Browns officials worried that Hoyer tore his ACL


There won’t be any definitive word until Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer comes out of an MRI tube later today.

But suffice it to say they’re not expecting good news.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Browns officials are “concerned” that Hoyer tore his ACL last night.

If he’s gone for the year, it puts the Browns in the middle of speculation about other quarterbacks (cough, Josh Freeman, cough) immediately, given the way the team didn’t promise Brandon Weeden the job back after injury. At the moment, they’re back to where they started the offseason, with Weeden and Jason Campbell, who was inactive last night.

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  1. Great win last night, however, Weeden really didn’t play that well. He would stare down receivers and his passes weren’t that accurate.

    I’m wondering if it might be worth bringing in Freeman. My understanding is that the Browns have a lot of cap room and could spend some of that money this year picking up Freeman’s contract. Unless I’m missing something, it wouldn’t be that big of a risk.

    Since Freeman was released, does he have to pass through waivers or is he free to make whatever deal with whatever team he wants???

    Again though, great, great win last night. Feels great to be 3 and 2!!!

  2. Just as you are getting your shot. I mean, to have been waiting for a shot for so long and you get it and this happens…smh for this kid. A hometown kid, too. He gets rid of the ball fast – which is necessary because our O-Line is horrible. He gets the ball away with precision, he doesn’t stare WRs down, he makes pre-snap reads like an NFL QB. Weeden may be able to scrape together 2 more wins, but we had at least 5 more, maybe 7 with a guy who actually looks and plays like he should be on an NFL field.

    He waited 5 years for this shot. 2 straight wins and a game on national TV? Just cruel.

  3. Weeden looked pretty good last night. Not much difference between him and Josh Freeman, you get some “wow” moments and some “wow…what is he thinking?” moments with both.

  4. I’m concerned too. Anybody who watches/follows the Browns knows it’s a completely different team when Weeden is in there. Weeden came in and did what he’s always done: hold the ball too long, staredown/overthrow his WR’s, ineffective in the Red Zone. And listening to that big red dope after the game he sounded like he silenced his critics. Please. The team responds better to Hoyer. They respect him. If Hoyer is done so is the season.

  5. Does weeden usually not play as well as he did last night? Considering how quickly the pocket collapsed every play, I thought he looked pretty good.

  6. I was hoping that Hoyer was the answer.

    Mike Lombardturd using all the selections in the upcoming draft makes me more nervous than a chain smoker in a nitroglycerine factory! (Think Jamorca Russell his last major find!)

  7. I think the Browns would be a lot smarter to look at Vince Young over Josh Freeman I think Vince Young is a proven winner will Freeman isn’t IMHO

  8. Most good trainers know right away if its a torn ACL or not. If they don’t know, either theyre not that good or its not a complete tear.

  9. The suggestion that Freeman is a worthwhile player to bring onto your team is just plain dumb. The man refused to cooperate with his coaching staff in TB and is just another spoiled brat of the me and I generation.

  10. Weeden and Campbell are both better than Freeman. Vincent Young? Seriously? The guy had a golden opportunity in Green bay and threw it away. Didn’t know the plays just threw to the check down. What was his average per completion 5 yards?

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