Luke Tasker catches first CFL TD pass Friday night

A couple weeks ago, we passed on the news that wide receiver Luke Tasker, the son of CBS analyst and longtime Bills receiver Steve Tasker, had signed with the Canadian Football League’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Well, Luke Tasker is already contributing for his new club. Last week, he was active for his first CFL game, catching four passes for 53 yards.

And on Friday night, he scored his first CFL touchdown, hauling in a 24-yard reception from Henry Burris in the first quarter of Hamilton’s game at Toronto.

Tasker, who played collegiately at Cornell, spent the preseason with the Chargers before being waived on August 30.

16 responses to “Luke Tasker catches first CFL TD pass Friday night

  1. He was my teammate for 4 years in college. Never met a kid who worked as hard and lived football like he does. Whoever gives him an NFL chance is making a great decision .

  2. Wait, Henry Burris? The Henry Burris who in Bear fan legend is the worst QB we’ve ever had?! ( and that’s really saying something!!) Now I’m reliving the horror!

  3. On another irrelevant note, anyone watching the Braves fans chanting the stadium warcry and doing the mass-tomahawk chop on national TV in Atlanta ? It seems much more offensive than anything that occurs at Redskins games.

  4. I’m watching that game right now. Brandon Banks, formerly of the Redskins, has been on kickoff and punt returns today for the Tiger-Cats, and he’s doing alright.

  5. And for the first time in five games the Argos did not erase a halftime deficit to win. Not worried though, they’ll still end up winning the division AND A SECOND STRAIGHT GREY CUP!!


  6. Not a Bills fan, but Steve Tasker was one of the most underrated beasts in NFL history. Guy was all heart

  7. I care. I like the fact that NBC doesn’t act ‘to big’ to post a couple words about the cfl. Some great players have come from that league like cam wake and Brandon browner not to mention Garcia ect. Don’t act like such an ignorant American. If you didn’t care so much don’t read the article and then post something about it…

  8. Steve Tasker is such a bad announcer that I hope his son’s career lasts 30 years…. out of fear that his son might become an announcer, too.

  9. What a Hoser, Eh…? Time for a smoked meat sandwich and poutine. Don’t you know the Habs game is on? Its opening night!

  10. doctorrustbelt says:
    Oct 5, 2013 5:14 AM

    Steve Tasker is such a bad announcer that I hope his son’s career lasts 30 years…. out of fear that his son might become an announcer, too.

    Really? IMO, Tasker is one of the better announcers for the NFL. He adds an angle that most of these other analyst’s don’t. Seeing as he played a position that most know nothing about he gives more to the game. Beside, he is easy to listen to.

  11. “node queue” huh, well with a handle like “learysdesiples” I’d suggest you’ve had more than your share of C20H25N3O, diethyl amide of lysergic acid. The “node queue” is Pro Football Talk, I may be going out on a limb here but my understanding of Canadien Football is they get paid, thereby relinquishing amateur status, thus qualifying Tasker as a professional, colour me crazy.

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