Rob Chudzinski: Brian Hoyer has torn ACL

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Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in Thursday’s victory against Buffalo, head coach Rob Chudzinski said Friday, according to multiple media outlets, including the Akron Beacon Journal.

The injury, which Hoyer was sustained on a first-quarter slide, will end the quarterback’s season, Chudzinski said.

Brandon Weeden finished out the game in place of Hoyer, who had led the Browns to wins in his first two starts of the season.

Hoyer’s injury leaves the Browns with Weeden and Jason Campbell at quarterback. Cleveland has won three straight games to take a half-game lead in the AFC North.

According to the Beacon Journal, Chudzinski indicated he would meet with Browns CEO Joe Banner regarding the club’s quarterback situation.

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  1. What a blow.

    I thought the season was over with the Richardson trade. Then we won three games. So, I’m not going to give up again and say now (again) that the season is over.

    Mostly I just feel bad for Hoyer.

    It was a team win last night. Let’s see what we do from here. GO BROWNS.

  2. Now time to fine the HELL out of Kiko.

    Hit was illegal.

    Fine the officials as well, they missed a huge penalty.

    And save it Bills’ fans, I was at the game saw the hit on Manuel live and in replays and the hit was clean. It’ll wind up a bruise so save the whining.

  3. Can’t stand Freeman but, unless you are going to blow the season for Bridgewater, you have got to get him. Weeden is not a starter. Even on his completions he took way too long to throw

  4. This is just depressing. I’m not saying Hoyer was a future franchise quarterback, but he clearly had something special going. To flame out like that in a prime time game in his hometown and not be able to see this thing through, simply shows how unfair life can be sometimes.

    I’ll hope for the best with Weeden, but I’m pretty sure about what I’m going to get.

  5. The only “good” thing about the injury is that it happened early enough in the season that his recovery time should leave him able to compete for a job next season, if not with Cleveland than at least somewhere in the NFL. This kid deserves a shot.

  6. Wow, from 3-2 to 5-11. After watching Hoyer play, it was easy to see why Weeden is awful: slow release, no pocket presence, no mid-range accuracy, doesn’t see the whole field, etc.. One guy got hurt last night because Weeden threw the ball to the wrong spot and another was lucky he wasn’t hurt. You could see the offense’s energy just wasn’t the same. Those guys know who the better QB was and that guy is done for the year.

    The only solace is that everyone thought the Browns were done after Richardson trade. Now, everyone thinks the same after Hoyer’s injury. Maybe, just maybe lightening will strike twice, but with Lions, Pack, Chiefs, and Ravens in the next 4 weeks…

  7. Hoyer was 1st in the league in time it took to get passes off. Weeden was last. It was evident last night. Dude can’t make decisions fast enough and holds the ball to long and gets sacked. His best throws were where he just let it rip.

    This is a huge blow. Not saying Freeman is any better but it might be worth the look.

    Go Browns

  8. that slide was so ugly, weeden looked lost after that, they are back on track for that top pick again now

  9. Kiko’s hit was clean. Lead with his shoulder and the QB didn’t give himself up, so the hit was clean.

    The hit on Manuel was a low hit directed at the knee and the DB should have been penelized for taunting afterward and should be fined for the low hit to the knee!

    Cleveland is cheap and the team is full of chumps!

  10. I’ve always viewed the Browns as one of the most, if not the most boring team in the NFL. Their name is the Browns. Isn’t that enough? Their play often times resembles their boring aura. I’ve actually been pulling for them a little bit this year, though. I’m a Dolphins fan, so I know how it feels to feel like bad luck is hitting your team at every turn. It sucks. I was a big supporter of the Richardson trade and I do not believe it to be a coincidence that this team started winning once he was gone. He was an average player with pre-draft hype so sky high that people still judged him based off of that, instead of his inconsistent and often times mediocre stats. The Browns of 2013 look like a good team, especially on defense. If they can pick up a Quarterback by next season, then they should be on their way to contending, especially with the way that the Steelers are falling off.

  11. Weeden didn’t look that bad last.

    Now if they could just do something about the running game……oh, that’s right…

  12. I’m sure Weeden is bummed by this, he seemed resigned to collecting checks holding a clip board.

  13. Now we’ll see if Banner is tanking for next year or really wants to win this year. Weeden|Cambell=tank, pick up a decent [better than Cambell] quarterback=actually trying

  14. That sucks for Hoyer.

    Stop with the blaming Kiko crap. You can’t slid on the field like you’re doing a cannonball in a pool and not expect to get hurt…..especially when someone’s about to tackle you….

  15. I’m a Saints fan. But, to all Browns fans this may have been the best thing that could have happen. I’m not talking about the young man being hurt. I just mean it may have been better for your team long term. I watched the game last night and I have to be honest. The Browns are the best team I’ve seen in that division. As I watched the game I remember thinking that they were going to the playoffs. The problem with that was I didn’t think they were nearly as good as the Pats, Colts, or Chiefs. You know have two 1’s in next years draft. If you made the playoffs you would be in the position to draft one of the QBs coming out because both picks would have been in the later part of the 1st round. And, you wouldn’t want to have to put togeather a package of multible picks to get your franchise QB. The browns are a young a talented team but they didn’t have the QB on the roster that could take them the distance. I hope Brian is ok and he can move on from his injury

  16. I’m a Texans fan, but very sorry to see this happen to Brian who was having a very promising start ! Get well soon Brian, and best wishes with your rehab !

  17. Dear Cleveland fans;
    Your team looked good last night, there is hope. Weeden might not be peyton manning, but he’s serviceable. Don’t write him off.
    2 first, third, fourth, round picks In next draft should push this team above mediocrity.
    Best of luck

  18. I have a real soft spot for the Browns. Have ever since that greedy owner pulled the plug and moved the team to Baltimore. As a Lions fan I know about getting the crap end of the stick.

    You guys need to sign Freeman. It’s not his fault the way things turned out in Tampa. He has a lot of talent, I think Schiano simply ruined him.

    Just don’t start him until after the Lions have played, OK…:)

  19. Lombardi swings a trade with NE for Mallett before next Friday. He’s a free agent at the end of the season anyway so the Pat’s may as well get something for him and ML has been high on the kid since his days in college.

  20. Damn. Just, damn. I mean, I had hope for a decent season. Been a Browns fan for most of my 36 years and I wanted to see what this kid could do. A hometown guy going down like this just sucks. He waited his while 5 year career for that one chance to have his own team. For a second, just a second, he had it. Bad break.

  21. Pats fans wish Hoyer a full recovery. This is a really a tough break for a kid who waited, got his chance, and was doing well.

  22. Sorry to hear that about Hoyer. He seemed to have given Cleveland a spark. Hope he can make a full recovery and fight for that job next year.

  23. incredible that so many NFL quarterbacks don’t know how to slide. alonso’s hit was completely unnecessary, but this could’ve been avoided altogether if he slid with his legs forward instead of under him.

  24. billsfan1 says:
    Oct 4, 2013 12:40 PM
    You’re right the hit on Manuel was clean.. The celebration by Gipson was dirty. Because of that, I’m happy hoyer was jacked up

    @billsfan1: Hoyer was out first because of a CHEAP shot. Just maybe the Browns players didn’t appreciate that. Just a thought. Enjoy your empty, futile season just like we’ll have to now that our QB is out for the season.

  25. ravanator says:
    Oct 4, 2013 1:43 PM
    Ravens nation laughs at Hoyer and the entire Browns organization.


    Stay classy Baltimore, and keep paying Flunko the big bucks! bwahahaahaa!!!!!

  26. And he wasn’t even running the read option, well goes to show it’s not the type offense you run, but more of murphy’s law…and yet people want to blame RGIII’s injury on running the read option, wrong he was hurt on basically the same type play the pocket proctection breaks down, the QB scrambles and then one of those freakish plays/hits and there you have it.

  27. that sucks. what a tough lesson to learn with sliding. cost him everything really. will he ever get a chance like he had, or be in a zone like he was.

    too bad.

  28. Now it’s time for the Browns brass to figure out if Hoyer is their future or if they need to use their picks to try and get a franchise QB in the next draft.

    I feel really bad for Hoyer and the Browns right now, yikes. But, their defense is scary and if Weeden starts playing like his draft position, this team could be even more so. Right now they’re on top of their division, and not being a Browns fan, I’m cheering for them.

  29. Don’t know what game some of you were watching, but the hit on Hoyer was helmet to helmet. Kiko lead with it. He should be fined. Granted Hoyer needs to learn how to slide, but hit like that should be dealt with or don’t have that as a rule. “Only in Cleveland”

  30. This injury is ALL on Hoyer. That “slide” was horible. If he had just went down in a normal tackle, withou awkwardly giving himself up, he would still be playing this year. For some publicity next camp, i bet they bring some hot shot MLB player to teach him how to properly slide. NO ONE to blame to Hoyer on this injury.

  31. Note to Wilson, Kap, all the rest of the young QB’s……: Slide early and often. The extra 2-3 yards are not worth the injuries.

  32. Reports of Favre sighting in Berea today, now wouldn’t that be interesting. Sign him, then he can start in two weeks against the Packers. Can’t be any worse than current options!!!

  33. Didn’t know how to slide?

    He was obviously going into a slide BEFORE the hit.

    That was a targeted, helmet to helmet hit, he’s lucky to not have a concussion or worse.

  34. Sad end to a great start finally by a hometown kid. To wait that long for a shot and to make the most of it like he was is sad for any team, just so happened to be the Browns a team that has had allot of negative crap since 1999.
    This fluke injury could have happended to any team, sorry for Hoyer he looked good and the city was excited. Now get behind Weeden and see with the same weapons and days of practice what he can do before Browns fans throw in the towel on the season.

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