Buccaneers cut the cord, release Josh Freeman

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After a few days of earnest attempts to trade him, the Buccaneers got tired of waiting.

According to multiple reports, the Bucs are releasing quarterback Josh Freeman, putting an end to one of the strangest chapters in franchise history.

The week since they decided to bench him has been marked by one twist stranger than the next, but the Bucs ultimately decided to part ways and end it, eating more than $6 million in his remaining salary.

Frankly, it’s the best case scenario for Freeman, who now has some control over his next destination.

147 responses to “Buccaneers cut the cord, release Josh Freeman

  1. He does get to try to find a place to start over (though these spaces are precious and few), and the rest of the world sees how upside-down the Buccaneers current management is.

  2. This is a sleeper move by the Bucs. Release him knowing he’s going to Jacksonville, the Jags will win 3 games while the Bucs win 2, and the Bucs get Teddy Bridgewater instead.

  3. Best case scenario: Freeman ends up on a team with a consistent coaching staff, relearns how to exploit his talent, and grinds the Bucs into powder when playing them later this season or next.

  4. Next time a Week 1 comes up they should figure out in advance who should be on the team. After the season starts is a bad time to find out you have changed your mind. This is beyond pathetic. But what do you expect from one of the worst run teams in the league.

  5. Good luck Josh. While I’m sure the finger-pointing back and forth will go on, at least you can go somewhere else.

    Now, can we do something about the coach please?

  6. He’ll probably clear waivers, then sign with Jacksonville for the min for the rest of the season

  7. Glad that’s finally over. Now watch him come out bombing the Bucs.

    How people could stick up for a 47% QB I will never know…err…nevermind…I forgot all about Tebow

  8. This tells me two things. First is that not one other team was willing to take the contract and give up even a 7th round draft pick. Second Freeman/Team relationship is so beyond broken that they don’t want to hold onto him for the rest of the season even in case of injury to Glennon.

  9. One of the knocks on this guy was that he was never in a system long enough. I highly doubt he can make a big impact coming into a new team mid-season.

  10. A train wreck with a resounding thud. He should follow David Carr and be a backup for many years after failing as a starter.

    His bank account will look crazy fat after that journey……

  11. Is the coach that drafed him still in the NFL? Don’t rule that team out, as he got something out of Freeman before it fell apart.

  12. I’m still betting on Freeman to have a much longer NFL career than the coach they’ve got there right now.

    Wow, what a pig of an organization.

  13. I think he needs to go to a team with a very good qb coach he already has good size all he needs is to learn how to play at a higher level

  14. fiezzybeatz says:
    Oct 3, 2013 2:25 PM
    27 tds 4000 yards… You’re fired (Donald Trump voice

    Worse completion percentage than Weeden and Gabbert, 4 touchdowns and 16 turnovers in his last 6 games.

    You’re fired indeed…

  15. They couldn’t have handled this any worse. Remember a few years ago when the bucs were a young, talented team with nowhere to go but up? Wow…

  16. Jacksonville would benefit. If their fans are looking for Tebow, certainly they would be OK with Freeman. At least he knows how to play QB.

  17. Too late to play anywhere this weekend.He will either be in Oakland where Greg Olson was his coach during his productive days in Tampa or in Jax where it literally couldn’t get any worse.

  18. I’m A bucs fan to the core. Hope the Clown Shoe’s known as Greg Shiano is right behind him. Such a promising looking year we had 4 weeks ago. To shambles. Glennon is not the answer. someone has to answer for a 1st round pick Bust . and what looks like another 3rd round pick that maybe wasted. so much talent here.

    Glazers is this what you had in mind.
    Just when the fans started to return . Just as you announce we got our 85% for all remaining games.

    Please clean this mess up ! Starting from the top!
    it was hard telling people I was a Bucs fan before.

    You have so many pieces in place. Don’t let it waist away.

  19. dedreu400 says:Oct 3, 2013 2:21 PM

    next destination….CFL!!!LOL


    For Freeman or Tampa Bay through soccer-style relegation?

  20. They released the wrong person. It should’ve been Schianopolean! This nightmare is far from over, just wait until the Bucs are 0-7, and Scianopolean goes to the Glazers trying to throw some of the Pro Bowl players on this team under the bus.

  21. Who would want this lazy drama queen? The only pathetic franchise that I see wanting him would be the R-Words. Probably an upgrade from RGMe.

  22. Schiano and the Bucs management should be ashamed for what they did to this kid. Future free agents will definitely take notice. Bucs fans, when you see the team overspending for players like the Raisers have done for so long you will know why. Schiano will be out of the league in less than 2 years, and Tampa will be able to smile again.

    I would have suggested Cleveland before Hoyer’s recent prowess. Eitherway I am happy for this kid and hope he does well whever ever he lands.

  23. The longer they kept Josh Freeman on the roster, the shorter Schiano’s leash was becoming. Schiano probably won’t last beyond this season anyways, but selling out your starting quarterback four weeks into the season to buy yourself another year of coaching just isn’t acceptable.

  24. There are plenty of places to land as a backup … and perhaps a few where he can start (JAX, MIN, TEN). If he waits a bit place like NYJ, CLE, OAK, BUF, STL may open up as well.

  25. Best move for all parties involved. Buccs can move on, Freeman can move on, and the media circus can die down in Tampa.

    As for who may come calling for Freeman’s services, I think outside of the obvious choices (Raiders, Jags) a good case could be made for Minnesota who is realistically a QB away from being a really good team. Freeman may not be that guy, but I’d take a shot on him instead of throwing away a season on Ponder/Cassell.

    Freeman may realize now that the opportunity of being a starting NFL QB are few and far between and refocus on the game instead of all the other stuff.

  26. He had his best years under Greg Olson who is now with the Raiders. That seems like an obvious destination, where he would most certainly be an upgrade.

  27. 6 Million in the bank. Controls his landing spot between any team(s) that want him……..Win for Freeman.

  28. Looks like Freeman’s agent got what he wanted by leaking all the information about Josh to the media.

    He got to put the hurt on the Bucs(1 c, not 2). He got his client released with full pay. An perhaps most important, he gets to negotiate a new contract with a team and earn his 4% from the new deal.

    Win, Win, Win for his agent.

  29. Not saying he will be a top level QB but I think Freeman will have some success in NFL after this. Schiano on the other hand, he looks to be a real fraud and Tampa will be better off when he gets chased out of town next year.

  30. While the door is open at One Buc Place to let Freeman out, I hope Schiano gets blown out of the building with him. They both need to go.

  31. Jacksonville…He has to end up there. They would instantly get better, and they wouldnt have to lose any picks in next years draft for it. Has to be Jacksonville!

  32. never been impressed by this guy. no one cares about his physical ability – he clearly doesn’t have what it takes between the ears.

  33. I mean, if Jacksonville doesn’t put in a claim, they are insane. they have the first shot, they have a TERRIBLE qb group, and really, why not?

    can’t believe they couldn’t even get a late pick, I mean he did have 4k yards last year, I really don’t think he is at a point where he isn’t even worth a 7th rounder.

    Jacksonville, if you won’t sign tebow, go get freeman.

  34. The JETS would like to personally thank the BUCS for making them look like a model franchise.

  35. Josh and Tebow can hang out all the time now! Used to love this kid, a terrible attitude and work ethic ruined his career. He is done, career backup now.

  36. If he goes to the vikings, their fans will automatically put them in the super bowl for years to come!

  37. No one has mentioned this…what if the 49ers waived Colt McCoy and sign Freeman…JH the QB whisperer could resurrect Freemen, good cheap backup to Kap7

  38. Anyone in the market for the 33rd rated quarterback in the league, you are on the clock!

  39. Win, Win, Win for his agent.


    I’d agree with you, until you stop and realize Freeman’s agent will be getting 4% of nothing on his next deal. He has literally no value beyond a somewhat experienced backup to any team.

  40. He will go to the Jets because… well, thats what the Jets do. The circus needs a new clown.

  41. No winners here. Both sides come out sullied in this drama and divorce. I don’t think Freeman has a shot at any NFL starting job given his poor performance and revealed off-field unprofessionalism. Dude is radioactive right now, even for teams struggling at the position.

  42. Come to Houston josh. Spend the year learning the system, and replace schaub. Hell schaub just might get injured and your the new starter. We have top notch wr’s and rb’s. The system is won’t force to make 50/50 throw like you had too the past season. Sign a two year deal and play your butt off and get paid.

  43. You’ll never convince me that a guy that threw for 3400, 3500 and 4000 yards in three consecutive years is suddenly crap. Something changed and I have a pretty good idea what it was. That said, I’d like to see him in Minnesota — could be something special with AD, Jennings and a young Patterson.

  44. Nobody wanted to trade, because they didnt want to take on his salary. Once he clears waivers, teams can make their own bids and get him a lot cheaper.

  45. I can name a few reasonable destinations:

    Steelers: sit a while, Ben will get hurt

    Houston: Play right away

    Jacksonville: will play right way, give him the playbook on the plane…..

    Dallas; Play right away
    Minnesota; see Jacksonville

    Arizona: see Jacksonville; Houston
    St. Louis: take over by week 10

  46. blowpackblow says:
    Oct 3, 2013 2:32 PM
    I would rather clean McDonald’s bathrooms than play for Tampa and Schiano anyway! Good for you Josh!

    Uh huh, sure you would. $6,000,000/year with that dastardly Schiano Vs $6/HOUR cleaning toilets.

  47. Unfortunately, Tampa Bay has displayed horrible dysfunction over this saga, and I for one will never purchase a season ticket package from any organization that would act this unprofessional!

    Tampa Resident…

  48. Bite your tongue. That would be an awful situation. I will stick with our current crop of Ponder, Cassel, and MBT over Freeman.

    bloodisred says:Oct 3, 2013 3:25 PM

    You’ll never convince me that a guy that threw for 3400, 3500 and 4000 yards in three consecutive years is suddenly crap. Something changed and I have a pretty good idea what it was. That said, I’d like to see him in Minnesota — could be something special with AD, Jennings and a young Patterson.

  49. Not a chance he would start in Minnesota. We are just fine at QB. Defense is our problem.

    jrbdmb says:Oct 3, 2013 2:41 PM

    There are plenty of places to land as a backup … and perhaps a few where he can start (JAX, MIN, TEN). If he waits a bit place like NYJ, CLE, OAK, BUF, STL may open up as well.

  50. I’ll tell you one team that doesn’t come to mind, the Lion’s. We already have the future, the next great NFL Qb, future 4 time MVP and future 3 time super bowl champ. Where are all those Bucs and Jets fans from a few years back? Lol enjoy



  51. He’s clearly a better QB than anyone on the Vikings roster today. Whether they sign him or tank the rest of the season is up to their resident Genius GM.

  52. But who can Schiano blame now? Glennon will look bad enough, but he was Schaino’s pick.

  53. There’s no doubt he’s better than Ponder, which isn’t saying much. But Adrian will be benched before Ponder is since the Vikings won’t admit their mistake……unless Frazier grows a pair , and tells Spielman the Ponder experiment is over.

  54. Freeman looked like Peyton Manning against the Vikings last year on MNF…….he was a stud.

    Sounds like Schiano is the issue.

    If you are the Vikes, I say you should pull the trigger.

    The Ponder experiment is over.

    Go for it Vikes!

  55. NOTE TO NFL GMs: When considering hiring a college coach, MAKE SURE they have some SUCCESSFUL NFL experience in their background. You want Jim Harbaugh, NOT Greg Schiano.

    Carry on.

  56. And here I am thinking there’s nobody worse off than the Raiders’ QB situation and Schiano and the Bucs proved me wrong.

  57. bucrightoff says:
    Oct 3, 2013 2:33 PM
    fiezzybeatz says:
    Oct 3, 2013 2:25 PM
    27 tds 4000 yards… You’re fired (Donald Trump voice

    Worse completion percentage than Weeden and Gabbert, 4 touchdowns and 16 turnovers in his last 6 games.

    You’re fired indeed…


    There are three kinds of lies. Lies, damn lies and statistics.

    They have the buy and the Vikes could work him out – the Eagles are up next for Bucs and its a perfect time for them to get right following a blowout loss at Denver and a divisional game v. winless NY Giants.

  58. If this guy has an intelligent agent he will make sure Freeman goes to a team that will develop his talents. Two coaches come to mind, Andy Reid and Bill Belichick. Freeman can sit and learn. The Pats may lose Ryan Mallet to a trade or free agency next year and Freeman would be a talented backup. Talib and Blount can advise him why it is a good move.

  59. Josh, unless a miracle happens, will always be more of a quarterback on paper than one on the field. On paper he looks perfect. He has the size, the arm strength, mobility and seems intelligent. On the field, he’s inaccurate, throws into coverage, misses his check downs, and throws receivers into injuries.

    He’s Daunte Cullpepper with less accuracy.

  60. The real joke here is the ownership. I don’t kniw how running a crummy Bennigan’s knock-off qualifies you to own an NFL franchise. Team win a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy leftovers, but coaching and management has been a laughingstock since the big trade for Gruden.

    Stick to that other football because you know squat about fielding a quality product.

  61. Just like Culverhouse, diehardcubbie. Ran Doug Williams out of town just because he didn’t want to pay him. Just like the rest of the guys who were coming up for contract back then.

    And like the Glazers have made it a point to do to Freeman here.

  62. Welcome to sunny Minneapolis (for the next ten days til the snow hits).

    Welcome aboard. Glad to have you.

    Now lets show them with a few W’s in a row.

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