E.J. Manuel to have MRI on right knee

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Thursday night was not a good one for the knees of quarterbacks.

The Browns fear Brian Hoyer suffered a torn ACL and Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel was also forced out of the game after taking a shot to the right knee from Browns safety Tashaun Gipson. Manuel was able to walk off the field under his own power and the injury was referred to as a knee sprain after the contest, but experience with injuries initially described as knee sprains tells us that they can wind up anywhere on the spectrum from back at practice in two days to missing the entire season once more tests are done.

Buffalo will find out where on the spectrum Manuel lands on Friday. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Manuel will have an MRI done to assess the damage and come up with a recovery plan.

Manuel was injured as he tried to pick up extra yards on a run rather than ducking out of bounds. Coach Doug Marrone was asked after the game if he would have liked to see Manuel step out.

“I’m sure the kid wanted to score a touchdown,” Marrone said, via the Buffalo News. “I don’t think I’m ever going to, you know, tell someone not to score a touchdown. You know, EJ’s a tough kid. He took a shot. He scrambled. He made a first down. He’s trying to score a touchdown. You know, what do you say? Don’t scramble? Don’t what? Don’t score touchdowns? I mean, what do you think?”

If the MRI is clear, Manuel will likely get a chance to scramble again in the near future and see if things work out differently. If not, it will be a decision that haunts the Bills for a while.

30 responses to “E.J. Manuel to have MRI on right knee

  1. I like how Doug is a ‘football guy’, he gets it, but his decisions are a little baffling.

    Tuel was less than ill-equipped to be a back up – Mentally.

    Byrd – Could have played and provided some kind of relief for the secondary, that was playing on short rest. For Gods sake, you brought him to Cleveland – Spiller played.

    I don’t know if Hackett can hack it.

  2. Actually, yes Coach, you say be aware of your surroundings and get out of bounds. You’re the most important player on the team, you can’t put yourself in position to take shots like that.

  3. Shame on Bills for having the backup to their rookie QB be an undrafted rookie. Expect Freeman to pursue opportunities in either CLE or BUF – more likely CLE.

  4. Luck averages out over time…13+ years of incompetence from the front office to the coach’s office creates what the Bills have been through.

  5. In the long term … who has worse luck than the Bills ?

    I can tell you who. It’s the team that just beat the Bills. Should be interesting to see what Browns do now at QB.

  6. What do Peyton, Brady, and Brees have in common?

    Maybe once or twice a season will you ever see them sprint out of the pocket into the open field to be at the mercy of guys with a good 150 pounds of muscle on them.

    That’s why they’ll play into their 40’s…and Manuel, Hoyer, and these wanna-be “athletic” QB’s will be the answers to trivia questions 10 years from now.

  7. floratiotime says: Oct 4, 2013 9:32 AM

    In the long term … who has worse luck than the Bills ?
    Agreed, every time they get something going in breaks down.
    Good Luck Bills, a Viking Fan, that feels the same @#$#^$&^$ way.

  8. EJM must realise his value to the team as starting QB. He cannot help them if injured, learning to step out of bounds is an important skill for a player of his sort…

  9. “floratiotime
    Oct 4, 2013, 9:32 AM EDT

    In the long term … who has worse luck than the Bills ?”

    Ummmmmm…..the Browns?

  10. Tuel looked good in preseason. It was obvious last night that he hasn’t had any recent practice with the starters.

  11. Where are all of those Bills fans that were singing the praises of Jeff Tuel during the Pre-Season? If I recall, many of them thought Tuel should win the job outright and just let Manuel heal after his knee procedure. Pressure from the fan base had to play into the decesion to keep him around, atleast to some degree. I highly doubt Freeman comes to Buffalo, considering he has 0 shot to start once Manuel comes back. I also have to say, pretty classless Clevland to boo the QB that won you the game last night. With a bad thumb. For a team that has the label of “Factory of Sadness”, I would cheer for anybody who actually wanted to line up behind center, even if it was “I’ll pass on the sobriety test, officer” Kosar. It was a pretty dang good game though, wish people would stop talking about the 6-3 and 8-0 games.

  12. I don’t know what in the world the Bills thought they saw in Jeff Tuel in the preseason, but all I can say is they better hope Manuel’s MRI is clear.

    Marrone is a rookie NFL coach so I will give him a pass, but I am pretty sure this is the last time he will go into a season with rookies at 1 and 2 on his QB depth chart.

  13. rpiotr01 says: Oct 4, 2013 9:42 AM

    Actually, yes Coach, you say be aware of your surroundings and get out of bounds. You’re the most important player on the team, you can’t put yourself in position to take shots like that.


    Hit the nail on the head, exactly. Same reason why Kaepernick will wind up in the same boat, why RG3 will have a short career, and any of these “run option” QB’s will have their rears handed to them and have short longevity in this league. EJ is a beast and a big dude and even he got clocked and may now miss some time. QBs cannot stand to take the hits in this game like some of them are now. The running college QB thing will never work at the pro level for any length of time without a major risk/reward ratio.

  14. Discretion is the better part of valor. When your team depends on you, you can’t help if you get injured trying to get a few extra yards. QB is not exactly a “next man up” position.

  15. Better call Saul….er, Josh. Better call Josh Freeman Buffalo and get him on the team to salvage the season if EJ is missing any amount of time, because Jeff Tuel might be the worst QB I’ve ever seen. Tuel is like a non-running version of Tebow, it’s time to bring in a veteran signal caller.

  16. I guess he’s trying to not pile on at a time when his QB probably feels terrible, but that’s a really stupid answer from the coach. Yes, of course he should have gone out of bounds there. Of course QBs should slide before they get hit. Yes, you do tell the QB to not try to score a TD when there’s a DB directly in front of him and they are no where near the endzone. If he legitimately thinks it’s not his job to teach the QB to slide or go out of bounds in that situation, the Bills are deep trouble.

  17. Doug, he definitely wasnt scoring a TD. No one is saying he shouldnt scramble, but when you have already gotten the first, have guys bearing down on you within 7 yards and youre on the sideline you always, always, always step out unless youre inside the 5. You should know that as a coach too.

  18. Browns have worse luck than Bills? Hmm…pretty close but… Last night, I believe Browns went into the game with all their starters. Bills were missing 3-4 of those, with another 4-5 banged up, probably leading the league in injuries (for the 5th straight season, I might add), then Browns starting QB goes down, so the Bills say, “we see your starting QB and raise you our #1 WR!” (because we lost both). There is nothing more hopeless than expecting your favorite team to have among the most injuries in the NFL each and every year…

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