Report: Ravens expected to explore Bryant McKinnie trade


It looks like the Ravens are bringing in Eugene Monroe to be their left tackle, which means they have decisions to make about what to do with their current left tackle.

They could put Bryant McKinnie on the bench for use in case of injury or ineffectiveness, a role that wound up working out well last year when McKinnie stepped in for the playoff run. They could cut him, but they’ve already paid him a $2 million signing bonus and his $1 million salary is guaranteed as a vested veteran.

Door No. 3 is a trade, something that Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun reports the Ravens are expected to explore once they finalize the deal for Monroe with the Jaguars. Such a deal could recoup some of what they’ll give up for Monroe, reportedly a package of late-round draft picks, but would come at the expense of the insurance policy that McKinnie would provide.

With Levi Brown moving from Arizona to Pittsburgh on Wednesday in another trade, there’s a lively trade market for left tackles all of a sudden. If a team that’s lost a starter to injury or seen their expected plans go up in smoke because of poor play wants to jump in, McKinnie probably wouldn’t come at too high a cost when Monroe was dealt for a package of third day picks.

30 responses to “Report: Ravens expected to explore Bryant McKinnie trade

  1. I’d already have Jeff Ireland on line one. McKinney is a loafer but he’s better than anything the Dolphins currently have to protect Tannehill’s blind side. Otherwise, they are going to get him killed by week 10.

  2. “doctorrustbelt says:
    Oct 2, 2013 2:22 PM

    5 td — 7 int — 2 fumbles”


    yeah your post has nothing to do with McKinnie but ok:

    Super Bowl MVP.
    11 TD
    0 INT
    matched only by Joe Montana

    Steelers on the other hand: one of the 3 worst teams in the league. Ouch. Truth hurts.

  3. Are the Ravens finally figuring out what the Vikings knew for years? This is the most talented lazy POS lineman in the league. Cut bait… he does nothing for the team on the field, and does nothing but hurt the team off of it.

  4. If Arizona can get a late round pick for Turnstile, I am sure Baltimore can at least receive similar compensation or better in a trade for McKinnie.

    And before anyone suggest Arizona again, they have 3 young tackles they want to or would give a chance to before making this trade.

  5. That dude doesn’t like to work. His only motivation is his sleazy Miami lifestyle. Strippers, booze, and a worthless record label. What a wastoid.

  6. trollsetter says:
    Oct 2, 2013 2:48 PM
    That dude doesn’t like to work. His only motivation is his sleazy Miami lifestyle. Strippers, booze, and a worthless record label. What a wastoid
    That actually sounds like a pretty good life!

  7. Even with Flaccos rocket arm, he can’t complete em while lying on his back or constantly throwing too soon because of the pressure.

  8. Nofoolnodrool says:
    Oct 2, 2013 3:11 PM
    Raven fans trade loyalties more often than they change their underwear. One minute you are a star the next you are garbage…classy fan base ….classy. ———————————————————————————————————–
    What makes you think Ravens fans change their underwear often? LOL

  9. Based on his past off the field exploits I think he would make a great party event coordinator.

  10. As I said already. Making moves to improve the team is what I expect a GM to do. An upgrade a LT is an improvement. If my team’s GM did nothing while my team has gaping holes I’d want to know why he is doing nothing.

    I’m not one to say Oz is perfect but I am very happy he’s trying.

    So Steeler fans instead of calling us fans homers for liking Oz’s moves why don’t you question why your own GM is sitting idle while the team spins out of control.

  11. hailskins94 says:
    Oct 2, 2013 2:30 PM
    Lol, good luck trading him for more than a ham sandwich.

    the problem with that is that McKinnie already ate the ham sandwich. Now they don’t know what to do!

  12. I’m generally not one to defend the trolls, but over the offseason when McKinnie reported overweight, Ravens fans swore up and down that he was the second coming of Anthony Munoz. Four games into the season, he’s a fat, lazy bum that only wants to party with strippers in Miami.

    It was the same thing as saying that Boldin wouldn’t be missed because he was old and slow.

    Dance with the one that brung ya, fellas. Don’t toss them under the bus.

  13. as a raven fan who is a consistent underwear changer, i hope mckinney goes. i was very hopeful after his playoff run he had turned the corner. looks like i was wrong. time for him to go. and to the poster that says you cant trade him because he would eat the sandwich…i was gonna use that line. stay strong nofool. your boys cant lose this week

  14. @steelerben, I’ve read the same comments and I think many of those comments came from Vikings fans or non Ravens fans.

    He finished last season well, heck the entire o line did. He did have off season issues but he also did the year before. It was reasonable to expect he’d continue to play well.

    In fact I have to admit from what I’ve been reading the problem has been at center. I was a bit surprised to hear this move at LT. Maybe this has more to do with his locker room issues than his actual play.

  15. Scoobies05 lol I knew you would get it. Yup great week we can’t lose which will be the last time I say that this year. No hard to stay strong I love my steelers good or bad…

    Looks like a good move for the ravens. Now JBJ has got to pass to the guys in purple…..wait you haven’t used the color blind excuse yet…..yet ?

  16. So Steeler fans instead of calling us fans homers for liking Oz’s moves why don’t you question why your own GM is sitting idle while the team spins out of control.

    I guess Homer if you took off your purple shades when reading you would see there is other news besides the ravens. I know you can’t expect much from Homer his constitution is not very strong…poor guy.

  17. no doubt you are a true and loyal fan my friend. as far as mckinney, i was very hopeful that after his great postseason play, he had finally figured it out. looks like we all were wrong. once a turd…. and as far as our teams go, it should be real interesting to see where we both are when we play. isnt it funny though how when balto and pitt are struggling, the whole division is in shambles. be well my friend

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