Giants place Chris Snee on injured reserve


The Giants listed six players as out for Sunday’s game against the Eagles on their final injury report of the week, but that number has dropped to five.

It’s not because anyone is feeling better all of a sudden, though. Guard Chris Snee has been placed on injured reserve, ending his season and likely sending him toward surgery on his hip. Snee’s spot on the line will be taken by David Diehl against the Eagles and his spot on the roster now belongs to linebacker Jon Beason.

Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports that there are likely more moves coming for the Giants before Sunday. The Giants may have to elevate Charles James from the practice squad because of their injuries at cornerback and Vacchiano reports they’d like to activate safety Will Hill after Hill returned from a four-game suspension this week. Because of the short numbers, Beason may be active despite never practicing with the team.

One spot that could open up is the one belonging to center David Baas. Vacchiano reports that Baas may need surgery on his neck that would end his season. Tight end Adrien Robinson is another possibility as he’s been ruled out for Week Five and has yet to be active this season because of a foot injury.

15 responses to “Giants place Chris Snee on injured reserve

  1. We’ve got injuries but, unlike other teams in the league, we don’t got excuses. I for one am looking forward to some of these young guys getting their p.t. We invented “next man up” and we stand by it!

  2. colonelcamp says:
    Oct 4, 2013 4:48 PM
    Giants stink.

    New team in town is the NY Jets. Don’t forget it.


    HA! Jest suck, they will always suck. Jets need to get their own stadium.

  3. Wow. For any New York fan of either team to be talking smack right now is pretty amazing.

    Really rotten what’s happening with the Giants though. Every team may have injuries but when they accumulate in a couple of key areas like O-line and defensive backfield it’s pretty hard to stay competitive.

  4. ustintuckrule says:
    Oct 4, 2013 4:39 PM
    We’ve got injuries but, unlike other teams in the league, we don’t got excuses. I for one am looking forward to some of these young guys getting their p.t. We invented “next man up” and we stand by it!
    Cool it, logical. Every other Giants story, you post an “I told you they were going to suck, you heard it hear first, they should just pack the season in, blah blah blah…”. Now it’s “next man up”? Go away, the Giants don’t need you. Go cheer for the Seahawks or the Broncos, front runner.

  5. No smack talking here. Just a realistic Giants fan. These years stink, but every team goes through them. Some teams go through more than others. Anyone think Browns fans or Raiders fans are feeling sorry for Giants fans? Hell no. As Giants fans, we’ve had it pretty good lately.

  6. There is work that needs to be done on both sides of the line. JPP is not 100%, Tuck is not as fast. And I thought work needed to be done in the secondary in the off season cuz Prince is always injured. And this all needed to be addressed after improving the aging o-line. I love my team and always will pull for them, & I will forgive a lot of Eli’s int’s when he’s just trying to make something happen. He’s not perfect, but there’s a lot of issues this year that the coaches need to change their scheme so what we have works. The Nascar package is not gonna work with this d-line.

  7. I think the state of the giants brings up a good question. The three teams that don’t do much in free agency and build almost exclusively through the draft are the Steelers, the Giants, and the Packers.

    I think all three teams need to come to the realization that the draft by itself is insufficient to build the necessary depth to survive the injuries that will surely come to all teams in a 16 game season.

    I think they need to adopt the approach of the Pats, 49’ers, and Seahawks as well as a few others to remain in the hunt every year.

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