Bills find reason for loss, cut the punter


The Bills didn’t wait long to begin holding people accountable for last night’s loss to the Browns.

According to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, the Bills released punter Shawn Powell today.

That’s the kind of thing that happens when you allow a record night by the opponents’ punt returner, such as the 179 yards (including a 79-yard touchdown) by Cleveland’s Travis Benjamin last night.

Powell was signed last year as an undrafted rookie from Florida State, and took over for Brian Moorman, coincidentally, the week after a game against the Browns.

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  1. Why is the punter being blamed for poor coverage and poor tackling by the punt coverage team?

    The first time I ever heard of a punter blamed for this was also a Buffalo punter. For two years, Marv Bateman led the league in punting average. Then one day, one of the announcers made the comment that his punts were “line drives” that were easier to return. Then the rest the league jumped on the bandwagon. He was released after the end of the 1977 season, and never punted again in the NFL.

  2. I guess kick coverage isn’t that important. Guys were out of position, taking bad angles, and missing tackles. Not to mention, that kid is fast. But I guess the punter kicked it too high for them to be able to cover properly.

  3. Wasn’t he the one who made that Touchdown saving tackle on the first punt?
    Maybe they should look closer at the special teams coach.
    It’s not like he threw a pick six to end the game or anything like that.
    Tough career path

  4. If a cheap young big legged punter gets cut this easily…then there’s multiple vets soaking up cap space that should be let go as well.

  5. Yep, the punter’s fault. Not the 10 guys charged with running down field to tackle the ball carrier.

    I’d like to point out that on 2 of those giant returns, the punter was the man to finally knock the return guy out of bounds.

  6. people trying to blame the coverage…how about the 0 hang time he had going or the fact that he shanked 2 others out of bounds at there 40. He was terrible and has been since week one.

  7. Ya the punter will solve all of your problems Buffalo, maybe you should cut your whole team.

  8. I’m guessing a lot of you saying it was the coverage teams fault haven’t been watching many Bills games.

    His directional punting has been terrible since he made the roster. The only time he really gets distance on his punts is when he’s trying to put it inside the 20 (which will go through the endzone for a TB) or drills a line drive where the coverage team doesn’t have a chance to stop a return from happening. Just a continuation of last year. A street FA can’t do much worse of a job than what he’s provided to this point.

    But, at the end of the day, it’s a punter. Time to move on.

  9. Those of you who think the Bills are trying to blame the punter for poor coverage obviously didnt pay attention to the game last night.

    Coverage could have been better, no doubt. But this guys punts were pathetic. No hangtime, no distance, no placement. He was continually shelling out 35 yard line drive punts with no hangtime whatsoever, and always kicking it right to the return man. While coverage could improve, the punter does his cover team no favors by giving his team no time to get down the field. This opens up seams, coverage breaks down and the rest you know.

  10. On the punt return for TD there was an illegal block to the back , right in front of the returner.

    The refs last night were horrible. Just horrible.

    Not to mention the game itself was pretty much what you would expect from a Bills/Browns game.

  11. He’s been up and down all season. We have had outstanding coverage all season. He is poor at kicking directionally and struggles with any pressure… Not saying its fault but he wast very good so y not try a new punter

  12. Fire the special teams coach…the Bills have issues with all of their return and coverage teams…typical Bills, ready, fire, aim

  13. Remember when punters used to help able to angle the punt out of bounds (with the regular walking up the sidelines with his hand in the air)?

    Unless this punter went against orders, this is a misplaced knee-jerk reaction. There are 10 other guys that missed tackles or left their lanes.

  14. Carpenter doubled as punter for Miami. Powell is gone, release Hopkins and use Carpenter for both kicking and punting. He is only 27 and could have easily 10 more years left in him. By the way have Tuel checked to make sure he shouldn’t be throwing with his other arm. Give me an ancient Frank Reich over that guy any day of the week.

  15. @wwwmattcom

    What game were you watching?? On the first punt return by Leonhard there was a block in the back that sprang the return. Do I even need to mention the 2 HORRIBLE pass interference calls that gifted your offense the ball on the 1 yd line? TWICE. The WR was the one making the contact on both those calls. Buffalo scored one legit TD all night. Don’t blame the refs for the loss.

  16. Lol….anybody who’s watched Bills games in the past two years can tell you that this Powell kid was terrible. Low line drives and 35 yard shanks were his specialties

  17. They cut Moorman for being unable to directional punt as well. You can’t keep the young guy if he’s not doing the thing that you cut the last guy for.

    I actually thought he had some great punts earlier this year, but there’s no benefit to a 60 yard punt if you overkick your coverage. Get Kluwe in there, he’ll provide a veteran presence on an otherwise young special teams battery.

  18. On his next punt after the one that got returned for a TD, the ball was snapped high, to the left, almost got away from him, but I guess that’s his fault too. Same old Bills lol

  19. cowboys2014 says:
    Oct 4, 2013 12:07 PM
    This is why the Bills are the Bills. Probably the punters fault they lost 4 straight super bowls
    No. Thatt was the kicker’s fault….wide right

  20. I’ve applauded the moves by Whaley and the Bills to date, but this one really seems short-sighted. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense at all.

  21. To be fair to the Bills, he was pretty bad. Not sure he cost them the game though. I think the decision to have an undrafted rookie be the back up to a rookie QB was what cost them the game.

    I understand the Redskins did it last year, but Cousins was a 3rd round pick, that to even be drafted after Griffin showed they had to have had a lot of confidence in him.

  22. The only reason Buffalo lost is because they’re the Bills. They always lose. No scapegoat needed.

  23. This is like saying when you have an itch on your knee, you should scratch your elbow. Such logic is why the Bills are … well … the Bills.

  24. Perfect evidence that the Bills are a bottom dweller team.

    First, if the punter is terrible, who on the coaching staff or front office decided he was acceptable to begin with?

    Second, if the punter is terrible, why did the coaching staff not put extra work and emphasis on better coverage and tackling?

    Third, if the punter is terrible with poor hang time, poor placement, and lots of shanks, who decided to play this guy in the first place.

    Bills fans and homers, of course the punter should be cut, but how about blaming your lousy coaches and horrible front office? If anything, everyone knew how poor this punter was in the first place so the majority of the blame goes to the coaching staff (who could not coach him to produce better punts) and the front office who did not find a better punter in the first place. Bills fans and homers should demand heads to roll from the coaching staff and front office as well cause its always easy to blame the poor little punter, but how about the big bucks guys who are pulling an Obama to escape any blame?

  25. Punting here, punting there… I know that the landing spot plays in the return, but it is still easier to blame the one guy instead of the entire special team that missed a lot of tackles on Benjamin. Seriously, he should have been down like 3 times on his TD return.

  26. I was at that game…how do you cut the BEST player on your team? Seriously…he at least made a tackle on the first punt return…something nobody else on the team was prepared to do!

  27. o so its the punters fault they lost the game … last I knew the defense is supposed to stop the opponents offense from scoring how about putting some blame there what a stupid excuse for the loss.

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