Jerry Jones “disappointed” in players Jerry Jones drafted

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Cowboys coach Jason Garrett hasn’t been afraid to wield the one power he has over the Cowboys roster — playing time.

In recent weeks, he’s benched former sixth-overall pick Morris Claiborne, and now it appears 2011 second-rounder Bruce Carter is losing his job to Ernie Sims.

That has owner/G.M. Jerry Jones wondering what went wrong.

I am disappointed they aren’t playing better,” Jones said, via Rainer Sabin of the Dallas Morning News. “I don’t think I am as disappointed as they are. We think they would play at a higher level, . . . I expect them to — and I think they will – step up their game.”

Both players have been liabilities in pass coverage, despite physical talents that should make them effective in that regard. So coaches have replaced them, despite the inherent edge that comes with draft status.

“I respect what the coaches feel like they need to do to get the most out of our players,” executive vice president and son-of-owner Stephen Jones said. “We certainly respect the decision they’ve made in terms of who is going to start and who is going to play at what. Obviously, we do need accountability. Any time you bench a player who has played well for you, and both of them have, that’s disappointing. But I have every confidence in the world both those gentlemen will respond and respond well.”

Coaches come and coaches go in Dallas, and Garrett was jerked around all offseason over who’d call offensive plays, with that power ultimately taken away from him.

But much of the reason the Cowboys are in a “rut” lies with the personnel department, where it’s hard to expect the same degree of accountability since the names are the same as the ones on the bottom of the checks.

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  1. Jerry has a lot to be disappointed about. The Cowboys always have great promise but seem to under deliver.

    In the end the fault lies with the person running the team. In the case of Dallas it’s Jerry Jones as Owner, GM and Head Coach by proxy.

  2. “Jerry Jones “disappointed” in players Jerry Jones drafted” . . . . . So is everyone else.

    Jerry Jones is on TILT.

  3. That’s what always happens when there’s no continuity in the coaching staff. All those defensive picks were brought in to play in Rob Ryan’s man-to-man blitz scheme. Then they bring in Monte Kiffin’s 2-deep zone defense and none of the players fit the scheme.

    That’s the GM’s fault, Jerry.

  4. The whole Jerry Jones situation has Al Davis 2.0 written all over it and I’m loving it. Dallas will never win anything until they hire a GM. Fortunately that’s not going to happen as long as Jerry is living.

  5. Even the GM admits the GM stinks.

    It’s a little early to write off Claiborne and Carter. Their play so far this year has been dismal and both are coming off injuries from last season. I wonder how much that is playing a role.

  6. He should be, they are staying afloat because of Parcells picks!! Those guys will have to retire sometime, and back to mediocrity the Cowboys will go..

  7. Lucky for the ‘Boys this year that they’re playing in the worst division in the NFL where 8-8 (maybe even 7-9) will be just fine to win a playoff spot.

    Not that that playoff spot will matter but at least they’ll be in.

  8. Drafting is a hard business. You see how these kids perform in another system for someone else and you believe their skills will transfer. It is like picking actors you saw in a movie with another cast and director. Are they good on their own? Is it the rest of the cast that makes them look good? The script? The director? You get them on your team playing a similar part with a different script, cast and director and suddenly they don’t do as well as you saw them before. Other draftniks lauded your move so other people believed at the time that they were good picks.

    Drafting is a crap shoot, the biggest in sports. You win some and you lose a lot. You just try not to lose big early with the top few picks.

  9. Jerrah needs to fire himself as the GM and bring in a brilliant personnel man like Scott Pioli.

  10. Maybe if Jerry hire a gm and get out the way maybe good players would get drafted, the new Al Davis with lese football knowledge

  11. hope ESPN and the NFL Network discuss this at length with Jerry on draft day. I love watching him make excuses and tell us about the greatness of the Cowboys.

  12. Jerrah, you should be disappointed in yourself. Said it before and will say it again—You Are Not A Football Guy! But denial is an important part of his makeup. Knowledgeable Cowboy fans already know this.

  13. “Both players have been liabilities in pass coverage, despite physical talents that should make them effective in that regard.”

    Morris Claiborne a liability in pass coverage? He’s a DB? Isn’t that the main purpose of his job?


  14. In as much as I dislike anything Cowboys, I do respect any organization that sits their high draft picks in favor of whoever beats them out. I hate it when a high draft pick gets plugged in, handed a job so to speak when they are clearly underperforming. Cousins should have been starting over RG3 ever since the Seahawks game.
    Look at that mess now. Kudos for polling the plug earlier rather than later.

  15. This guy is horrible because he is an idiot but thinks he is a genius.
    That is the worst kind of idiocy as it is dangerous.

  16. Jerry has advisors, he ultimately makes the final decision but input from personell trumps anything.

    Bad input = Bad results


  17. So, does that mean Jerry Jones the owner is finally ready to move on from Jerry Jones the General Manager. Afterall, he does have the brain of somebody much younger. Money’s still on “Nah,” though.

  18. this is disappointing but Dallas has had a lack of discipline over the years. so maybe this will get the attention of other players and the players being benched. I’m a fan and I hate to see them get benched but it is what’s best for the team right now. GO COWBOYS!!!

  19. For supposedly being such a savy businessman, he isn’t smart enough to hire the right people then let THEM do their job.

    How many good to excellent people has he hired then fired because he can’t stop micro-managing?

  20. I’m a Dallas fan but they have lacked discipline over the years I hate to see these guys get benched but maybe it will make them wake up.

  21. hailskins94 says:Oct 4, 2013 8:14 AM

    The whole Jerry Jones situation has Al Davis 2.0 written all over it and I’m loving it. Dallas will never win anything until they hire a GM. Fortunately that’s not going to happen as long as Jerry is living.


    You should probably worry about your own team. You haven’t won anything even when your Jerry Clone owner hired a GM. And even more importantly, RGKnee looks pretty busted. Good thing you gave up all those draft picks!!

  22. Jerry Jones is confused about why the draft picks he made aren’t playing better because he doesn’t understand football as well as he thinks he does.

    A hall of fame caliber player can thrive in just about any system and great players can be successful in multiple systems. There are not many hall of famers and great players available in every draft. Players that are at a high skill level are given the best chance to excel if they are played in a system they fit in.

  23. My late Dad had a saying about guys who overestimate their intelligence. He used to say, “He doesn’t understand all he knows.”

    That’s Jones and his alleged football intelligence.

  24. As a. Cowboys fan of 45 years it’s sad to see what was once one of the best organizations in sports become one of the worst. Jerry and his son really don’t have a clue. To say the Cowboys are irrelevant is wrong because they are still the most relevant team in the league. However relevance does not equate to victories. And as long as the Jones boys own the team, victories and losses will be about the same in number.

  25. Everyone can draft well in round 1 & 2 (even Jerry).
    It’s what you do after that sets teams apart.
    Dallas has sucked in this area outside of the Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells era.

  26. Funny how the Cowboys fired their DC, who went with another team and turned that defense around 180°.

    Jerrah ought to be sitting with the fans in the nosebleed section instead of insulating himself in the owner’s box.

  27. tremoluxman says:
    Oct 4, 2013 11:16 AM
    My late Dad had a saying about guys who overestimate their intelligence. He used to say, “He doesn’t understand all he knows.”


    Man. I’ve never heard that but that is great!

  28. The most common complaint I hear about Jerry is that he isn’t a “football guy”. He won a national championship as a football player for Arkansas and won 3 superbowl trophies as an owner. There isn’t a person who reads this site who wouldn’t be as involved in the teams personnel as the Jones family if they were fortunate enough to own an nfl franchise. I’ve seen tons of “respected football guys” come and go in this league without having a sliver of success. One team wins it all every year and when the cowboys aren’t that team, everyone kills the Jones’s but I’d rather have an owner who cares more about winning than just eating caviar in the owners box and collecting a tv revenue check any day. He’ll get another Lombardi someday and with 4, he’ll get the repect he deserves whether you dopes like it or not.

  29. Since 1997 Cowgirls are 130 & 130. The perfect example of a .500 team. Every year they are picked to go to the super bowl. Figure that one out…..

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