Whitner says he’s changing his name


49ers safety Donte Whitner was fined $21,000 for a Thursday night hit, and he’s not happy about it.

He’s sufficiently unhappy about it to protest the fine by launching a collection of four T-shirts bearing the message “#LegalHitner.”

(At $28 per shirt, here’s hoping it comes with a bowl of soup.  Or a three-pound lobster.)

Now, Whitner has gotten so caught up in the movement that he is changing his name to, yes, Hitner.  (At least his new name doesn’t look and sound like the name of one of the most hated and despicable men who ever lived.  Oh, wait.)

Whitner has announced on his Twitter page that, after getting permission from his mother, Whitner officially has dropped the “W” in his name.

We’re not sure that a name can legally be changed that easily.  Or that quickly.  Or that the NFL will be willing to allow him to change the name plate on his jersey as of Sunday night to “Hitner” unless and until he purchases at wholesale cost all unsold Nike jerseys bearing his number and former name.

Lost in all of this is that the fine was proper.  Whitner applied a forearm to the head of a defenseless player.  Instead of changing his name, maybe he should adapt his style of play to what the NFL currently allows.

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  1. I could see the league secretly liking this idea it would mostly likely will see more jersey sales of Hitner then it ever did with Whitner.

  2. Gee, I’m sure the refs won’t focus on him even more now…

    Valid points on the name change, but regarding jersey sales, I doubt Whitner jerseys were flying off the shelves…

  3. So the league fines Clay Mathews 15K for a clothesline hit on Kaep out of bounds because its a first offense.

    But they fine Whitner/Hitner 21K for an hit against a receiver who doesn’t even think it was illegal?

    What crap NFL?

  4. kidsamoa260 congratulations. That was the most original, most clever thing I’ve read all week. And it has the added benefit of being true! Made me laugh. Great job.

  5. How are you supposed to hit a player that is falling to the ground with the ball in the end zone? Are they really asking defensive players to let them score?

  6. What a self obsessed idiot!

    He is vastly overrated…….Drafted too high (R1, #8) by Buffalo and thus overpaid b/c of his draft position and never played like a top 10 selection. Now benefits from a damn good DLine and Willis/Bowmann LBs plus others and depth. So its not too hard to roam around and make plays. It is a shame that with all of those advantages he still just wants to be known as a “hitman” type……to the point of changing his name.

    How about just making strong textbook tackles to try and help your team in a clean fashion??


  7. ” Or that the NFL will be willing to allow him to change the name plate on his jersey as of Sunday night to “Hitner” unless and until he purchases at wholesale cost all unsold Nike jerseys bearing his number and former name.”


    You mean the two jerseys that Nike made for Donte (home and away)?

  8. You say he should alter his style of play but if you watch the play you can clearly see him hesitate for a second and instead of leading with his head he intentionally turns his shoulder to hit Givens.

    Even after the fact both Rams WR Givens and Pettis said it was a clean hit.

    The NFL is on it’s way to ruining the game.

  9. I think the nfl commish needs to drop all these dumb rules and let these guys play football. And I’m a bengals fan I.e. Carson Palmer hit. Your gonna get hit in football and there’s going to be injuries plain and simple. That’s why they get payed rediculis money.

  10. Moron.. and the mum what is she thinking, dont want to sound crude but thats just ridiculous… I wonder who will buy the shirts.. I guess that was a rhetorical question.

  11. if you love watching NFL and don’t want the game to lose its fan base, I suggest you watch this play and then buy some of these new jerseys to prove to the NFL how they are ruining the game.

    players know the risks involved when they sign up to play. if I was a defensive player in high school, I would find a new sport or convert to offense quickly. get real NFL.

  12. Pretty sure he only has to pay for the home and away jerseys his family, and extended family bought…

    If he’d actually thrown some hits while in Buffalo, he’d have a bigger name. No talent, so resorts to extremes to make a name.

    And Yes! This is a funny post!!

    “Just like the rest of the 49ers…getting rid of the “W”s”

  13. He won’t have to buy out the remaining (Whitner) jerseys. Changing your legal name is different than changing your #.

  14. He should worry less about getting fined and more about his coverage skills.

    He’s always been an overrated blowhard.

  15. The Rams player said it wasn’t an illegal hit, but what would he know he only PLAYS football, not watches from the couch like you.

    The game is getting RUINED by refs calling penalties for hits that look violent, that’s not the rule, the rule is to not hit the players’ head.

    What is he supposed to do when a player is diving backwards and falling down? How is the defender supposed to take into account the physics in a split second? I think if Hitner went lower he would have injured himself.

  16. The rules are becoming impossible to enforce. The refs are throwing flags on legal hits just because they’re hard hits. At the same time, shots to the head aren’t getting called.

    The rule about leading with the crown of the helmet is just a mess.

    Might as well put sensors on the helmets that light up. It’s getting silly.

  17. kidsamoa260 says: Oct 2, 2013 1:42 PM

    Just like the rest of the 49ers….getting rid of the “W”s


    Now that’s funny!

  18. Im just curious what play you were watching? Gotta be one heck of a contortionist to drive a forearm to one’s head while hitting them with the back of your shoulder. He was turning around specifically to avoid a helmet shot but hey I guess this is WWE now. Ya know when they clearly didnt make contact on something and the announcers go crazy… That would be the phantom forearm smash here

  19. Haters gonna hate!! If u complain as a niner you’re a whiner. Keep droppin these receivers just stop droppin picks!! Lol

  20. Whitner and Goldson need to realize that they are not getting the free pass on headhunting since they are no longer 49ers which is partially the league’s fault since it did not come down on them when they were doing the same thing in S.F.

  21. Didn’t Nostrodamas warn us about someone name Hitner?

    Oh, sorry, it was Hisler we were warned about. Well, close enough.

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