Gipson “showed no mercy” on hit that took out Manuel


Browns safety Tashaun Gipson said he didn’t mean to hurt Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel, and he didn’t intend to gloat after the hit.

But he’s not apologizing for it either.

I showed no mercy,” Gipson told the Willoughby News-Herald. “I’m not a dirty player. I didn’t try to hurt him intentionally, but it’s a physical sport. Our quarterback took a shot. Their quarterback took a shot. That’s the way it is.”

Manuel was running for extra yardage (rather than getting out of bounds), when Gipson came in and hit him directly on the knee.

First and foremost, it’s the game of football,” Gipson told “Things like that happen. I definitely don’t intentionally try to hurt anybody. I wouldn’t dare do that. I’m not that kind of player. It’s the game of football. Our QB took a shot. Their QB took a shot. Not to say that we were trying to go one for one, but it’s the game of football.

“He’s running around on the sidelines. He could have gotten out of bounds. He didn’t. So it’s my job to bring the ball carrier down.”

Neither Manuel nor Browns starter Brian Hoyer were able to finish the game.

30 responses to “Gipson “showed no mercy” on hit that took out Manuel

  1. Since when is showing mercy in the NFL a good thing? He shouldn’t apologize, he was simply doing his job.

  2. Having seen the hit a couple times it appears Gipson hit Manuel with his shoulder and not his helmet. Seemed as clean and legal as can be…

  3. I’m not saying both QB’s got what they deserved but neither used any smarts to prevent the injuries…let’s hope neither is serious.

    If Hoyer simply does a feet first baseball slide he would have been fine.
    Manuel had the first down so get out of bounds but he made a rookie mistake for an extra yard or two and got crunched.

    I see no problem with either hit.

  4. Well, this should clear up some of the AFC Easts picture.

    The Dolphins rolled the Brown by double digits. The Bills still have a long way to go.

  5. True, true.

    The hit on Hoyer was suspect, I thought it was late.

    The hit Manuel was clean and definite payback for the hit on Hoyer. I’m sure the intent was to render Manuel ineffective for the duration of the game. Payback is a b!tch.

    Well done Brownies.

    Go Raiders

  6. You were trying to bring him down? And thats how you were taught to tackle? To go for the knees? With no attempt to wrap up whatsoever? And then you feel the need to reiterate that “our QB took a shot, their QB took a shot” twice?

    Sure doesnt sound like you made the best attempt you could to just cleanly tackle him. And when I was watching, it looked like you just dove at his knees.

    And NFL players wonder why they get fined. What happened to good, clean, wrap someone up in both your arms tackling?

  7. Are you happy NFL? Defenders will now start hitting O players at the knees bc if they hit the high, they will get fined! Expect more knee injuries…

  8. Can you just imagine how Gödel would go after Gipson if that was Manning or Brady that got hit, let alone the officials.

  9. There was no reason for Manuel not to go out of bounds on that play. Bills win that game if he doesn’t go down.

    Terrible job by the Bills front office thinking an undrafted rookie will serve as a legitimate backup plan if your QB goes down. The Browns have 2 guys who’ve started games on their benches at least. Buffalo needs to get on board with that. When Kolb went down, some with experience not named Matt Leinhart should have been called.

  10. I think he hurt him intentionally. It’s not like the QB is a big player and taking him low is the easiest way to go. I would have wanted to hit him straight in the chest. But eye for an eye. Understandable.

  11. True that. If he were trying to go “one for one” he’d have gone helmet to helmet & not been flagged.

    Of course, it was Hoyer’s awful attempt at sliding, not the hit, that did him in . . .

  12. The running QB syndrome will be over with in this league soon enough.

    There’s a reason why these college offenses haven’t lasted in the big leagues.

    Teams had better be out there looking for prototypical pocket passers, because maximum protection is the name of this game. Without it, you don’t last a full season, let alone a whole career.

  13. The dumbest part of “our QB took a shot” is, your QB more or less did it to himself with that weird slide attempt. They didn’t hit him in the knees.

  14. Everyone needs to stop with the intentional hit stuff. Hoyer should have slid, Manuel should have gone out of bounds. Both football plays, both legal hits. I’m from Cleveland and root for the Browns, everybody should just see it for what it is, good football plays, and bad QB decisions! God, I hate all the over analysis!

  15. Cheap shot by a coward. Hitting him was legal, but going after his knee was dirty.

    This type of thing will eventually, inevitably push Goodell towards banning knee hits, to go along with head shots.

    Nice job, tough guy! You’re the reason we’re losing football as we know it.

  16. Poor tacklers just use the excuse that high hits will be penalized. What’s being (and should be) penalized is the illegal spearing technique which now generations of young players have seen and been taught. So now instead of spearing the head they are spearing the knees. Illegal both ways. And to the expected thumbs-downers, if you ever played, then you must have been the cheap-shots that I loved crushing downfield on the backside of a long run when you weren’t paying attention. An o-lineman’s wet dream. If I were Gipson, I would look over my shoulder and not stand around the pile. It could be hazardous to his health.

  17. maybe here Gipson should’ve hugged Manuel and ask him nicely to lay down on the turf.

  18. EJ Manuel is 6’4, 240 lbs and you expect a DB to just wrap him up when he’s tiptoeing down the sideline?

  19. Hoyer didnt have the best slide, but the defender who came in late to hit him is what caused Hoyers leg to roll over.

    Manuel was bigger than our DB and still in bounds. Gipson wanted to make sure he got the QB, so he went low. Legal but dangerous hit. Sure Gipson could have gone for the chest, but there was a chance that he could have bounced off or whiffed and Manuel turns it in to a longer gain. These young QB’s need to learn its better to take what you are given and get the heck out of bounds!

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