Freeman’s agent accuses Bucs of another leak


Lost in the news from Wednesday night that the Buccaneers fined quarterback Josh Freeman multiple times last week is that someone has once again leaked previously unknown information about the Tampa quarterback.

The development hasn’t gone unnoticed by his agent, Erik Burkhardt.

“AND… Another breach of personal & confidential employee information: releasing info of alleged team violations w associated fines,” Burkhardt said via Twitter earlier in the hour.

The news of Freeman’s fines first came from Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated, who mentioned only a pair of fines.  Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune later identified three fines in all from last week, each for the maximum of $10,410.  One fine came from giving an unauthorized interview to ESPN, and two were for missed meetings.

Per Cummings, Freeman also missed the team meal before the regular-season opener, and he was late for the team bus.

Unless Freeman’s camp is leaking the information to create the impression the Bucs are leaking it, then the Bucs are leaking it.  Cummings has too many details for the information to have come from anyone else.

Thus, the strategy for both sides continues to be agitation that stops short of crossing the line, in the hopes that the other side eventually will cross the line.

Look for the Bucs eventually to suspend Freeman without pay for conduct detrimental to the team, possibly saving $490,000 per week for up to four weeks.  It’s possible that the tweet from Burkhardt, accusing the organization publicly for the second time in three days of violating Freeman’s privacy rights, will be the straw that severs coach Greg Schiano’s back.

UPDATE 2:18 p.m. ET:  Wisely, the Bucs have decided instead to cut Freeman.  It’s unclear whether they’ll try to stiff Freeman out of his termination pay.  Per the labor deal, any effort to block termination pay must be preceded by a written warning to that effect.  It’s unknown whether the warning was sent.

56 responses to “Freeman’s agent accuses Bucs of another leak

  1. Regardless of where the leaks are coming from, it certainly sounds like Freeman has not been a team player.

  2. Well agent Burkhardt, you are not doing your client any favors by virtually confirming the reports are true.

  3. Freeman, agree to not come back after them for future guaranteed money so they will cut you. You will then be able to get on with your life as someone else’s backup. You will just be fined/suspended the amount you was going to get anyhow.

  4. When the players who are under contract are speaking out against the team’s treatment of a player it means that those who are solely blaming the player should re-evaluate your stance. You don’t do a player like this even if you hate his guts. The team’s actions are wrong on all levels.

  5. All of this could have been avoided had the guy just shown up on time to “staff meeting” and not spoken to BSPN. $30K will pay social security for 2 americans for 1 year. It’s more than the average soldier is paid per year.

  6. Actually I don’t care if Freeman or Glennon is our quarterback, just get rid of Schianopolean, as quickly as possible! We’re not playing this weekend….

  7. This why “college type” coaches usually don’t work out in the NFL. It works in college, and possibly even be needed there, but it just doesn’t work in the pros. The rumblings started last year with the “toe the line” stuff. I agree, the players who complained last year might have not been willing to work, etc. but it’s just another example. Keep in mind I’m not arguing that the Schiano, Lombardi, Ditka, etc. way is right or wrong, just that it doesn’t work in today’s NFL.

  8. Wow poor Revis! I’m sure he thought he was going to a more stable organization! This franchise is dysfunctional to the max and it’s clear that they have a poisoned atmosphere!

  9. Just release Freeman and fire Schiano and fire Dominik. It’s embarrassing and Josh does not deserve to be treated like this..

    Bucs are paying Revis 1 million per game to play zone defense most of the time….srsly ? And now they want to manufacture stuff to get Josh suspended so they save 500,000 per week . As a buc fan it is almost comical.

  10. In all this the only thing I’ve seen Freeman guilty of is lack of responsibility and poor leadership.

    Freeman may not be the answer for anybody’s franchise but this is a BS witch hunt that certainly paints a very ugly picture on how the Bucs run their management and coaching.

    The same team that wasted a draft pick on him is the same team that’s throwing him under the bus and finding every possible way to not pay him.

    Cut him or pay him, what the Bucs are doing is criminal.

  11. daysend564 says:
    Oct 3, 2013 1:01 PM
    Freeman, agree to not come back after them for future guaranteed money so they will cut you. You will then be able to get on with your life as someone else’s backup. You will just be fined/suspended the amount you was going to get anyhow.


    He’s already receive all of his guaranteed money.

  12. The Bucs look really childish in this. This is nuts.

    The knee shots on kneel downs and this and all the other stuff. I thought order was what they were looking for?

    Looks like chaos to me.

  13. Why dont they all stop leaking stories and complaining about one another and just release Freeman. They arent going to get anything for him anyway…what, a mid level third rounder? Who cares, even if its a little more that a third rounder, just cut the guy and move on. He is not exactly a “hot commodity”.

  14. While I’m not impressed with Josh Freeman, I think Tampa Bay needs to stop with this political game. It is gonna hurt them in a long run. Free-agents may not want to go there and their guys may want to move on to other teams. This is a team with a bad locker room culture.

  15. I never thought I ‘d say this, but:

    This is making me nostalgic for the days of Screw Culverhouse and Ray “What, Coach?” Perkins.

    Please, fire Schiano. At this point, I’d believe that he was carrying in vials of MRSA to the facility to try and get rid of threats to his authoritah.

    Fire Schiano. Fire him now.

    As an aside, this was the season I was going to bring my young son to his first Bucs game. He couldn’t wait to see Freeman and Muscle Hamster and V-Jax and Predator and the rest. Oh well.

  16. PFT “Unless Freeman’s camp is leaking the information to create the impression the Bucs are leaking it, then the Bucs are leaking it. ”

    I think it’s highly likely some of Freeman’s teammates are talking freely w reporters. It wouldn’t be unusual for teammates to know the details of what’s going on and talking among themselves.

  17. PR 101……Damage Control and try to put a spin on things making it look like Freeman is the Victim.

  18. Why on earth would the Bucs. be doing this if they were trying to get something of value for the guy. Starting to get the feeling that Freeman and his camp have been up to no good in the whole mess.

  19. @explosionsauce : The Bucs aren’t the joke and the free agents are fine. Schiano is the joke.

    The Bucs free agents have done enough DESPITE Schiano, to actually make some of these games close instead of blowouts.

  20. The writing is clearly on the wall. No one knows all this information about him other than the team. Obviously they leaked it. They need to pay attention that no free agents will want to sign here if they keep up this crap. They will have to pay an anormous amount of money to sign a free agent. To save 500k a week for 12 more weeks. Idiots.

  21. Freeman’s agent was definitely irritated his client was not in the news today. Time to stretch for more headlines. It amazes me how sympathetic people are who would be fired in a heartbeat where they work if they remotely engaged in activities like Freeman. This novel will quickly be titled ‘How to Lose a Job as an NFL Quarterback’. We have players that are lights out working their butt off..McCoy, Clayborne, Foster, Martin, Jackson, etc. It’s time to give them some press.

  22. 3 teammates have vehemently defended Josh…..Penn, Joseph, and mike Williams . penn said Josh has never said a negative word about the bucs and mike Glennon said Josh is trying to help him be a good QB..

    Josh = class
    Bucs = classless

  23. the leaks are all on Freeman and his camp don’t let his innocent act fool you. Ever since they drafted Glennon his head has been messed up which means he can’t handle any competition. he has to go not Schiano. how in the Hell somebody Who has made at least 20 million ever the last 5 years is being screwed? it may not have been handled Pretty but the NFL is a business leave the emotions out it smh fans nowadays don’t realize that’s it’s all about the winning . Josh had 5 years and has been in consitent if the coach WANTS to move on for the better of the team So be it. Schianos mistakes are one not getting rid of last year if felt he couldn’t use him and two recently saying he’s our guy. 3 . Not changing the offense. all I know is we gotta move on.

  24. who Donald Penn nobody else but him has defended Freeman and nobody should he’s a big boy he brought it upon himself

  25. Professionals using twitter to discuss business seems entirely unprofessional. If the agent wants this to be public, contact someone to write a story on it. Complaining over twitter might get in the news, but it makes you look like an amateur…regardless of the facts.

  26. Professionals using twitter to discuss business seems entirely unprofessional. If the agent wants this to be public, contact someone to write a story on it. Complaining over twitter might get in the news, but it makes you look like an amateur…regardless of the facts…

  27. The Bucs couldn’t possibly be so stupid to release damaging info on Freeman so as to lower his return trade value — could they?

  28. The team are the one’s to blame for all of this becoming public. They want to keep Josh from playing for another team and not have to pay him either.

    This is low and speaks volumes about the organization from the ownership on down. As a Bucs fan my opinion of the Glazers has been changed. I used to think they were decent owners that would spend money when they thought the time was right. Now I’m beginning to think they might be among the worst owners in the NFL.

  29. The only one with anything to gain from these leaks is Freeman, likely driving down his trade value and forcing his release. In that scenario he gets his full 2013 salary, becomes an unrestricted free agent, and if signed by another team he will get a second paycheck, essentially double-dipping.

    With all of these accusations of the Bucs leaking this info I have yet to hear anyone offer any logical reasoning for them to do so.

  30. IMHO its him and his agent working diligently to leak stuff to make Freeman look the victim. Why would Tampa trash the very guy they hope to get something for. That makes zero sense.

    PS Mr Freeman your the one who missed those events and you knew you would be fined, everyone is so quit acting like someone is picking just on you.

  31. Looking past Freeman, what are free agents going to think of all this? Get on Schiano’s bad side and suddenly all your dirty laundry is in the press. Dude is letting a run-in with a single player destroy his career. What a fool.

  32. He’s already receive all of his guaranteed money.

    His 2013 salary is fully guaranteed. If he was to be cut, he would be owed the remaining portion of his $8,430,000 salary. That is what the poster was referring to. In essence if he where to agree to a buyout for substantially less money, he would be cut in a nanosecond.

    I wouldn’t agree to anything less than what I was owed.

  33. Like others have said, the “leaks” are an inside job and Freeman’s agent is the likely culprit. Look at it like this. If Tampa Bay lets Freeman go via cut, Freeman gets what he has been demanding. Freeman wants out and his agent figures the best way out is to be a thorn in someones side.

  34. As a 30+ year Buccaneers fan, I can honestly say that I am sick to death of this whole mess. The only way the Bucs are getting any media is because of this useless head coach. He can’t win games so he gets his attention by creating drama. Get rid of Schiano and can Mark Dominik, too. Let’s move on and try to win some ball games. This is a disgrace to the organization and the Buccaneer brand.

  35. Information on fines are commonly reported. Freeman and agent are acting like a couple of babies.

    Freeturd, follow the rules and be a professional.

  36. This soap opera should have been shut down last week. Cut Freeman, fire Schiano, promote someone to interim, play out the season. If the team shows satisfactory improvement, change the interim to permanent. If not, clean house. If the owner’s don’t do that, the cancer is just going to spread.

  37. I have supported some bad Bucs teams in my day.. Worn my jerseys out in public after losses

    Im about to stop..

    Each day this is getting worse..just get rid of Schiano right now

  38. At this point it wouldn’t surprise me if Freeman’s camp was releasing the info. Nothing being said is that damning or could be flat out false for all I know. The more stuff that keeps coming out the more sympathetic Freeman looks,

  39. I’m sure Bucs Special Teams Coordinator Dave Wannstedt is advising his former Quality Control Coach from the Bears (Greg Schiano) on how to handle all these pesky player personnel issue – since he flourished at talking out both ends to his players.

  40. I would like to leak the information that Greg Schiano is one of the worst coaching hires in NFL history.

    Never mind–that information is already out.

  41. it started out opening day of josh freemans under performance with the chip of not getting a contract in the off season. then greg schiano because of his no contract drafted a rookie to compete. josh got a another chip on his shoulder. combined with schianos program josh under performed bad first 3 games, missed meetings, team photo, being late schiano and dominic finally said, you know what, this just isn’t working anymore. no team captain for this attitude, josh got benched, got pissed, wanted to be traded. the team was fully informed. there moving ahead like they should. No sense having his bad vibe in meetings, was exiled to a club suite. cris mortenson started digging and found his ADHD. josh got pissed again. wanted to be released. Too much noise for this club, time to end this.
    josh we release you.
    STOP blaming schiano
    STOP blaming the organization
    Understand their are fans that that are shell shocked and we did nothing wrong. We just want a season of football with our team…like you.

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