Doug Baldwin believes Andrew Luck can be best QB ever


Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin didn’t want to compare Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck. He’s a believer in the abilities both quarterbacks possess.

However, Baldwin may be just a bit more partial toward his college quarterback and what he may be able to accomplish in the NFL.

“I’m on the record as saying that I believe that Andrew Luck can be the greatest quarterback to ever played the game of football,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin played with Luck for two years at Stanford. It didn’t take long for Baldwin to realize just how talented Luck was and the ability he possessed. Baldwin praised every aspect of Luck’s game. From his understanding of the game, to his accuracy and his ability to make plays with his legs, Baldwin doesn’t have a bad word to say about his former quarterback,

“Andrew has everything that you want in a quarterback – both a pocket passer and a guy who is able to make plays on the run with his legs,” Baldwin said. “He’s smart, highly intelligent. I’ve seen him do some unbelievable things that I still can’t believe that a quarterback was able to do in practice at Stanford and obviously in games. I have tremendous respect for that guy.”

Baldwin points to what Luck was able to do in his rookie season in Indianapolis as a sign of what Luck is capable of as a player. The Colts went from having the No. 1 overall draft pick to earning a playoff berth in Luck’s rookie campaign.

“He took control of a team that really didn’t have much around him and he took them to the playoffs. They didn’t have a defense and didn’t have a running game, but they made it to the playoffs. He had a whole bunch of fourth-quarter comeback victories.”

Baldwin has had a nice start to the season with his current quarterback as well. Baldwin is the Seahawks’ leading receiver through four weeks with 12 catches for 216 yards and a touchdown. Baldwin has come up with critical receptions in both of Seattle’s road victories over Carolina and Houston.

Baldwin will get a chance to watch Luck from the opposite sidelines this week as the Seahawks travel to Indianapolis to take on the Colts.

42 responses to “Doug Baldwin believes Andrew Luck can be best QB ever

  1. Good on Doug Baldwin for being able to give props to other top performers in the league, especially ones he has a playing history with. I would love to see his targets increase on the Seahawks – he always seems to come through on the clutch and his catches are fantastic to watch.

  2. If Bevell wasn’t using a lottery to call plays Doug Baldwin would catch 100 balls a year. He runs excellent routes, has some of the most spectacular catches each week, great hands even though he’s been banged up years before he is fearless/tough when it comes to taking hits. Yet he will get less than 4 targets in a game.

  3. I always thought that Dough Baldwin was a class act at Stanford and this just proves it further. Great fair minded guy. Only ignorant fans think that you have to turn on your college friends or teammates at the pro level just because you no longer play on the same team. Classiness & professionalism transcends all football team boundaries. You can be competitive and want to beat your foes on the field without needing to trash them off of it.

  4. Just another one of his Stanford players that old Coach Jim Harbaugh didn’t want at SFO.
    An undrafted FA out of college… A starter in Seattle.

    Thanks Jim! From all Seahawk fans, and thanks for Richard Sherman, too!


  5. Sure, I guess anything’s possible. Especially now that he has a hall of fame running back in Trent Richardson getting him 3.0 yards per carry and no future first round draft pick.

  6. I always appreciate when players praise and respect one another rather than talk smack. A practice that could perhaps make Richard Sherman more praised and respected himself.

  7. Luck made a lot of mistakes as a rookie, but there’s no denying that of the 2012 rookie class, Luck did the most with the least (and I’m not a Colts fan).

    He took over a 2-win team with a bad defense, non-existent run-game, and an offensive line that was among the worst pass-protecting units in recent NFL history per advanced statistical websites, and yet he led them to 11 wins.

  8. Baldwin has played, lights out in limited action. He has been great for Wilson, when nobody else is open.

    That said, I’m sure the Seahawks would not hesitate to trade him – straight up – for T.Y. Hilton, without even blinking. So, if you think that highly of Luck, without a mention of your own guy, see if you can make that happen.

    Advantage: Seahawks.

  9. That is enough of this best ever QB BS! Just say great!! Montana and Marino are considered the best ever. Peyton is close to those two. Compliments are great but, just don’t say best ever!

  10. Would have to agree with Mr. Baldwin. I would think that Luck has the best odds of having the longest career of those young ‘stars’ from the past couple of years.

  11. Poor Seattle, never enough respect, even when it’s not about you at all. Drink some coffee, bait the 49ers. All in a day’s self-loathing. Too bad you couldn’t steal the Kings. That would have made it all better.

    Yep, I’m trollin’.

  12. he said he can be in the future, so many butthurt fans on here, he only has 2 turnovers this year and has improved, the D has improved vastly too, Luck is a smart QB and can run and is a big dude to take down, he can be one of the greatest, give him time!!

  13. Hard to see Luck ending up as the best but it is too early to tell. Rodgers is the most precise. Manning is probably the smartest. Brady is the coolest (usually). Brees is probably a little of all 3.

  14. Again, everyone likes to say that Indy went from being the worst team in the NFL to a playoff team.

    Indy won their division in 2010, so anyone that thinks Indy didn’t play to get the #1 pick who they knew was Luck is fooling themselves. They outright threw games.

  15. nightofthehipple’s comment is really amusing … Richard Sherman has made very, very similar comments about Andrew Luck. And actually gives major props to a lot of players a lot of the time.
    Most recently, the vociferous Richard and perspicacious Andrew …

  16. So we’re already saying Luck is (or going to be) better than Brees, Montana, Elway, Manning(s), etc.? Really? He looks pretty mortal to me.

  17. Well, he definitely didn’t say he “is” … So not sure why you are saying that … Looks like you’re just trying to start some fight by misquoting.

    Clearly Doug says he believes he can be. You’re free to disagree but why misquote and why bring up being mortal … Yes, Luck does look mortal! All those other guys look mortal too.

    I followed Elway starting with his years at Stanford … I actually don’t know anyone who did that who doesn’t think Andrew has more potential (and I know lots of people who followed Elway from that time). Will Andrew fulfill that potential? I guess we’ll find out. It’s a really nice sentiment being expressed about his college QB who is now an opponent on the field. Many of Luck’s Stanford teammates and coaches feel incredibly strongly about him … It’s a nice thing. He really generates loyalty. It’s a nice thing. Relax and enjoy it.

  18. I watched all of Andrew Luck college games and i don’t care who you are in the NFL a QB need’s great receiver’s. Manning has D. Thomas of his 393 yards 242 are after the catch. Wes Welker best slot in the game, Eric decker is no joke and Julius Thomas is the 4th rated tight end according to PFF. Brees has Jimmy Graham how do you stop him, Sproles is used like a slot out of the back field, how do you guard him? Colston has about 59 TD fom Brees in his career it’s scary man. Denver and New Orleans will play in the Super Bowl book it. Green Bay that’s a sweet core of receivers.
    Luck has Reggie Wayne still he’s 36 and can’t go long his number two receiver is Darrius Heyward-Bey former Oakland first round bust. Hilton a up and comer still this year he hasn’t been open deep like last. Fleener stunk his rookie year can’t block, has nice hands, but is only good down the seam and gets down on himself.

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