Gronkowski currently viewed as unlikely to play on Sunday

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It’s looking like at least another week before Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski takes the field.

A league source tells PFT’s Mike Florio that Gronkowski is currently viewed as unlikely to play in Sunday’s game at Cincinnati, making for five straight weeks to start the season that Gronk is sidelined.

Of course, “unlikely to play” doesn’t mean “definitely not playing,” and the Patriots surely like the uncertainty surrounding Gronkowski’s status. The Bengals aren’t likely to find out for sure whether Gronkowski is playing until at least the time on Saturday when the Patriots’ flight leaves for Cincinnati, as that’s how long the Patriots waited last week to declare Gronkowski out.

And even if Gronkowski does go to Cincinnati, a final decision still wouldn’t be made until pregame warmups. So we’re still about 48 hours from knowing for sure if Gronk can go. But for now, it looks unlikely.

30 responses to “Gronkowski currently viewed as unlikely to play on Sunday

  1. 2 hours from now – Gronkowski 100% certain to play on Sunday !

    This evening – Gronkowski not likely to play on Sunday

    Tomorrow morning – Gronkowski IS going to play on Sunday !

    Tomorrow afternoon – Gronk not on team plane to Cincy not going to play.

    I think that about covers the upcoming Gronk updates for later today and tomorrow.

  2. The pats are just trying to get healthy for the Dolphins because they realize they’ve already lost the division. They will sit their players until they play the Dolphins and everyone will pretend it was the most genius move ever pulled off in the NFL. The difference is they won’t have enough secret video to stop the Dolphins from blistering their back sides, and sending Brady into an early retirement.

    Oh….and check the name. I’m always right, which means you are wrong!

  3. I think Gronk is playing games with the Pats now!
    He thinking as I and not team! He is young and well pass the time it takes to heal for the injuries he had!
    He has his own agenda at this time being advised by a bunch of idiots!

  4. I guess the Dolphin fan did not watch the game on Monday night.Not that it matters but there QB may not live till they play the Pats.All the QB does is fumble throw Interceptions and get sacked.That will not beat anybody especially the Pats

  5. I’m losing my patience with the Gronk. He’s been cleared by the team and is now putting off his return because daddy doesn’t want him to get hurt. It’s a physical game, if you’re afraid of getting hurt, odds are you will. I want the old Gronk back, the one who landed on his head and popped up, spiked the ball and headed back to the huddle.

  6. The Pats are 4-0!

    There is no pressing need to bring him back before he is 100%.

  7. Man I feel sorry for the poor saps who kept him as a keeper in their league expecting big numbers.
    I especially feel sorry for those who passed on Graham for Gronk…nah I don’t.
    Graham is the best Tight End in the league and if you didn’t see that, your bad.

  8. wearethesteelers says:
    Oct 4, 2013 12:53 PM
    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall…
    the Pittsburgh Steelers have had great fall
    all the past glory, even 6 rings
    aint gonna save ‘ya from everyone’s zings.

  9. I wouldnt blame Gronks camp for not wanting him to play this game unless had his “sea legs”. Cincinnati D, LB’s play less than clean and gronk would have a big bullseye on his jersey.

    On another note.

    I hope he’s back soon. The NFL is a little more fun with that meathead playing.”

    Edith: Oooh, Archie. Leave Michael alone.

    Steelerben: Go stifle yourself, Edith. HUH!

  10. Will Gronkowski finally make his miraculous recovery next week when big, bad Jimmy Graham comes to town?

    Magic 8 Ball sez: All signs point to YES!

  11. ilovefoolsball says:
    Oct 4, 2013 1:17 PM
    ……I especially feel sorry for those who passed on Graham for Gronk…nah I don’t.
    Graham is the best Tight End in the league and if you didn’t see that, your bad.

    If anyone chose any other TE with Graham still available, well,, I would like to see how their team is doing right now.

  12. I’m not a Patriots fan and I’m elated the Giants beat them twice when it counted, although I hate to see these dynamic, exciting players such as Gronkowski sidelined. Hope all works out for him and to resume his career without recurring issues.

  13. If he doesn’t play, their only tight end is likely to be Hoomanuwanui, right?

    Hooman has been getting most of the regular season snaps to this point, and Mulligan who came out of nowhere to catch that touchdown last week.

    They’ve been using the fullback Devlin to do some run blocking that in previous years would have been a tight end.

  14. I’d rather Gronk be more comfortable playing in November, when games really count. The offense put up 30 on the road last week and the team is 4-0. Where’s the urgency?

  15. I see a trend:
    Throughout the week – Gronk playing
    Frid – Gronk unlikely
    Sat – Gronk out

    I will believe it when I see him on the field. Anyways once a player is injured he has to start from scratch with larger expectations.

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