Hatcher: Cowboys aren’t intimidated by Manning


Like eveyrone else in the world paying attention to football, the Cowboys are impressed by what Peyton Manning’s doing.

But they’re not intimidated.

Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher was clear with that distinction.

Don’t think for one minute we’re scared,” Hatcher said, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “We ain’t scared of nobody. I don’t really care who it is. They’re going to make plays. Any team can make plays against you. We just have to play 60 minutes of football, very sound football against a great quarterback.

“We have respect for him, but at the end of the day, they got to have respect for us as well. We’re not a pushover team at all. We’re definitely ready to play.”

Confidence is expected, and admirable until it passes a certain point. Any defense which isn’t a little apprehensive about playing Manning when he’s in his current surgical form (138.0 rating, 16 touchdowns, no interceptions) isn’t doing itself any favors.

“He can be beat,” Hatcher continued. “But at the same time, you have to respect a guy like that. He’s probably one of the best. When he leaves this game, he’ll be the greatest who ever did it, so of course you respect him.

“You see what he does week in and week out. We have our work cut out for us. We’re excited about the challenge. I know I am. I enjoy playing against a guy like that.”

We’ll see if he has the same enthusiasm when the game’s over.

32 responses to “Hatcher: Cowboys aren’t intimidated by Manning

  1. I’ve noticed in recent weeks Hatcher is a pretty mouthy guy both on and off the field. He better pray he and his team don’t get served up a huge slice of humble pie on Sunday.

  2. “Any team can make plays against you.”

    Jason Hatcher just admitted the Jaguars could make plays on them.

  3. Cowboys defense will be a deer in the head lights for this game. Very confused and will not know whether to run or stand still. Either one they choose will be wrong.

  4. 16 touchdowns, 0 interceptions. Be afraid. Be very afraid. RG3, 6 touchdowns, 4 interceptions, 85 rating. Isn’t that cute? Dudes not even average.

  5. Yeah, I’m sure they don’t fear the reaper either. These schmohawks will be 8-8 by years end, make the playoffs and be unceremoniously eliminated on wild card weekend. Jerra will determine that it was a successful year.

  6. Both the Cowboys and the Jets would be Co-champions every year if bluster and talk actually translated into wins.

  7. Absolutely shocking! I’m so used to seeing professionals talk about how they aren’t worthy, how they are scared of their opponents, and how they just feel nauseous when they have to play against them. So refreshing to see an athlete with confidence for once!

    (Truthfully, the only athletes that actually admit they’re intimidated by another athlete are golfers. I’ve never heard so many players say, “We’re all playing for second” when referring to Tiger in his prime. Seriously, why would any competitor ever say that? Talk about self-fulfilling prophecy…)

  8. Nothing wrong with what he says. Most teams get beat by manning because they are awed by him before the game and go into the game thinking he cant be stopped and there is no answer to him. That is why teams like baltimore,patriots,san diego etc have beaten his teams because they think how to beat manning instead of bowing down in front his greatness. If you just keep applauding what he does to you and say he is a great player then you shouldnt be playing.

  9. I see Mr.perfect throwing some interceptions n this one. He will get hit n this game and then he’ll get jumpy. The press overrates him saying he is undefeated no the broncos as a team is undefeated. Manning can’t throw passes to himself so we will see how it goes when Sunday gets here til then Good luck to both teams !! GO COWBOYS!!!

  10. The Giants players said the same thing. and although he didn’t carve us up until the bottom fell out of OUR offense, Dallas is not equipped to stop him. They should be intimidated about duplicating Philly’s effort.

  11. FWIW Romo is 2-0 against Manning and the Cowboys were supposed to be afraid of the 9-0 Colts at one time, as well as the 13-0 Saints. They feared niether and beat both.

    Go Cowboys. Ride those Broncs.

  12. I’ve heard this nonsense from Dallas fans all week. Bringing up completely irrelevant past won-loss record when facing Manning.

    These are the same type of people who bring up Manning’s playoff record and ignore that this current Denver team is the first time he’s even had a passable defnese.

    In other words, neither has anything to do with the other, and Dallas having beaten Indianapolis YEARS AGO has nothing to do with this Denver team. You will get steam rolled like everyone else has. And Romo will turn it over trying to play keep-up.

  13. Quit whining Mr wrong a lot of teams get called out on past records what makes this one any different. So if u can’t take it I suggest u don’t dish it out. GO COWBOYS!!!

  14. These are the same type of people who bring up Manning’s playoff record and ignore that this current Denver team is the first time he’s even had a passable defnese.


    Watch football? When Manning won his one Super Bowl, it was his DEFENSE that turned up strong in the playoffs.

    And so far, Tim Tebow has won more playoff games with this team than Peyton Manning.

    And they won’t win a play off ame this year either. Bank it.

  15. I love when people pull this “Watch Football?” line. As if it isn’t evident that I watch every game every week. Standing tall and making plays in a game once in a while is one thing, the point is that he never had great defenses in Indianapolis. Denver’s defense is much better. There is no question there. The stats and eye test bear that out.

    And as far as the actual point here goes, Peyton has seen every defense, and PARTICULARLY this basic, remedial Cover 2, which the Colts ran for ages, in practice.

  16. shatho1 says: Oct 3, 2013 3:32 PM

    Quit whining Mr wrong a lot of teams get called out on past records what makes this one any different. So if u can’t take it I suggest u don’t dish it out. GO COWBOYS!!!

    Whining? When there is a point being made? Sounds like you can’t take the fact that Dallas having beaten Peyton 5 or 6 years ago has nothing to do with them losing by 27 on Sunday.

  17. Mr wright o I can accept the fact that we can be beat by them but if u actually think its going to be by 27 u r sadly mistaken u make me laugh GO COWBOYS!!!

  18. Manning can be beaten, but it will take a brutal pass-rush. Peyton will cave if opposing defences can knock him around.

    Absent that, Peyton will eat the Cowboys for lunch.

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