Seahawks claim B.J. Daniels off waivers, of course


Add another chapter to the tradition of “What’s your deal?”

In a move that you could see coming down the tracks, the Seahawks have claimed quarterback B.J. Daniels off waivers from the 49ers, snatching a player their division rivals had hoped to put on their practice squad if he had cleared.

The move was first reported by Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, though it was predicted by pretty much anyone who’s been paying attention.

The two teams seem to love tweaking each other and signing each other’s castoffs, and this just adds another verse. Signing guys at other positions is part of the gamesmanship, but quarterbacks have a different level of responsibility, so they become more valuable.

The Seahawks were only carrying two quarterbacks (Russell Wilson and Tarvaris Jackson), so there’s plenty of room to stash him at the bottom of the 53, and wait for the 49ers to sign whomever they happen to cut.

UPDATE 10:53 p.m. ET: The Seahawks placed lineabcker John Lotulelei on waivers to make room for Daniels on their roster.

33 responses to “Seahawks claim B.J. Daniels off waivers, of course

  1. Shocking. I’m still not sure why they let him go and brought in Skelton. This kid had no shot of getting through waivers unclaimed.

    Good pick up by the ‘Hawks IMHO…..this from a 49er fan.

  2. The media always makes a small signing like this into something it’s not. I didn’t expect them to sign him so it must be just the media that thought that.

    They have Wilson, and then Jackson, who is playing very well as the backup.

  3. Based on the way B.J. Daniels played in the preseason I’m surprised SF cut him. I’m certain the idea was to put him on the practice squad but I’m happy for B.J. that he continues to get his full NFL check.

  4. The soap opera continues. Won’t these drama queens ever let it go? Can’t wait for the December rematch. If Harbaugh wins, will he give Carroll an extra pat on the back like Carroll did to him a couple of weeks ago?

  5. 14 ways to distinguish a Seahawks Fan:
    1-Someone who believes that wins over the Niners and playoff wins are just as valuable as Superbowl wins.
    2-Someone who thinks they came up with the term “12th man” despite Texas A&M coining the term 55 years before Seattle had a football team.
    3-Someone who explains losses by claiming that their team has to play the refs in addition to the opposing team.
    4-Someone from Kent who when given the team color choices of blue, white, and neon green, chooses to wear the neon green…Also, likely overweight.
    5-Someone who wants the ball and is going to score.
    6-Someone who believes that the reason the Seahawks weren’t good in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 is because Matt Hasselbeck got hurt.
    7-Someone who listens to, respects, and believes Softy Mahler is logical.
    8-Someone who doesn’t care about statistics.
    9-Someone who gets more excited about false starts than touchdowns.
    10-Someone who loses.
    11-Someone who doesn’t think there’s any reason why the Seahawks don’t go 14-2 this season.
    12-Someone who has a selective memory that spans the years 2003-2007.
    13-Someone who calls Shaun Alexander a bum while wearing a #37 jersey.
    14-Someone who refers to their players strictly by their first names.

  6. Bad move by the Niners…..did Harbaugh and Baalke not know they grabbed him only to pick his brain and get the plays from him? And coincidentally before they play again regular season and before they play in the playoffs?

    Carroll’s a weasel and I bet they cut him right after December 8th….

  7. Reggie must be really happy with Flynn and McGloin to not pick this kid up – much more so than anyone on the planet paying any attention.

  8. Was hoping he’d end up a Hawk during draft time. Was bummed to see him end up as a 9er instead. Thanks Harbaugh. You just move up a rung on my ladder. Barely.

  9. It’s telling that a 4-0 team claimed him. So no other team out there puts a claim on a 3rd stringer ? Shocking

  10. Trying to sneak Daniels through waivers for Skelton? Even the casual fan knew BJ would be claimed by another NFL team. And the ‘Hawks didn’t want him just to pick his brain; Last I checked they’ve had SF’s number lately without BJ’s help. No, Daniels actually has some talent and now likely a much larger chip on his shoulder after being dumped for Skelton. This has to be one of Baalke’s stranger moves.

  11. obviously good teams have players who are cut and can perform elsewhere, but at the same time I think the 49ers may have made a few mistakes in their cuts. First they lose Marcus Cooper, who looks like he may be an absolute steal, and now this kid, who played well and has potential.

    we will see if they regret this move. is colt McCoy really that much better of a player?

  12. Horrible move by the niners by letting him go. The kid has plentyof talent at more than one position. Why Skelton? I don’t get it

  13. Fans saw Daniels move the ball really well in two preseason games, really quick and a good arm. Cutting him a really bad idea that the Niners will regret.

  14. I am a niner fan and don’t get this at all. One backup veteran is enough. BJ looked great in the preseason and has some upside. Why give away your draft picks? I don’t get why you draft guys in the 7th round, bring them to camp, have them play well in the preseason and them let them go? What the hell were you looking for? What 7th rounder is going to make the team? If you are just going to cut them, why not try to bundle the 7th round picks into something higher, or save for another year? Should have kept Cooper and Daniels in my opinion. Jeez, trust your scouts.

  15. He played ok in two preseason games but that doesn’t mean he was on the up. Maybe the niners saw things in practice that told them he wasn’t that good.

  16. I trust Harbaalke, but this one had me scratching my head. that being said, we’ve had a lot of quarterbacks that have looked very good for a couple of preseason games. (Tolzien, Josh Johnson, Nate Davis, JT O’ Sullivan, etc), so I’m not ready to name Daniels an upcoming star. Aside from losing a promising player, it just seems like a bad idea to keep dropping intel to our rivals.

  17. I’m bummed we would drop John Lotulelei to make room for this guy. JL was a beast flying around on the field during the pre-season and looked like a rookie we could really develop.

    TJack looked fantastic during his 1.5 quarters of play during the Jags game and had a perfect QB score to boot. He’s healthy, well-respected in the locker room and commands our offense well. Is this truly just about SF subterfuge or is there something more brewing re: the QB position?

  18. Dumped Parys Harrelson, Dumped Cam Johnson, dumped Cooper, now Daniels and kept McCoy. Baalke will have some egg on his face for this one, bet on it. The Seahawks got a real nice player for nothing.

  19. bayafan says: Oct 3, 2013 12:12 AM

    He played ok in two preseason games but that doesn’t mean he was on the up. Maybe the niners saw things in practice that told them he wasn’t that good.

    Great point.

    Crybaugh is an excellent judge of talent.

    After all, he knew neither Baldwin or Sherman would be worth spit in the NFL.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

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