Bernie Kosar claims he wasn’t putting anyone at risk


Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar gave a radio interview this morning in which he was asked about his recent arrest on suspicion of DUI. Kosar didn’t really clear much of anything up.

In a rambling answer to a question about what happened, Kosar didn’t say whether or not he was drunk when he was driving, but he did say he didn’t put anyone else at risk, even though he realizes it may appear to others that he did.

“With the court process going on it’s something that you’re not really supposed to over-talk about,” Kosar said on ESPN Radio in Cleveland. “You don’t want to put other people in danger, and I pride myself on trying to do the right thing and not wanting to put other people at risk. I’m not trying to blame anybody, I’m not trying to make excuses. I look hardest at myself and what I could do, and I know how appearances make things look, but it’s something again that I wouldn’t want to make anybody, put them in a tough spot. And when you’re trying to help people out, and you’re trying to do things, sometimes you end up in situations that you, you know, don’t look as good. But time’s going to show, show stuff on this. And again I’m not really able to talk a ton about things, with the case going on. But again for people out there, you have to take it seriously, you have to look within yourself first to make sure you don’t put people at risk, don’t put people in danger. And I never, never would do that, nor do I want to do that.”

Kosar gave a vague explanation to another question in which he said he was trying to help people at the time he was arrested. Perhaps the best way for Kosar to help people would be to call a cab.

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  1. Bernie was my favorite player as a kid and I still remember his playing days with admiration in my heart.

    While nobody but his closest friends and his doctors know for sure whether he’s dealing with the effects of concussions, alcoholism, drug abuse or a combination of all three, he clearly needs extensive and comprehensive help.

    Get well, Bernie. Hopefully, before it’s too late for you or someone else.

  2. Drinking and driving is dumb. I know there are instances where you don’t think you had too much (happened to me when I had two Long Islands not knowing how much alcohol was in them) and when that happens you get someone to drive you (like I did).

    He needs to stop talking because even though he is a Cleveland Legend, he is not making this any better denying responsibility. A simple, “I did it. I’m sorry. I will get a breathalyzer put in my car so this doesn’t happen in the future,” would suffice.

  3. Mr. Kosar, unless there was not a single car on the road or a pedestrian anywhere near where you were apprehended, you were putting others at risk.

  4. Bernie, your last two comments made to the public shows why you should retire to the back porch and watch the humming birds.

  5. Why doesn’t Bernie’s family or friends get him the help he needs. He’s a disaster waiting to happen, and like most alcoholics who deny that driving while drunk is dangerous, he’ll likely kill or seriously injure some innocent person. Doesn’t he have any family or friends left who care enough about him to give him some real help? Sad situation, all too sad and all too common…

  6. At some point soon, Kosar is going to try and explain away his odd behavior over a notable period of time to football-related concussion syndrome, whether it be real or a convenient excuse. However, I get a strong indication by observing Kosar deteriorate in the manner he has, his problem is likely alcohol-related. Normally those who are impacted by CTE, their downward spiral is one of silent suffering (think Junior Seau and Dave Duerson, for example), not a public crumbling like we are seeing with Kosar.

  7. I love Bernie. I’m not making excuses for him but I watched him play at the stadium in Cleveland many times. Get well Bernie. You’re a good guy and we need good guys in this world.

  8. Those who live in glass houses …..nuff said. Bernie is the man. Very entertaining when browns games flat out are not. Drunk or not let him live.

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