Jags should send MJD to San Diego as part of fire sale


The current struggles of the Jaguars would make sense if they were in the process of tearing it down in order to build it back up.  But they’ve yet to start tearing it down.

The trade that sent left tackle Eugene Monroe to the Ravens could be the first step in what should be a fire sale aimed at turning the team around via increased draft picks for 2014 and beyond.  And the next guy to go should be running back Maurice Jones-Drew.

He’s currently contributing nothing to the Jaguars, rushing for 138 yards in four games, and averaging 2.4 yards per attempt.  Jones-Drews in the final year of a contract that pays him $4.95 million for the season, and he most likely won’t be back next year.  So the Jags should get what they can and move on.

Ideally, the Jags would have pounced on the opportunity to ship him to Indianapolis before the Colts, desperate to replace Vick Ballard, had sent a first-round pick to Cleveland for Trent Richardson.  While it would have kept Jones-Drew in the division, it’s not a division the Jags are going to contend to win absent the kind of help that comes from extra draft picks.

With the Chargers unexpected contenders at 2-2 and Philip Rivers carrying the offense, the best move could be to send him back to California, where he could help open up an offense that currently relies too much on its quarterback.

Injuries or ineffectiveness could create potential trade opportunities as well over the next three weeks and five days.  Regardless, it would be foolish for the Jags to keep Jones-Drew at a time when it’s obvious that the Jaguars are at the bottom of the NFL’s barrel.  To start moving toward the top, they need to flip their current assets into more draft picks.

Other players to consider dumping for picks include tight end Marcedes Lewis (hello, Patriots), safety Dwight Lowery, linebacker Paul Posluszny, and anyone else with a salary north of $1 million and skills that would be regarded as desirable elsewhere.

It’s not as if the Jaguars can get all that much worse without any or all of those players.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with this article. Jaguars need to tear it down to build it back up. Their new uniforms are a good start they look futuristic I like them. But the team has got to get better. The WR could be a good tandem if they got a good QB. I like Cecil Shorts a lot.

  2. paul posluzsny? hes the only bright spot on that defense. currently top 5 in tackles. just because their bombing the season doesnt mean they should get rid of every veteran presence. poz can be a veteran leader for te new guys and they are gonna need that.

  3. Only a good move if you draft well, Draft picks aren’t a guarantee to success in the future.


  4. They could send him to St. Louis. The Rams haven’t had a running attack since Marshall Faulk retired.

  5. But if they keep him and he walks at the end of the year, shouldn’t they get a pretty high compensatory pick from the league? Not sure they could get something better than that unless thenteam is sure they can resign him and he won’t be a 14 game rental.

  6. Get rid of Paul Posluszny? Wouldn’t he become the face of the franchise after MJD left? I highly doubt their defensive minded head coach would trade him away…

    You’ve gotta learn to chill out after you’ve already written a noteworthy story. Getting carried away takes away from your valid point that MJD should be moved.

  7. The chargers really need draft picks for their defense. While they are playing well this year, it’s only because Rivers is a bad ass because he isn’t being Norved anymore. They still need some pieces before they are back 100% contending.

  8. MJD was the NFL’s leading Rusher Gabberts Rookie year … I don’t think its a scene change, MJD just doesn’t have it anymore maybe.. but Jags games aren’t worth watching enough to see for myself but that’s what it appears to an outsider

    don’t worry Jags fans, this time next year you will be the talk of the town with that rookie sensation Teddy Bridgewater!

  9. “But they’ve yet to start tearing it down.”

    If letting Derek Cox, Terrance Knighton and Darryl Smith wasn’t a start, I don’t know what is. I do agree, however, we need to trade away as many vets as we can this year. Time to stockpile picks, baby!

  10. Little bumps and bruises have really kept this team from being competitive. I always thought blackmon shorts Mercedes and mjd was a nice core but injuries really kept them from playing with each other. Henne is better than gabbert, which is probably why they continue to start gabby. Bad defenive draft picks past couple of years too. As a raider fan I’d look into one of their players for sale worth 4-7rnd range . Tyson A. Or babin would be nice

  11. Send him to Oakland for a 5th. He’s from the Oakland area, would be a good fit, and the Raiders need a replacement for “I’m always broken McFadden”.

  12. Absolutely correct. After watching them play a few times the last 2 years, they aren’t close. Not even a little. Anybody on that team right now won’t be, or will be washed up, by the time the are good again. This is not about this year, or next, but 2015-2016. Sorry to say it, but it’s true. They need as many picks as they can get.

  13. What do you mean they haven’t started yet? Another example of how you really don’t pay any attention to what is going on in Jax…not that have given any good reason to. They blew up most of the roster during the offseason when Caldwell came in.

    I agree with selling off for picks any player that has value that you know will not be a part of next year. You are assuming that another team wants MJD and is willing to give something up for him. MJD has been less than useless this season…either injury or age…or maybe he is just holding back waiting for another team (I doubt it). He has lost a step and has had neither quickness or power so far this year.

    Oh and I hate Gene Smith.

  14. Does Khan have the patience to stick with a the coach and front office long enough to complete a full rebuild? Does he trust them to build the team correctly? Will the fans? The team is struggling in that market to begin with. They are investing public money into a stadium. It is kind of tough to swallow that if you are burning the team to the ground and starting all over. Granted, the team that they are currently fielding isn’t cutting the mustard, but wouldn’t the league office eventually come in and say, “You aren’t allowed to trade away your whole team and suit up a 53 random guys off the street” regardless of the number of future draft picks collected?

  15. Neat trade idea, I like it. The fire sale is long overdue already but it’s not too late to make some big moves to clean house of anybody that can’t help them win a SB. Use ’em or lose ’em, and if you aren’t using them to win games, then let somebody pay you so they can use them to win games. It’s called smart football planning.

  16. Not sure about the Chargers reference. They’ve actually got a more than average running game going as is. It’s not pretty, but it’s one of the reasons the passing game is going so well, and they’re constantly converting 3rd downs.

    As for MJD’s actual worth? Probably not much. He’s getting close to that drop-off age for running backs. He’s been injured before. Say all you want about how bad the Jags are, but his horribly low yards per carry are still on him. So, maybe a totally desperate team (Giants?) might need to take the chance. But I’m not sure who else would want to take the risk.

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