Trindon Holliday joins Peyton Manning as a Bronco player of the month


The 4-0 record and 179 points scored make it pretty obvious that the Broncos were off to a good start this season, but further evidence was provided as the NFL’s monthly awards for September were handed out on Thursday.

Peyton Manning’s 16 touchdowns and no interceptions made him an easy choice as the AFC’s offensive player of the month and Trindon Holliday has been named the AFC’s special teams player of the month. It’s the first time the Broncos have had two players of the month in the same month.

Holliday continued his streak of never losing a regular season game in September and had a hand in two of the wins with touchdowns. He returned a punt 81 yards for a touchdown in the Week Two win over the Giants and took a kickoff 105 yards for a touchdown against the Eagles last weekend.

Holliday now has four career returns for a touchdown and has returned one in every 10 kicks he’s handled in the NFL for a score. That number drops even lower when you include the two scores he had against the Ravens in last season’s playoff loss, making Holliday another valuable weapon for a team that’s got plenty of them.

13 responses to “Trindon Holliday joins Peyton Manning as a Bronco player of the month

  1. The ridiculous degree to which this team is just stacked on every side of the ball (albeit the D misses Von Miller) just further casts light on how little Tiny Tim Tebow had to do with the Broncos’ playoff run a few years back…

  2. Can’t wait until this arrogant team and their obnoxious fanbase come crashing back down to earth. Thanks a lot Texans for giving up on this guy way too soon.

  3. I like Trindon. Been watching him a long time. Exciting player. However, he has this irritating habit at fumbling at just the worst time. Maybe John Fox has fixed him.

  4. Holliday has only lost one game in his career, and he scored 2 Special Teams TDs in that one. Pretty incredible. An award well earned by any measure.

  5. There is no need to bash Tim Tebow but only a fool would not believe Peyton is ten times better. But this team is exciting and have brought football back to the Mile High Team.

  6. The kid was showing flashes of his talent w/ the Texans. They deserve a kick to the gut when sport center flashes some Holliday and bite the bullet on this one. Not only a return threat every kick, but w/ his speed he could have drawn some company from DB’s; opening up a bigger threat for the Texans WR’s to spread the field. Bad move Rick. Not like you were breaking the bank on this kid, and you knew he could play a role for winning the battle on Special teams.

  7. Hmmm…something smells like an obnoxious Donkey fan…one who wants to buy a SuperBowl instead of earn it.

  8. Donkey fans are nothing but blinded idiots who would lick Peyton’s sack just to be able to burn the city…ala the Avalanche Stanley cup.

  9. Any Tiger Nation fateful can attest to Trindon”SUPER 8″ Holiday as the most exciting LSU Tiger football player in the last 60 years. He has the heart of a giant. Its great to know the Denver Broncos have someone in front office operations that know football talent, and have the brains and foresight to pool the tallent and then just let those men geaux to work.
    GEAUX BRONCOS ..! 5-0

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