Incognito: Whole line “should be fired” if sacks keep coming


Things aren’t getting easier for the Dolphins’ offensive line, which has had a hard time keeping quarterback Ryan Tannehill upright.

And if they don’t start working better together, they might not be working at all.

They’ve allowed 18 sacks so far, putting them on pace to give up 72. And with the Ravens bringing Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil this week, those numbers might be heading up.

“If we give up 72 sacks, I mean, everybody should be fired; I think the whole offensive line,” guard Richie Incognito said, via Hal Habib of the Palm Beach Post. “That’s atrocious.”

“There comes a point in time as a competitor where you say, ‘This is enough.’ “And I think we’re getting to that breaking point. We’re sick of hearing about it. We’re sick of talking about it every week.”

With the move of second-year tackle Jonathan Martin to the left side, there were concerns about pass protection coming into the season. But the blame for the recent leaks is across the line, and not just the function of one guy getting beaten.

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  1. This is not a good week to stop hearing about it because suggs, nata, dumervil are coming to town.

  2. This is holding the entire offense back. They need to man up and protect Tannehill.

    However, Ryan needs to do a better job of feeling the pressure and stepping out of it. Still young and learning.

  3. The blame is also on the quarterback, and on running backs for missing assignments. It’s on all of them.

  4. It’s easy to blame the offensive line but it’s not that simple. The RBs and TEs have given up at least 5 of them and Tannehill is to blame for another 5 or so. I like how Tannehill will stand in there but he needs to deliver the ball or bail a half second earlier.

  5. Really should have re-signed Jake Long. I’m also surprised how bad Clabo has turned out. Maybe it’s a scheme thing.

    They better fix it if they don’t want Tannehill to end up like David Carr who has the record of 76 sacks…it’s insane that they’re almost on that pace.

  6. If I was someone who had anything to do with blocking I would have a chip on my shoulder. This game is going to be telling of what kind of team this is. This past Monday I saw defeat on their faces after Tannehills 1st INT.

  7. @Billsfan1 – you, more than anyone should know, they don’t hand out awards for “pretty good”. If the Fins dominated in any of those 3 wins, I might agree with you. But 1 was against Cleveland and we squeaked the other 2 out. Facts are facts – and here’s one for you… your team AND mine are only 1 game better than the pathetic Jets right now.

  8. Hey , it could be worse — they could be paying Jake Long a king’s ransom and still be giving up sacks left and right.

  9. the real mistake was not fleecing the chiefs, who would be CRUSHED right now without Branden Albert. all they had to do was give up a little more, and KC was game.

    can you imagine how much would be changed, KC would not be 4-0 with eric fisher at LT, and Miami would have much better protection

  10. It was statistically proven that blitzes lose effectivity as the season progresses. So some patience is necessary. Now if our young QB, LT, C, TE’s, RB’s are thick as a brick then that will kill us. What I mean is I trust our coaching staff can fix this if our players are/become capable of learning and executing protection schemes. Martin may suck but all I know is the Ravens won the Superbowl with a crappy LT

  11. this is at least the 3rd year in a row the Phins O line has been ranked 28th or worse in run blocking, pass protection, sacks, and hits on QB

    you gotta think the front office should be able to fix the talent situation over the space of 4 or so years, shouldn’t they?

  12. you would think so, but we couldn’t see the Jake Long melt down coming – and they had 13 positions to fill on the team in the last off season. I think they managed to fill 9 or 10 of them with a PK bonus! I think we all knew we’d need 1 more season under Tenny’s belt for him to truly elevate to the level we hope for him – and 1 more off season for the brass to fill the holes left from the last wildly successful off season. GO FINS!

  13. Philbin’s Phins needs to Phollow through on his promise to Phinally protect his Phranchise QB and get some Phirst Round talent on this terrible O-line before the inevitable happens. The Phins have an actual shot at winning this gawd-awful AFC_East.

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