Jones sees discontent in “rut” of being .500


You’ll pardon the Cowboys, and Cowboys fans, for feeling like they’ve seen this one before.

They’re 2-2 at the moment, on the heels of back-to-back 8-8 seasons. To take it back historically, they’re 130-130 since 1997, as middle-of-the-road as you can get.

They made some big changes to the defensive coaching staff and scheme, but the results are hard to see.

“Now, I said when I made all the changes this year – and we made a ton of them – when we made those changes, we’re trying to break out of this rut, if you will, of .500,” Jones said on KRLD-FM (via the Dallas Morning News). “Now, nobody guarantees you .500. In this league, you’ve got to really get in here and you got to have games like we had the other day or the one against Kansas City. You need to figure out how to win at least half of those games on the road. Bottom line is, we’ve got to play to the occasions. We didn’t play well.

“We hit a team that if you look on paper, you look at the shape they were in on paper, we had a good chance to win that game even though it was on the road. When you don’t do that it’s going to create a lot of discontent.”

That discontent has been largely on the back of grand expectations fueled by an owner who sees himself as a visionary.

But at some point, as the man said, you are what your record says you are.

Which makes everything around there, from the top to the bottom, for the last three years or the last 17, especially and incredibly average.

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  1. Who cares? Watching this guy run around and make excuses for his football team is like watching the American media twist to cover for the sinister incompetence of the Obama administration.

  2. hmmm… Since 1997…. Lets look at this:

    1. Could the problem be the head coach. There have been 6 coaches (2 with superbowl wins {Switzer and Parcells} one with multiple superbowl wins {Parcells})…

    2. Could it be the stadium… Na… 2 since then.

    3. 9 offensive coordinators… (one of them has gone on to win a super bowl as a head coach). No not the problem

    4. 6 (or so) Defensive Coordinators… No not the problem….

    5. 1 General Manager…. {DING} {DING}{DING}{DING}{DING}{DING}{DING}{DING}{DING}{DING}

  3. Jerry.. as long as you continue as general manager… .500 is all you deserve..and be thankful about that…

  4. Hmmm, the Saints D is #6 in the NFL with the DC Jones fired after last season.

    Just one more case to point out that the problem in Dallas has the initials JJ.

  5. Jones is the problem. He does NOT have an eye for talent. Parcels brought in a young very bright very energetic modern offensive mind in Sean Payton. Jerry let Sean go and he then proceeded to win a SB championship for a team that had NEVER even played in a conference championship game before that. And Payton continues to be successful in New Orleans. Jones had what i believe to be the defensive “equivalent” of Sean Payton in Rob Ryan and Jones fired him. Now the Saints have a defense that is playing better than they have in years and the Saints are undefeated because of that good defensive play combined with the Saints great offense. The cowboys will find out just how good the Saints are on Nov 10th in the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Thanks Jerry! Geaux Saints!

  6. Mediocre is a better word for it than average. They’ve changed a lot of things, but they’ve got the same crappy GM, the same inconsistent QB, the same poor secondary performance, and the same lack of quality depth which means that injuries hurt them more than most teams. I’m sticking with my 7-9 projection for them this year, even in the weakest division in football.

  7. I am a HUGE cowboys fan but let’s face it. As long as Jerry continues to have this image of himself as a great GM, this team is going nowhere! With the complete lack of results the past 10+ years, how many GMs would he have fired already?!!!! He has driven great coaches away with his interference and then only hired ones that he can control! He has given more and more people a reason to hate the team! He is the NEW Al Davis! I hate what he has done to MY COWBOYS!!!

  8. The good football front office talent will not work for a man with his ego. It is a set up for constant failure. Al Davis is a perfect example of the harm that an owner can do to the team they love.

  9. I don’t think he realizes how bad his team really is, and that they will miss .500 sooner rather than later.

    If you lost to the Chargers and Chiefs…what do you think the Broncos are going to do to you?

  10. The reality of it all is that things will not change for this team in most of our lifetimes. Jerry has made very poor decisions regarding the draft, free agency, contracts and hiring since the day he dumped Jimmy Johnson. He just does not have the knowledge to run an NFL team and his ego will not permit him to step
    Aside. What is really scary is that his son Stephen will eventually take over and he is just flat out stupid. So until the Cowboys have new ownership they will be at best, no better than average. I suggest for all Cowboy fans to get used to this and accept it. I have been a fan since their QB wore #17 and I have accepted it. In fact it is no big deal if I don’t watch them much anymore. I know what to expect. There are not any surprises. Good or bad.

  11. As a lifelong San Diego fan watching the Cowboys last week was like watching the Chargers under Norv. Same exact team with no tempo and terrible body language from a bunch of players who looked like they could not give a crap.

  12. I’m one of those wishing Jones would get a GM – but ask yourself this – will Jones be any less inept at hiring a GM as he’s been in all other phases of personell aquisition??? Jones will keep this team in the rut until he’s gone…

  13. here is what is on paper jerry.

    Kansas City has Andy Reid
    Dallas has Jason Garrett

    Kansas City has on their defense alone in talent: Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali, Justin Houston, Brandon Flowers, Sean Smith, Eric Berry, Dontari Poe. the worst players on the D? run stuffer DeVito, ILB Akeem Jordan, and a guy who is really good, Tyson Jackson

    they also have a MUCH better young OL that is raw but potential wise on paper, a better group.

    they also have a better HB in Charles, a QB who doesn’t turn it over like Romo. the only advantages the boys had were on offense, and those players outside Dez, did nothing

    KC has more talent, is a better team, and if they played KC later in the year, it would have been a bigger win for KC. not a win for dallas.

  14. Oh well, they will get back on track this weekend against Peyton and the Broncos……

  15. Kansas City made your move Jerry. That’s why they’re 4-0 and you’re stuck with a QB you love who even if he could make it to the playoffs couldn’t hold it together long enough to win anything.

  16. To all of u saints and broncos fans let me remind you of something. I do recall when the saints were 13-0 that they got beat by Dallas who were a .500 team and when Peyton Manning was with the colts they were 9-0 when they got beat by Dallas which was a .500 team so it just goes to show that both teams can and will be beat by a team with losing records sooner or later so just keep talking it will come back to haunt you. On that note I do agree that JJ is an egotistical guy and should fire himself and just hire a damn GM already. GO COWBOYS!!!

  17. Hey “shatho1” you are right about the cowboys ending the Saints winning streak at 13 back in 09. But you left out some important information. The Saints lost their last 3 games that year and still went to and WON the Super Bowl that same season. Remember what that was like? Ha Ha. That’s right, yall ain’t won a SB in so long you can’t possibly remember. Ha Ha! Saints and the Broncos will play in the SB in Met life Stadium in Feb 2014. Remember i said it. Geaux Saints!

  18. Yes salmen76 this is true but that wasn’t the point of my comment. But since u want to go that route it took the saints a lot longer to get to their first SB and win than it did for the cowboys to go to 5 and win. GO COWBOYS!!

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