John Harbaugh: If Eugene Monroe is comfortable, he’ll probably play on Sunday

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Eugene Monroe is officially a member of the Ravens, which means the big question is when he’ll make his debut at left tackle.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh left the door open for Monroe to play on Sunday when the Ravens take on the Dolphins, saying that Monroe has been working diligently to pick up the offense as quickly as possible. Harbaugh said that things still need to be sorted out, but that Monroe’s own opinion of his readiness will factor heavily into the team’s ultimate decision.

“The good thing is he knows what it’s like to play,” Harbaugh said, via Jamison Hensley of “If he gives us feedback and he says he’s comfortable and he can go, I would think we’d be very confident that he knows what he’s talking about.”

If Monroe does play on Sunday, there’s a good chance that he’d work in a time share with Bryant McKinnie to get him time in the offense without sacrificing anything from the playbook that Monroe might not be ready to run. Getting that experience now would speed up the time it would take for Monroe to hold the job on his own and for the Ravens to start seeing a return on what they spent to bring him to Baltimore.

11 responses to “John Harbaugh: If Eugene Monroe is comfortable, he’ll probably play on Sunday

  1. As opposed to other players that don’t know how to play? Who are those guys and makes Eugene so special that he would know if he can play while others wouldn’t be able to know that? I don’t understand what the heck Harbaugh is talking about, sounds like mindless banter to me that isn’t saying anything substantive or interesting.

  2. Looks like more time for McKinnie to enjoy boats and hoes… or maybe buses and hoes… or pretty much anything and hoes

  3. “coachjohnharbaugh says: Oct 4, 2013 3:23 PM

    this guy is going to help us as we are well on our way to repeating as world champions”

    Can he play receiver and MLB too?

  4. Ravens franchise is as strong as ever. This may be the final piece the offense needs to get back into Superbowl Champion form. All Washington R-Words fans our jumping ship, to cheer for the kings of the NFL, the Baltimore Ravens.


  5. Eugene Monroe is not going to solve every issue that Baltimore has, but he’s a really nice player at an important position, and he will be replacing a player in McKinnie who thus far in the season had been mailing it in.

    Baltimore has two RBs who are excellent, and to have only 9 total carries (due to ineffectiveness) against a team that gave up almost 200 yards on the ground to the Jets is inexcusable.

    Monroe will help. It’s not going to make Baltimore a juggernaut, but it will definitely help.

  6. ravanator says: Oct 4, 2013 3:42 PM

    Fake username from a Steeler fan. We know when it started and why. We have a pretty good idea who it is too. It is out there making a fool of itself on other articles making Ravens look like drooling idiots.

  7. Maryland is a busy state. If the Redskins aren’t playing there is no football. The Ravens are a waste of time and money. #LookslikeIllbewatchingSoccerthisSunday

    Good one, Nofoolnodrool. Your Redskins are 1-3. Big whoop.

  8. What I think will actually happen is this…

    Mckinnie will end up being the dominant force he was in the playoff run.

    This will shift Monroe to the right side

    Other will be traded or moved to a guard spot.

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