Rashad Johnson at risk of losing more finger


Cardinals safety-turned-cult hero Rashad Johnson didn’t play last week after losing the tip of his left middle finger the week before against the Saints.

And there were apparently fears he could have lost enough more of the digit had he given it a shot.

So as long as you’re OK with some maiming with your breakfast, read on.

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians told FOX Sports’ Alex Marvez and Bill Polian on SiriusXM NFL Radio that Johnson had to be taken out of practice after hitting his casted hand.

“There’s no telling what germs you’re trapping in there when you ball it up and put the cast on,” Arians said. “The stitches are still there. He could evidently lose more of the digit if he bangs it too much, and with any infection they could have to take more off. We’re going to be careful with it.”

The Cardinals got good play out of their 10-fingered safeties last week, so that gives the team a chance to let Johnson get well, and get out of this deal with as much finger left as possible.