No meeting scheduled for Thigpen, Browns

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The Browns may bring in a quarterback in the wake of the injury to Brian Hoyer, but early word of a meeting between the team and Tyler Thigpen was incorrect.

Earlier on Friday, we cited a tweet from Tom Pelissero of USA Today as a report about an expected meeting between the Browns and Thigpen. Pelissero has recently reached out to PFT to clarify that he meant the Browns would be meeting late to discuss their quarterback situation and that he mentioned Thigpen in the same tweet as a name that could wind up in the mix. He’s posted a similar clarification on Twitter as well.

No meeting is scheduled between Thigpen and the Browns, who still have Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell on the roster. Brian Hoyer tore his ACL on Thursday night and Weeden steered them to 37-24 victory in Cleveland.

8 responses to “No meeting scheduled for Thigpen, Browns

  1. A cheaper route would be to just put a shock collar on weeden and when he doesn’t get rid of the ball fast enough……let him have it. Get rid of the ball fast enough and you don’t get touched, ask Peyton.

  2. I’m quickly becoming a Browns fan as long as they aren’t playing my beloved Chiefs. It seems to me they are better off carrying two quarterbacks, considering the admit of experience those two have. There’s already an issue of who should be starting, bringing in a player that muddled that more would damage that team chemistry. I think printing in a good prospect off their practice squad makes more sense.

  3. Isn’t it nice that the name “Brett Favre” doesn’t come up in these types of stories anymore?

    That being said, what’s Vinny Testaverde up to?

  4. The whole Brian Hoyer story was a great one but fact is, he was no better or worse than Weeden. The only real difference between the two was that Hoyer was lucky enough to have a game against the Vikings who are statistically the worst pass defense in the NFL currently (and they still picked him off 3 times btw). So he got to pad his stats.

    Hoyer went down EARLY in the first quarter of a game when the team is down by 10 and Weeden comes in and the team doesn’t miss a beat and scores more than they have in any other game this year.

    Has anyone ever just figured, Cleveland just might be a good team with a real coaching staff finally instead of thinking that a magic QB is doing it? Their defense is ranked 3rd in the league right now and I believe their special teams is pretty high up there as for as punt returns as well.

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