Josh Freeman fined twice by Buccaneers in past month

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It certainly doesn’t appear as though the issues between Josh Freeman and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will go away until Josh Freeman is no longer a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

How that ultimately comes to fruition is still up in the air.

According to Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated, the Buccaneers have fined Freeman twice in the past month for conduct detrimental to the team. The fines were for missing at least one team meeting and participating in an unauthorized media interview. Freeman plans to appeal the fines.

However, Trotter theorizes (as have we) that fines could just be a starting point for the Buccaneers. The fines could ultimately lead toward the team trying to suspend Freeman without pay while they attempt to trade him. The fines are just the latest in an ugly string of incidents between the franchise and their former starting quarterback.

Neither side appears to want to be around the other for very much longer. Freeman has asked to be traded or released, the Buccaneers are trying to trade Freeman but finding no suitors as of yet. It’s a marriage that seems destined for a divorce sooner than later. How much devastation is left in the warpath remains to be seen.

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  1. There isn’t a word in the English language to describe how bad this situation is. Its safe to say the Greg Schiano hiring may be the worst move the bucs have made in decades. No way a team with that much talent should be not just 0-4, but an ugly 0-4.

  2. The Bucs are maligning this kid just to try to keep from paying him. I understand the NFL is a business, but when you methodically execute a plan to assassinate a guy’s character just for money then you’re going to far.

  3. wow, good thing they got all those FA’s last offseason, cause no one’s gonna want to sign there now.

  4. This regime was never married to Freeman…he was the side piece from the day they walked in the building. They never wanted him. Glennon is the guy the regime is married to. If he falls on his face, it won’t take a genius to guess what will happen to Schiano and his boys. Any owner, even the absentee Glazers don’t like acrimony and drama to surround the product…remember Gruden and his technicolor rotating QBs?

  5. This team is coming apart at the seams under Schiano. Freeman defiantly has some serious issues and is not likely to ever be a starting QB in the league but the coaching staff is unprofessional and mediocre at best. Schiano was not a good college coach. How could anyone expect him to be a good NFL coach. He should go back to some small college and pull his drill sergeant routine on the young guys. The pros will never buy into it.

  6. Fire Schiano and Sullivan, name Dave Wannstedt interm HC and elevate John McNulty to OC and bring Freeman back and unleash him from this decrepit ancient offense that the Little General insists on running…no one wants to admit the fact that this scheme no longer works, just look at the Giants, same scheme same issues, I think after 20 plus years the NFL has figured out how to defend the Run-Run-Pass-Punt offense that Schiano and his offensive idiot Sullivan are running.

  7. The Bucs are a total diaster. First they pull that scummy move with Tynes and then they leak Freemen’s med. info which is suppose to be private.

    How can the Bucs organization not be penilized for this? Regardless however it got out it was under their watch that this happened.


  8. In the corporate world they call it “building a case”. It’s a strategy used everyday by companies that wanna “fire with cause” an undesirable employee”.

    Usually, the employee has done good work and has had no disciplinary issues recorded in his file. Then suddenly, a new boss comes in or he takes a stand unrelated to his job performance. That starts small counseling statements, reprimands and other negative personnel issues to be placed in the employee’s file. The discipline escalates, then suddenly they have on record, a number of “bad acts” against a guy who just weeks ago was a model worker.

    Now, he is persona non grata, public enemy #1 and the company is free to fire him or in this case cut or suspend him for actions detrimental. It’s so transparent, it’s not even funny.

  9. Starting QB misses the team meal before the opening game!?!? That’s bad. That was long before this squabble became public. No wonder he played so badly in that Jets game.

  10. they need to cut him immediately this hole situation was handled disastrously on both sides. Schiano has to stop the burning and change it isn’t impossible he Just needs stop being So stubborn, I honestly believe he can coach unlike many of my fellow Buccaneer fans who have turned on him. He simply has switch up his philosophy.

  11. Freeman may ultimately sink his coach’s career as well. Freeman has regressed badly under Coach Stalin, and it doesn’t seem that the QB is the only problem.

  12. It’s rare, but I agree with Dungy on this one. He said that were he the coach, he would tell ownership he had to cut this guy. One thing that makes organizations good is they don’t throw good money after bad. Eat the salary cap hit and move on. This is not good for the team or for Freeman.

    I also don’t side with the NFLPA on much but I am glad they are going after this one big time as far as the leaks. Whoever leaked this violated Freeman’s rights under the CBA big time.

  13. Who thought these fines were a good idea? The amount of public relations damage the Bucs are taking far, far, far outweigh Freeman’s salary. Just pay the guy and end this fiasco.

    You can bet the NFLPA is going to come after the Bucs hard, and they rightfully so.

  14. lennydpocketqb says:
    Oct 3, 2013 12:55 AM
    How did this relationship get so bad? Schiano reminds me of Josh Daniels chasing Cutler out of town. Bad move Bucs. Peyton is not on the horizon for you.


    Peyton might not be on the horizon, but Tebow is waiting by his phone.

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