Packers assistant raves about Josh Freeman


The Packers might not necessarily be interested in former Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman, though they have shuffled through backup quarterbacks all offseason.

But one of their assistants is convinced Freeman is going to be effective again, wherever he lands.

Packers running backs coach Alex Van Pelt was Freeman’s position coach in Tampa Bay in 2010 and 2011, and said “No doubt” when asked whether Freeman could still be an NFL starter.

“I loved Josh,” Van Pelt said, via Rob Demovsky of “Josh and I had a good working relationship. He was nothing but a pro when I was there with him. He was never late for meetings. We actually had 6:30 [a.m.] quarterback meetings; we were an hour before anybody else, and I never had an issue or anything like that. He did everything that I asked him to do.

“He was a great teammate, watched him work around the other guys and had a lot of respect for him. I don’t know what happened, but I know the guy that I was there with I really enjoyed being with.”

That’s a far different narrative than is being advanced in Tampa right now, and indicative of the fact the guy’s going to get another shot. Regardless his poor play this year, he’s been productive before. And given the scarcity at the position, guys who were first round picks and have been productive before get many, many chances to fail.

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  1. He was productive for one year. So was Derek Anderson. So was Scott Mitchell. So was Brian Griese. So was Heath Shuler etc, etc, etc….

    If you’re banking on what a guy did 3 years ago and ignoring what he’s done since (50 turnovers, 2nd only to Mr. Girly Head Band’s 52), its not a good thing. Freeman is no different than a rookie now, betting on potential and not results.

  2. Packers would be a good spot for Freeman. Good QB coaching and he can carry Rodgers clipboard. Can’t believe he isn’t an upgrade over Seneca Wallace in the long term.

  3. So….you USED to coach quarterbacks but you no longer do that and now you coach running backs (which is BASICALLY the same level of responsibility right?)…..well that’s good enough of an endorsement for me.

  4. Definitely an exciting QB to pickup with a fresh start. You just have to make sure he’s cool with you and understands the program. Today is actually the #1 day since before Freeman was drafted that I would be most interested in him. I never had any interest in him whatsoever until now that he is free and clear and on the super cheap.

  5. Thing is it’s easy to give a guy another chance, especially somewhere else, as long as he doesn’t have a reputation for being an addict or a tool. Good luck Josh I’m sorry to say your better off somewhere else. I’m not sayin Freeman is gonna light the world on fire but there’s always gonna be a place, if not starting, for a guy with his size and numbers when there are people that will make statements like Van Pelt. Good on ya Alex.

  6. Here come the idiot Bucs fans putting down Freeman. Stay classy Saint Tampaberg. Your whole organization is a bunch of complety dysfunctional losers.

  7. mrlaloosh says:
    Oct 3, 2013 6:25 PM
    Here come the idiot Bucs fans putting down Freeman. Stay classy Saint Tampaberg. Your whole organization is a bunch of complety dysfunctional losers.


    Actually it’s the other way around, most fans would rather have seen Schiano fired. The ones out there that still don’t think Doug Williams should have been a QB are the same ones thinking Freeman shouldn’t be either. Oh and that includes Schiano.

  8. who cares really? unless you are a buc fan this shouldn’t move the needle in any direction. he was average in college and the trend has continued…..

  9. In the last two seasons, I compared Vick (I am an Eagles fan) to Freeman. Not this season. From rotoworld stats. Vick-23 games played, 30 tds, 33 turn overs. Freeman-31 games played, 42 tds, 46 turn overs. Neither had a rushing td.

    I am not trying to say Vick is bad or Freeman is better, but they are about the same. Freeman and Vick are not great but they are starting qb’s in a league that only has 32 of them. Freeman is good enough to land another starting gig, and Freeman is a lot younger then Vick. He should find a job soon. I think what his team mates and this coach has been saying, not what the Buc’s FO has been trying to make him out to be.

  10. I guess I’m just not understanding where this defense is so depleted. I think that you want to believe that the defense is depleted because you’re just not a Green Bay Packer fan . Oddly enough the Green Bay Packers are 10 against the run and going to improve against the past now that they are healthy with Morgan Burnett coming back and Casey Hayward coming back. I guess its just jealousy!!!

  11. Freeman is a 6′ 6″ 25-year old QB with a rocket arm, a Pro-Bowl on his resume and last season had 4,000+ yards and 27 TDs in an offense from 1985 with a coach who’s views on QB’s are from the 1950s. Freeman will follow in the steps of Doug Williams, Steve Young and Trent Dilfer. Hell even Testaverde had a long productive career after being ran out of town.

    Schiano is the one that should have gotten his walking papers today, not Freeman. Schiano is going to be fired anyways, probably at the end of this season so why keep the s-bag around any longer?

    Best of luck to Freeman, you were railroaded by an out of control piece of garbage coach.

  12. atthemurph says: Oct 3, 2013 6:14 PM

    Packers would be a good spot for Freeman. Good QB coaching and he can carry Rodgers clipboard. Can’t believe he isn’t an upgrade over Seneca Wallace in the long term.

    Huh? Really? Good QB coaching? You cannot be serious?? They got lucky on rodgers, had nothing to do with the QB coaches. Name one successful QB that has COME OUT of GB in the last 10 years. Can’t, eh? They cannot pick and coach up anyone to be their backup! Flynn was a joke. So was Harrell. Should I go on?

  13. He would be a wonderful back up. I believe its been proven that McCarthy can develop QBs, Regardless of skill set. He has that skill set, some teams have problems with developing players with in their scheme If they believe he is best for the team its the right move to make. They need to do it.

  14. “Houston would actually be a good place for him the more I think about it.”

    Lay off the pipe and think about it again. Houston’s 2nd and 3rd stringers are both better than Freeman.

  15. I don’t think the Packers back up QB situation is that bad. It’s not like we’ll have to trot Joe Webb out there in a playoff game. Now THAT is GM incompetence.

  16. So the Packer assistants rave about Freeman while McCarthy raves about the “all you can eat buffet” at the Golden Corral

  17. I was born and still live in Tampa and I’ll honestly say I will miss Freeman. This guy showed he can play the game at a high level and I know he can still do it. Just didnt work out here. Good luck josh and I hope you do what all the other Bucs that Schiano cut do.

  18. I don’t think there’s any doubt that the main issue is that the new Tampa regime didn’t care whether they gelled with Freeman. You can blame Freeman to a certain extent, but once you frustrate the heck out of someone you can’t expect that person to perform at his/her best.

    Like any other talented player, put him in the right scheme and he’ll post numbers that blow through the roof. Look at Reggie Bush.

  19. yeah, totally got lucky…. it wasn’t like we had two first round picks and chose a bust receiver and a bust defensive end and are currently trying to convince ourselves that noodle boy ponder is a franchise QB.

    It was all luck.

  20. Kirschmania hit it right on the head. The Packers GM rarely ever signs an outside free agent. Of the 53 player roster only 2 have played elsewhere. He will go with a young player over a has been every time.

    Now the Packers know of a team in their division that loves to sign QB’s off the NFL scrap heap, loves to sign black QB’s, and is desperate at QB.

    Now that Freeman can be signed cheaply by a low revenue team. Perhaps the vikings will sign Freeman and cut their third stringer.

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