weeks.

  4. Translation: “Kaepernick played way better when there was a threat to take his spot sitting on the bench. We traded that threat away and maybe the new guy can be like the old guy…”

    That is about the mentality of Jim Harbaugh. Kaepernick is struggling a little bit, time to bring in a guy who played before to make Kaepernick think he can lose his job.

    Smart move? Maybe, but it all depends on whether or not Kaepernick is the real deal or just an over-acheiver. We’ll soon find out I guess.

  5. Wow – this move smells of desperation! I guess they didn’t watch Hard Knocks! Now all we need is one big hit on Kaepernick and this is who we’ll have to face. I can’t wait!

  6. Sometimes a player just needs a different franchise and to be coached up to fit that scheme. Skelton has a rocket arm and with some work on technique could be good insurance along with McCoy. The 9ers have a solid organization and have been pretty good at evaluating players to date. It’s gotta be a golden opportunity for Skelton to learn from some of the best in the business. Hoyer backed up Skelton and he isn’t doing too shabby for the Browns!

  7. They definitely need a GOOD Veteran Pocket Passing Backup QB for KraperNoob… in case he CHOKES again rofl!!!

    After choking in the SB last season,
    KraperNoob has mostly regressed this season…

    However there are only a few things he was able to polish with his game, such as going to
    award shows to be seen, getting on magazines, making commercials and getting as
    many endorsements as he can get his hands on, and don’t forget chasing movie
    star girlfriends etc etc etc…

    Being a young NFL star QB is all about the FAME game (plus the money and power
    doesn’t hurt) after all didn’t you hear?

    No wonder there are so many young bandwagoner FANBOYS on his over rated jocks, especially on the web, cause kids these days think it’s cool and that’s what supposedly a young NFL Super Star QB should be about, FAME. Like his usual fanboy twitts go, “You
    be you” KraperNoob… “You be you.” LOL…!

    You would think with ALL this HYPE, KraperNoob would win the next 10 Super Bowls rofl…
    But so far he’s 2-2 (1-2 before that). He can’t seem to sustain drives to keep his
    defense off of the field for a rest and needed his RB and defense to carry him
    so he can beat an even more inept Lambs team LOL! Furthermore his QB STATS are
    worse than the QB he replaced for crying out loud, and that includes RUSHING
    YARDS, which is something he’s supposed to excel at LOL!!!

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