Wallace is “worried” by start to season

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On Tuesday, Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace managed only one word regarding his desire for more deep balls — “yeah” — before P.R. staff intervened.  On Wednesday, Wallace got out more than one word.

“I’m definitely worried about it because it’s game four,” Wallace said Wednesday, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.  “I’m not paranoid or anything but in Week Four it’s not the way I imagined my first four weeks going.  Definitely not.  I’m pretty sure it’s not the way anybody imagined it going.  So for myself, and starting with myself, [quarterback] Ryan [Tannehill] and coaches, we all got to do a better job and find a way to make it work.”

With a win-loss record of 3-1, some would say that, all things considered, it’s working.

“I got to make big plays,” Wallace said.  “That’s my main thing.  I’ve been used to making big plays.  And I definitely, definitely can make big plays.  That’s what I do.  That’s why I came here.  That’s why they signed me.  It just hasn’t happened so far for one reason or another.”

One reason has been the inability of the offensive line to keep Ryan Tannehill from getting sacked.

“I know one thing, we not going to be able to go through a whole year like that,” Wallace said of the lack of big plays.  “We have to make big plays.  We have to back defenses up.  That’s what we have to do.  Extra film work, different plays, whatever it is, whatever it’s going to take, we have to get it done.  We have to make big plays.”

It’s hard to tell whether Wallace wants the big plays because big plays make him look better, or whether he believes big plays are the path to winning.  Given that the Dolphins are contenders for the first time since 2008, chances are Wallace is thinking only about his own numbers.

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  1. SMH… The comments of a selfish player. No one cares about your stats. Your team is winning, the ball is being spread out. I wish the Miami organization would put a cork in his mouth.

  2. It could just be because he feels bad that he’s underperforming and not a knock on the QB of offensive play calling.

    (wait a second, this is Wallace we’re talking about. Forget I said that.)

  3. Wallace is the epitome of selfish players. He only cares about stats. You would think at 3-1 he would be talking wins, longevity, postseason, etc. But no, Mike Wallace is worried about how Mike Wallace looks. I’m greatful he didn’t sign with the Vikings because he’s selfish.

  4. I’m sure Wallace is thinking about his numbers, but I would think every receiver wants to make plays and contribute to the team. He’s right, that they will need him to step up as the season progresses. They’re going to stop putting a safety deep if the other receivers/TE’s continue to catch the ball consistently. And that’s when the big plays will happen. I will say that I think the Dolphins should get him more involved by running screen plays, end arounds and routes out of the backfield.

  5. Yeah…he’s used to making big plays. That’s why the entire NFL was in a feeding frenzy when he hit the free agent market.

    There is no ‘team’ concept to the diva wide receiver.

  6. Wallace is helping his team win by drawing defensive attention and coverage, but he doesn’t seem to have any awareness of, or interest in, the team concept.

  7. Mike Wallace will be lucky to be with the Dolphins after next season. He just sounds selfish and is all about “me, me, me” instead of the team. I can definitely see the Dolphins trading him in the next couple of years. Thank God the Colts didn’t sign him, that woulda been a disaster.

  8. Pretty sure I saw a big play hit Wallace right in the numbers and fall to the ground on Monday night.

  9. To be honest this is pretty much how anyone who knew Wallace’s game and attitude figured the season would go. He is a WR that pretty much runs one route but he is paid like an elite #1. Sorry Miami, you are a much improved team and you appear to be headed in the right direction, but this was a bad signing.

  10. He’s gone from being on a team where he made lots of big plays and wanted to get paid more, to being on a team where he gets paid more and now wants to make lots of big plays.

    Money isn’t everything.

  11. Most people would care less about their stats and more about that their team has won three out of their first four games…says a lot about Mike Wallace that that’s what he’s concerned about

  12. Wallace, you are selfish. You’re on a team that is finally starting to look good and you’re only thinking of your own numbers. Be a part of the TEAM!!!! Enjoy the success you are having on the TEAM!!!

    This is coming from a Pat’s fan.

  13. I agree with him. If Tannehill is going to throw interceptions better that they happen 40 yds downfield than on a 6 yd slant.

  14. People didnt believe us Steelers fans when we told you this would happen before the season. Not only does he complain but he drops passes. I counted at least 3 catachable passes he dropped on Monday night. And, hes still talking about going deep — one trick pony.

  15. Cue the Steelers Fans comments….

    Oh wait, I forgot they cant speak with all that Crow they are eating. No doubt, Wallace wants to be a deep threat, no doubt Miami is not getting Value for what they paid him, but Football is a Team Sport snd we are Winning. Go Phins!

  16. This is why you don’t give $60M to a one-trick pony. The Pats have gotten better production from Kenbrell Thompkins and he was undrafted, probably making the rookie minimum.

  17. The problem is Sherman is a dinosaur. He didn’t know how to use bush last year and doesn’t know how to use wallace this year.

  18. He is right that they need to get him the ball more. But it does not help when he doesn’t haul in the throws he does get. It surely doesn’t come off very well when he seems to be more concerned with his own stats or lackthereof when his team is 3-1. I bet every other player is feeling good about being above .500 and Wallace is thinking about himself?

  19. Funny how those huge dollar day one free agents signings never really work out. Wallace had a long ball thrown to him early in the game and he did not go up high and grab the ball. If he left his feet and went up for it he would have had a huge gain.

  20. And this is exactly why I’m happy that this stone-handed, Me first, one-trick pony is gone from Pittsburgh. And before any of U morons chime in with the Steelers being 0-4, Losing Wallace is in no way, the reason. That lies within Coaching & the O-line.

  21. Maybe i’m the different one here, but if I was being paid that kind of money and my team was winning, i’d be pretty happy. I’d be much less happy if I was getting 10 balls a game and 200 yards but we were 0-4

  22. For 5-10 million less he could’ve stayed with Pittsburgh and continued to get thrown a bunch of deep balls. When you change teams, variables change.

  23. For 5-10 million less he could’ve stayed with Pittsburgh and continued to get thrown a bunch of deep balls. When you change teams, variables change. Can you imagine what Wallace would say publicly if Ponder was his QB!?

  24. I don’t hear Calvin Johnson saying things like this on his 3-1 team.

    Oh wait, everyone would want Calvin. This is different then the Wallace situation, Calvin has talent.

  25. This is why he ended up in Miami and not for one of the top teams in a bidding war.

    Miami has looked incredible. Really good, and his young QB has surprised many with his poise and ability.

    But in Wallace’ world there is only Wallace.
    What a knob.

  26. Surprised? Not. I get what the Fins were thinking. Stretch the defense, take pressure off the young QB, and open running lanes. Problem, wrong guy. The Steelers didn’t make a serious attempt at signing Wallace. They knew what we all saw on MNF. Fast, fast, fast, questionable hands, poor blocker, and avoids contact like the plauge. O’ Hines Ward, where art thou?

  27. Only a WR would complain that he’s not getting the ball while his team has a winning record! Gotta love those Divas. It would be one thing if the team was losing, but this case? Wow!

  28. You have to be able to walk before you can run or in the case of this one trick pony, catch the ball before you can make a big play.

  29. This attitude really is a problem. His ego needs stats, the team does not. He is impacting the games and that is why he was brought in. If he makes big plays that is just bonus. The team is moving the ball effectively. Wallace needs to look in the mirror if he wants to gripe about stats. On Monday night, he dropped one of those big plays he speaks of. He does not run full speed on his routes and that is essentially his ONLY advantage. I have never seen him go up and fight for the ball. He waits for it to drop (no pun intended) into his hands. That will lead to more interceptions than there should be. With a better attitude and work ethic Wallace can be an outstanding receiver. If he cannot become a better team player, he will be nothing more than an overpaid diva that occasionally makes a play.

    He is right that they all need to get better. Play design is not as efficient as it could be. The protection needs to get better for the deeper routes to develop and some WR screens will pull the CBs and safeties closer to the LOS.

  30. maybe if he would stop dropping passes, he may get more action his way. he should shut up and play ball. his team is 3-1 and he’s whining?

  31. He’s right that not many people imagined the it going this way for the Dolphins. Most people imagined it going much worse. So if he thinks anyone else involved in that offense is seriously thinking about changing much of anything, he’s sorely mistaken.

    Do you think he even realizes their 3-1?

  32. One. Trick. Pony.

    Remember when all of the Ratbird and Brownie fan claimed that we Steeler fans only hated Wallace because he was leaving the team? Well, here’s why we hated him…. He started getting a big mouth just before last season, and we could all see it. Then he started with the stone hands issues. Yyyyup… This is exactly what we were talking about.

    Good luck in free agency after you’re run out of Miami in 2015.

  33. wearethesteelers says:
    Oct 3, 2013 11:35 AM
    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we know what we are doing.


    Yeah… what’s the Stealers record again? Oh, that’s right 0-4. Good luck with your rebuild.

  34. This is just one reason why Ireland is one of the worst GM’s in the league.

    That O-line is another.

    How much guaranteed money was that they gave him again? You won’t be unloading him next year for that reason alone.

  35. worst part is, this guy was already paid….I mean just be happy dude. look at d-bowe in KC, he is on pace for like 600-700 yards. he really doesn’t care, at all, because he is one of the best blocking WR’s in the game, he is paid like a star, and KC is 4-0

    Wallace, your team is 3-1, your offense looks good, take notes from Dwayne and just be happy. this is ridiculous. start catching those EASY 8-10 yard curl routes, and you may see the ball more

  36. One would think that the Steeler fans would be giving there great insight to the Steelers to help them win one game, can’t wait until Mike and Thill get there act together, I would love to see him catch a few TD on Dec-8. Seems like the Steelers fan base is having loser let down. Bill

  37. Hilarious to see Steeler fans saying “We told you so” and “Steelers know what they are doing”, when in reality the Steelers tried to sign him to a long-term deal and the reason they didn’t was because of differences over the money.

    But if they had been able to sign him, we would not have heard a peep about him not being team guy.

  38. Yeah… what’s the Stealers record again? Oh, that’s right 0-4. Good luck with your rebuild.

    It won’t take us too long to rebuild. We’ve put championship contenders on the field since the year 2001 along with the Pats and Colts, the 3 most winning teams in this decade.

    Even the Colts needed to trade away Peyton Manning and the overall #1 pick to land back on their feet. That’s not an issue, all teams, including yours, have and will go through them. That’s not the point.

    The point is, you highly overpaid for a selfish WR that will be a headache all..season..long that will evidently destroy a locker room and you still made the move knowing so. That’s stupid. Enjoy 3-1, but a me me me me me me me type player could be the sole reason where 3-1 turns into 3-6; 3-7, 7-9.

  39. Wallace is a double edged sword. His one trick is a great trick to have available. He will get his catches, some of which may be game changers, and the Fin Fans will like him again.

  40. Perhaps instead of worrying about getting deep passes thrown your way, you should instead be concerned with why you can’t get separation from opposing corners or why you can’t catch passes that hit you right in the hands when nobody is within five feet of you?

    Food for thought, diva……

  41. getyourownname says:
    Oct 3, 2013 2:37 PM
    Hilarious to see Steeler fans saying “We told you so” and “Steelers know what they are doing”, when in reality the Steelers tried to sign him to a long-term deal and the reason they didn’t was because of differences over the money.

    But if they had been able to sign him, we would not have heard a peep about him not being team guy.
    He valued his services a lot more than the Steelers did (remember him wanting “Fitz money”? and skipping OTA’s? and then dropping passes/fumbling?). It remains to be seen if he was worth the money, but Fin Fans are the ones calling for his head right now after 4 games.

  42. tkebean says:

    Sorry Mike but that’s what happens when you go from a top 5 QB to a bottom 5 QB.


    I needed that. A good laugh.

  43. Everyone is calling him selfish. But he is right. If you have speed on your team then you use it. It helps in the run game and the passing game. They could be 4-0 right now. I don’t think he is selfish, but what player doesn’t want the ball or to be utilized? Who wants to go out there and be a decoy all day. Give the man the damn ball. I wonder if Adrian Peterson was only getting 5 carries a game and said the same thing, would anyone call him selfish.

  44. I’m not sure if Tannehill can throw it that far. Maybe that’s why he isn’t getting it thrown deep. they did say he had to wait on balls in training camp.

  45. If you haven’t watched the Dolphins games don’t make stupid comments about maybe Tannehill not being able to throw it far enough, in the first game he was overthrowing him something people said couldn’t be done when he played for the Steelers. He is not getting big plays pretty much because of bad pass blocking and Tannehill still needing to learn when to leave the pocket and how to keep his eyes downfield when he does. And Wallace is right for the team to keep winning they need to make some big plays so teams will continue keeping their safeties out of the box. The problem I see for the offense right now is lack of commitment to the running game, the only game they really got stuffed in was against the Browns after that they have ran the ball well with Miller in the game but he is only getting 10-12 touches.

  46. I have said it for years now. Players have success with one team, another team over pays to get that player, the player switches to a team with a different dynamic & the stats 98% of the time don’t follow. There are countless examples, this is just another. Mike will be largely irrelevant going forward.

  47. As a Fins fan let me be the first to say that 80% of Fins fans are clown idiots that follow the lead on any topic. Is Mike Wallace crying about the ball somewhat concerning? YES YES YES…but we have ONLY played 4 weeks. Did anyone really think that Defenses would not pay him any attention…I’m NOT blaming Sherman or Thill but they will not force him the ball and that is a great thing but it might take MWall sometime to understand that concept and this type of offense. Call me silly but I bet those same annoying Steelers fans wouldn’t think twice about giving him a blank check right now because they look absolutely DISGUSTING. Eventually Hartline is gonna receive more attention, and eventually new plays will be installed, MWall’s numbers will pick up and hopefully his mouth will shut up. But for some of you to act like he is the worse mistake ever is beyond me, its only week 4. The same 80% dragged Thill through the mud last year when drafted only to be his best friend now.

  48. On the surface, it is a pretty selfish statement. However, if you look at it a little closer it is also sensible. The Dolphins running game doesn’t look that good right now. The defenses are able to play a little closer in because the passing game is focusing on shorter routes. They just have to make sure they are leaving one safety deep to not get burned by Wallace. If he doesn’t run a deep route then the safety can come crashing down, and hit someone with a running start. Without an effective running game, it becomes more difficult to pass block and the quarterback sees pressure more quickly.

    If more deep routes were thrown, then it would force the defenses to play further from the line of scrimmage and respect the big play ability. Moving the defense back then allows for a the running backs to find more open lanes and the offensive line sees less blitzes and stunts. This is what he was expecting to do, and what his role in Pittsburgh was. However, the caveat it is that Wallace needs to catch the balls that are thrown to him and be able to beat double coverage well enough to allow Tannehill to make the throws.

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