A pair of one-win teams are double-digit favorites in Week Five

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I don’t pay much attention to betting lines, for two reasons:  (1) I enjoy football without that pop that comes from putting my money at risk; and (2) over the long haul, the house always wins.

This week, however, I noticed something strange.  At a time when the AFC West has been scrubbing its toilets with the jerseys of teams from the NFC East, a pair of NFC teams with one win each are double-digit favorites over AFC teams.

In St. Louis, where the 1-3 Rams were blown out by the 49ers four days after being blown out in Dallas by the Cowboys, the Jags are more than 10-point underdogs.  Which says more about the Jaguars than it does about the Rams.

In Atlanta, where the Falcons somehow have lost three of four a year after losing three of 16, the 2-2 Jets roll into town with a team on which Atlanta will be able to build a lead — and hold a lead.  For that reason, the Falcons are favorites in the range of 10 points.

Both of these Week Five oddities are merely appetizers for next Sunday’s 30-plus-point spread in Denver, when the currently best team in the NFL by far host the currently worst team in the NFL, by far.

7 responses to “A pair of one-win teams are double-digit favorites in Week Five

  1. Denver will lose this week and 30 points will be more like 20-something. Also proclaiming them the best team int he NFL is just idiotic this early in the season. they let Oakland score 21 on them. They are not that impressive. Talk that crap if they blow KC out by 30.

  2. I think the Jags really only have 3 chances to not go 0-16 this year: this game, Week 11 hosting Arizona, and Week 13 at Cleveland, and the fact that they’re 10 point dogs in this is a sad statement on them.

    I know Gus Bradley is probably sticking with Gabbert to tank for Bridgewater, but I can’t see a coach not getting fired if he goes 0-16…

  3. Expect the Jaguars-Rams game to be a LOT closer than 10. Jaguars could really pull this off. Bet your childrens college funds on the Jags -10 then thank me afterwards

  4. I am admittedly a Rams fan, thus I follow the Rams obviously much more closely than I follow the Jaguars. Yet I am extremely nervous about this game.

    Game 1 versus Arizona: Down by 11 in 4th quarter.

    Game 2 versus Atlanta: Down 21-0 in first half.

    Game 3 versus Cowboys: Down 24-0 in 3rd quarter.

    Game 4 versus 49ers: Inexplicably had a 3-0 lead, only to eventually get blown out.

    Over the years, the Rams have not only had the tendency to play down to the level of competition (ie, I can’t remember their last convincing, greater than one score type victory), but they have also had the ability to make below average quarterbacks look like John Elway (see: Charlie Whitehurst and Rex Grossman).

    Not at all saying that the Jaguars will win, but I am much more inclined to think that the Rams win a tough, close game than to think that they blow out the Jaguars. And the only reason i’m calling a win is because the game is in St. Louis. Otherwise, if the game was in Jacksonville, it would probably be the Jags first win of the season.

  5. Denver is not by far the best team in the NFL so far this season. The reality is their competition has just not been that tough at all and that’s putting it lightly. The Ravens are a shell of themselves so I wouldn’t put a feather in my cap for that win AT HOME.

  6. The Rams have had 10 days to get ready for Jacksonville, and they are pissed off and desperate. That’s the ONLY reason why they might have any chance at covering that kind of spread – against anybody.

    If it were a regular week, I’d take the points and bet my life savings on the Jags… and I’m a Rams fan.

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