Jake Locker’s feeling lucky, doesn’t think hits were dirty

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Titans quarterback Jake Locker is walking on his own, even if it’s with a limp.

He didn’t think he was so fortunate when he was hit last week.

Somebody is looking down on me, and I appreciate it,” Locker said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean.

Locker will miss several weeks while the sprained hip heals, but he won’t need surgery, and they’re hoping he’s back around the time they return from a bye week to face the Rams on Nov. 3.

While Jets defenders Muhammad Wilkerson and Quinton Coples were fined for the hits that led to the injury, Locker said he didn’t think there was anything dirty about them.

“I didn’t feel like that on the field, and after watching it, you know, it wasn’t anything malicious,” Locker said. “I kind of got bounced into the second guy. I didn’t feel like they were out to get me, no.”

The good news for the Titans is that he should be back in a month or so. During a 3-1 start, Locker was beginning to show progress, and signs he was the quarterback they needed.

13 responses to “Jake Locker’s feeling lucky, doesn’t think hits were dirty

  1. Jake , you certainly are lucky and someone is looking out for you cause this is the worst week possible to be a Tiatns QB.

    KC is gonna put a severe whipping on the unlucky person who must line up under center.

    Of course you already knew KC was on tap, and you “luckily” are playing injured to avoid the wrath of the Chiefs

  2. Good to see Locker hitting his stride in the nfl. He was a standup guy at UW and was hoping the Hawks would get the full Titans team next weekend. Hope he gets back on the field soon.

  3. The hits weren’t dirty, but they were late. Wilkerson could certainly have pulled up but didn’t. He and Coples deserve the fines they got.

    And no, I’m not a Titans fan. I watch the Red Zone Channel all day, every Sunday, and I can tell you that outside of Brees, Manning, and Wilson, Locker has looked about as good as any QB in the league and it’s a shame he will miss time with an injury that could have and should have been avoided.

  4. Yes, he’s made a few bad decisions, but he has also thrown a lot of awfully good passes. Improve things elsewhere and maybe he wouldn’t be under the pressure he has been in when making those poor decisions.

  5. Pretty cool to see Jake Locker debut on the NFL Network’s new “Top 5 Quarterbacks” list per Kurt Warner.

  6. I had serious concerns about Locker as a starting quarterback…as im sure everyone else and their momma did. But he showed some grit and some real stones this year. You know, in the NFL of old, starting QB’s used to be groomed and then developed into stars…Tennesee was patient as they had to be with the 8th overall, but they stuck with him and gave him a chance to develop. Good on ya Locker and Tennessee for having some damn patience…hopefully it pays off soon. Locker is a good dude!

  7. great news for the titans .. he was starting to demonstrate that he “got it”. hope he continues to make progress .. i need him to throw to the WRs on my fantasy team

  8. I absolutely love this kid. He’s a football player, not “just” a QB. He never complains. I am really happy he doesn’t need surgery.

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