Raiders OC Greg Olson has “always been a fan” of Josh Freeman

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Alex Van Pelt, current Packers running backs coach and former Buccaneers quarterbacks coach, said this week that he “loved” working with quarterback Josh Freeman when both men were in Tampa.

He’s not the only former Bucs assistant coach with nice things to say about the former Bucs quarterback. Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson had the same job in Tampa during Freeman’s first three seasons in the NFL and said the experience left him with warm feelings for the quarterback.

“I’ve always been a fan of Josh as a person and a player,” Olson said, via Scott Bair of “It was unfortunate, for me, to watch what happened in Tampa really over the last couple of years. I’ve always had the utmost respect for him. I think he’s a great player. I feel bad for him and the entire situation and how it’s played out. I just found out myself coming off the field that he was released. I don’t think there are any winners for anybody in that situation.”

The Raiders are welcoming Terrelle Pryor back to the lineup this week, but last week’s outing for Matt Flynn may have the Raiders thinking about a change at the backup spot. Raiders coach Dennis Allen said “I don’t know” when he was asked if there was any interest in bringing Freeman to Oakland which will leave the door open for more questions about Freeman until or unless he winds up signing somewhere else.

24 responses to “Raiders OC Greg Olson has “always been a fan” of Josh Freeman

  1. Olson please shut up. The raiders have tp we don’t need and don’t want freeman. Focus on comi g up with a better play package than Mcfadden up the middle and scramble pryor on third down. Dont even talk to the media just do ur job. We don’t need controversy now.

  2. That’s really nice of Olsen to say.

    Fact is, that as O.C in Tampa Olsen had a playbook which roughly consisted of 18 plays.

    I can’t tell you how many games I watched in frustration knowing exactly what was going to be called for the next series before they took the field.

    He was utterly predictable and had no imagination when it came to play calling. Terrible O.C.

    Perhaps thats why they got along so well. Josh couldn’t remember more than 18 plays, and Olsen couldn’t come up with more that 18.

  3. A club can pick up Freeman on the cheap now, test him for the balance of the year. Raiders are not winning the division, so it makes sense to try as many possibilities they can before the draft, perhaps you dont need a top QB after all.
    Similarly…they should have played Pryor last year when they knew all hope in the division was lost.

  4. if the Raiders do sign him give him the minimum and cut Flynn.Signing him to a big contract would be ridiculous

  5. Whenever I think of Greg Olson I think of the Benn’d around, professional sports all-time worst play ever. I think out of the 50 times it was ran it gained positive yardage twice.

  6. Keep in mind that words are cheap. Especially glowing words and praise from past coaches.

    What counts are actions and NO ONE is falling all over themselves to have picked this guy up or sign him so far.

    Teams like the Bills, Browns, Raiders, Jacksonville, and others who need decent QBs or even decent backups are all avoiding the druggie Freeman.

    After all, who wants such a disruptive player on their roster, and one who had only one decent year in his NFL career?

  7. If you are a free agent like Freeman, and you get the option to work in Oakland where they are rebuilding or Cleveland that looks like a legitimate contender for the playoffs this year, where do you go?

    Oakland is better off staying the course, sticking with Pryor and developing a team around him once the dead money is all off the books.

  8. I could just cry. The Raiders HAVE to get this guy. Frreman’s teammates are jealous he’s gone because that team is a grease fire. When the players hate the coach, it’s game over. This man can still ball.

  9. Gregg Olsen sucks. He keeps running dmac up the gut when we have a bunch of back ups up the middle. I think Dennis Allen gets a lot of unnecessary heat when its obvious Reggie Mac is runnin the show. Allen and the team wanted Pryor to start but Reggie went out wasted a draft pick and got Flynn. I’d rather trade a draft pick for one of the players the browns or jags are shopping. Babin,blackmon,Gordon,Tyson alualua, or a OL. STOP TRADING DRAFT PICKS FOR QBS!!

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