Israel Idonije: I did what anyone would do in that situation


Lions defensive lineman Israel Idonije used to play for the Bears, which means he was familiar with the calls used by the Chicago defensive line to set up stunts when he was a member of the team.

After last Sunday’s 40-32 win, some members of the Bears reportedly said that they thought Idonije shared those calls with the Detroit offense to give them a heads up about what was coming their way. According to those Bears, it worked as Lions running back Reggie Bush made plays whenever they made their “power” stunt call. Lions coach Jim Schwartz said it was “ridiculous” to suggest that his team was benefitting from inside information, but Idonije didn’t deny sharing what he knew with his teammates.

“I mean, I did anything anyone would do in a transition situation. Nothing out of the ordinary or unique to any situation,” Idonije said, via Kyle Meinke of “I’m a Detroit Lion, period. My allegiance is to the Detroit Lions. I’m inside here. I have nothing to do with the other 31 teams. My focus is to help my team Sunday in, Sunday out, period.”

Idonije doesn’t think any information he passed along was as important as the offense’s overall game planning and execution, but it would be silly to think any player wouldn’t share what they know about an opponent in hopes of giving their team a leg up. Every little bit counts in a divisional matchup, which is probably why teams should change any compromised calls before games if they’re worried about what the opposing offense will do with them.

30 responses to “Israel Idonije: I did what anyone would do in that situation

  1. Lol if a team thinks their former player wont give their current team info. The bigger question is why the bears with a new staff didnt change up line calls on d.

  2. EXCEPT…. none of Bush’s runs came against stunting fronts. So…. this is kind of a non story. But hey, don’t let facts get in the way.

  3. Seriously, isn’t that what is expected of him as the FNG in Detroit? If the Bears are surprised by this they have deeper problems then their line calls.

  4. And the Bears had former Lions Landon Cohen and Amari Spievey in this year. You don’t think they had the same reason for that?

  5. Reggie made plays EVERY time he touched the ball, so him only burning them on “power” stunts is laughable. He was burning them on screens, too.

    The Bears had just signed Landon Cohen (former Lion) just days prior to playing us, at least we signed Idonije in the offseason with the purposes of having him around all season.

    Can’t wait to go to Chicago later on this season. Then you can blame it on Ditka, or Cutler, or whoever you want. We are going to win that one for Izzy, too.

  6. Bush league for the Bears to complain about this. Happens constantly all through the preseason and season every year.

    Teams pickup their division and upcoming opponents castoffs all the time for this exact purpose. If the Bears were too stupid to change up their calls that’s their problem.

  7. The Bears starting this by complaining about a league wide practice. Why can’t they just accept the loss and the fact that Jay Cutler will never be an elite Qb and everybody move on.

  8. The Bears coaching staff made a point to keep the same terminology as before since its a successful veteran group. Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have changed it thou. One funny thing is Trestman was the Raiders OC when they played Tampa in the Superbowl.

  9. Dozens upon dozens of players find new teams every year. You can be certain 100% of them are questioned about specifics of their old team/position.

    The real story is A. The big runs were not during stunts and B. The losers are looking for excuses and embellishing.

    They faced a bit of adversity and are not responding well. That’s the story.

  10. of course he told them what he knew,if the Bears were that dumb not to change calls they deserved to loose.the patriots are good at that.

  11. Of course he did. It happens all the time. Just like Jennings will tell the Vikes the plays the Packers are going to run based on line up.
    That’s why the Vikes take ex packers in the first place.

  12. You Lions fans are delusional. Keep treating this win exactly like it is…your biggest victory in 3 years. Remember how the rematch went in 2011? Get ready.

  13. I’m a Bear fan, and he’s absolutely right. If we sign a player, and we play his old team, his allegiance is to the team that pays him. Period. It’s more disgusting to me that, if its true, the Bears didn’t change anything!

  14. I can’t believe this is even an issue. its why some teams don’t even try with their 3rd qb and beyond, and just go with some guy who they hope no team would ever pick up.

    lot of gamesmanship with this stuff.

  15. The Lions o-line gave Reggie Bush huge holes to run through. Also, the Bears missed tackles because of Bush’s athleticism.

    The Bears got whooped and that’s the end of the story. They should be focusing on the Saints.

  16. Bears aren’t keeping this going, the media is. If they didn’t change their line calls it is their own fault. The funny thing is no one has picked up & run with the fact the Isreal basically “dimed out” that unethical little weasel, Schwartz! But what do you expect from him anyway, he just follows the lead of his owner!

  17. As a life long bears fan I agree, move on. Congrats lions we will meet again, that’s what makes this league so great we get another shot

  18. DELUSIONAL Lions fans, you make me laugh you really do. When GB hands you your arse this weekend I will laugh. When you play the Bears later this year they will dominate you. The Vikings will beat you later this year.. you and your craptastic city will win all of 5 games this year and you and your libtards will head down the fast track to bankruptcy as we watch your city burn.

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