Darryl Sharpton fined for horse-collar tackle against Seahawks


The Texans didn’t have much go right for them after halftime against the Seahawks in Week Four and the hits have kept on coming even after an overtime field goal sent them home losers.

Coach Gary Kubiak said Wednesday that linebacker Darryl Sharpton has been fined by the league for a horse-collar tackle during the game. Sharpton brought down Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch by the back of the shoulder pads and was penalized on the field, which meant Kubiak was expecting to hear that the linebacker owed some money.

“Usually if you get an unnecessary roughness play, there’s like an immediate fine that you have to appeal, unless they think it’s a missed call,” Kubiak said, via the Houston Chronicle.

Kubiak didn’t divulge the amount of the fine and also said that the team hasn’t heard from the league about a fine for cornerback Kareem Jackson, who was penalized for throwing Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin to the ground after a play was ruled over during overtime. Kubiak said Monday that he disagreed with the call and we’ll find out by the end of the week whether the league agreed with his take.