A.J. Green wants to keep a better handle on his emotions


Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green hasn’t gotten off to the fastest start this season.

After catching nine passes for 162 yards and two touchdowns in the season opener, Green has had 17 catches for 138 yards and one score in the last three games. Those numbers are well below what the Bengals are used to seeing from Green and well below what Green wants to see for himself. During last Sunday’s loss to Cleveland, Green had seven catches for 51 yards and found himself exasperated by the inability to break free for anything longer than a 16-yard gain.

Green said Wednesday that he has noticed that teams are defending him differently this season, doing what they can to force him to run shorter, inside routes and taking away the big plays that he’s made in the past. He admitted to being frustrated by the success defenses have had with that appoach, but said he has to do a better job of dealing with that frustration.

“I have to control my emotions and body language better than I did on Sunday,” Green said, via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “You just have to take a deep breath, relax and let the game come to you. I was pressing. It was a little bad. My arms were flailing and I was all loose out there. I would just press. We were so close and needed to make a play.”

It would be easier to get a handle on emotions if the frustration went away. One of the problems on offense in recent years for the Bengals has been an overreliance on Green to make big plays in the passing game. The Bengals haven’t found another wideout with that capability — Mohamed Sanu is averaging 9.1 yards per catch — and the running game isn’t threatening defenses enough to use play-action to loosen things up, leaving defenses free to prey on Green without too much fear of a big play lurking around the corner.

If things don’t change on those fronts, Green’s likely to have some more frustrating days ahead of him.

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  1. Meanwhile with roddy white being gimped, julio’s been darn near triple teamed every play yet that hasnt stopped him from leading the lead in yards and yac

  2. I’d be frustrated if I were Green, too. He’s a vertical, stretch the field, playmaker, but he doesn’t have that kind of QB. Cinci/Dalton simply are not the best fit for him. As for last week, he faced one of the best CB’s (Joe Haden) on one of the top Defenses in the NFL.

  3. If Dalton can get his act together that might help AJ’s frustrations too…

    AJ was a step ahead of Joe Haden on one play last week that would’ve been a sure TD if Dalton didn’t overthrow it by 10 yards.

  4. He’s a mighty fine receiver that’s being weighed down by a QB with no arm, who’s deep balls look like punts.

    Dalton is as soft upstairs as his arm is, they’ll never get where they want to go with him at QB.

  5. I love Green and Sanu, they are the complete opposite of divas. And I’ll always love Law Firm. That said, sorry AJ and company, I hope you are frustrated for one more week.

  6. Don’t blame yourself, A.J. Maybe if Marvin and his staff get fired this year, you’ll finally get a real QB paired with you to throw you the ball. Andy Dalton is terrible.

  7. Andy Dalton is terrible, it would also help the Bengals a lot if they’d give the ball to G Bernard more. Green-Ellis is a 3 yards and a cloud of dust guy. Bernard is a playmaker and would open things up for Green.

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