DeAndre Hopkins named September’s top offensive rookie

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The Texans drafted wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to take some pressure off Andre Johnson in their passing game and the first month of the season has made them look smart for doing so.

Hopkins finished the first month of the season with 20 catches for 270 yards and a touchdown. Those numbers are good enough to put Hopkins ahead of all the other rookies in the league in receiving yards and total yards from scrimmage while leaving him in a tie for the most catches. They are the second-most yards and catches of any Texans rookie through his first four games, trailing only Johnson.

Hopkins’ biggest day came in Week Two when he became the youngest player in NFL history to catch a game-winning touchdown pass in overtime. It was also the first 100-yard receiving game for any Texans wideout other than Johnson since the 2010 season, underscoring the reason why Hopkins is in Houston in the first place.

He’s the first Texan to take home rookie honors since linebacker Brian Cushing in 2009 and joins running backs Domanick Williams and Steve Slaton as the only offensive winners in team history.

12 responses to “DeAndre Hopkins named September’s top offensive rookie

  1. Wow…we are going to close down Houston and have a DeAndre Hopkins DAY! after all he is a great Texan!! legendary!! brag brag!! that’s all the Texans do!!!!!

  2. Should have been Larry Warford for the Lions. Playing every snap, Stafford has been sacked a league low 3 times and opening up huge holes for Reggie Bush. But he’s a guard so of course he won’t attract attention.

  3. Do offensive linemen ever win these monthly/weekly awards? I’m pretty sure that offensive linemen are more important than wide receivers.

  4. Thompkins has about the same receiving yards and more TDs. EJ Manuel lead his team to that incredible comeback against the Panthers and has had a direct effect on winning multiple ball games.
    This is a joke!

  5. Nuk has been great. He didn;t play particularly well against Seattle, but was outstanding against Tennessee, especially in the 4th qtr and OT when Dre was out.

    He gets to be mentored by one of the greatest receivers of all time, and a guy who is a pro’s pro.

  6. Before the draft I thought Hopkins was hands down the best WR and Lattimore was hands down the best RB in this draft class. So far Hopkins is living up to that status, I still think Lattimore will in the coming years… though I wiffed on thinking Wilson would show something after leaving Arkansas.

  7. I truely believed the Texans picked the best receiver in the draft last year in Hopkins. Cannot imagine the numbers he would have if the Texans had an elite QB as well as a coach who would take more chances in letting him lose more often. For sure this Texan team have a number one receiver who will dominate the league in years to come!
    Go Texans!

  8. I actually thought it should of went to Robert Woods, 2 great TD grabs and 200 plus yards. But the Texans get a little more national media coverage so it’s understood.

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